For Blog's Sake - Don't You Know I Add Value?

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  • 1.For Blogs sake, Dont you know I add value? Edwyn McFarlane#A4US8

2. #A4US8 3. #A4US8 4. #A4US8 5. Why this topic#A4US8 6. #A4US8 7. Why this topic#A4US8 8. Why this topic#A4US8 9. Why this topic#A4US8 10. To prove beyond all reasonable doubt that premiumbloggers are more influential in a consumers choice ofproduct than click path analysis would have you believe 11. Premium bloggers#A4US8 12. Basic bloggers#A4US8 13. What do we know already?#A4US8 14. DisplayDisplayDisplay | SearchSearch | Affiliate#A4US8 15. Tagman DataAffiliate Windows Involvement in all Sales10% 6% Not Involved Involved - Not Credited Last Campaign Involved - Credited Last Campaign#A4US8 16. Display | AffiliateDisplay | AffiliateDisplay | Search | AffiliateSearch | Affiliate#A4US8 17. #A4US8 18. My customer journey#A4US8 19. My customer journey#A4US8 20. My customer journey#A4US8 21. My customer journey#A4US8 22. My customer journey#A4US8 23. My customer journey#A4US8 24. My customer journey#A4US8 25. Campaign clicks per purchase7 8Assists Per Transaction 6 1% 1% 92%0%5 4%4 8% 1Campaigns considered: 36%3 16% Direct traffic SEO Brand 2 SEO generic31% Affiliate network Email PPC brand PPC generics 1 PPC generics 2#A4US8 26. The sales funnel If everything is based on clicks Are you seeing the whole picture? Internet users interact with 10% of all rich-media ads, compared to the 0.4% they actually click on.[Source: Eyeblaster, via AOP Digital Landscape Report, June 2010]#A4US8 27. To monitor how many sales areinfluenced by a premium blogger 28. #A4US8 29. Post ViewCUSTOMER SEESCUSTOMER CUSTOMER MAKES A MEDIA ON AFFILIATEVISITSPURCHASE WITHIN AFFILIATE IS PAID SITE MERCHANT SITE COOKIE PERIOD CPA MAIN CHARACTERISTICS: CPA model NO Click required PV cookie period usually shorter then standard one PV cookie will not overwrite a click cookie#A4US8 30. Transactions involving Aigua#A4US8 31. Clickers vs Visitors120.0%100.0% 5.8% 80.0% 60.0%99.8%94.2% 40.0% 20.0%0.0%0.2%AiguaCashback siteclicked and purchased site visitor#A4US8 32. Types of Purchases100.0% 90.0% purchases involving affiliate clicks 80.0% 70.0% 60.0% 50.0% purchases involving other publishers 40.0% 30.0% 20.0% purchases from site visitors 10.0%0.0% Purchases tracked#A4US8 33. #A4US8 34. Influence by latency#A4US8 35. Influence by latency#A4US8 36. Influence by latencyStrong (less than 30 mins)actually paid for 6.1%0.2%Medium (lessthan an hour) 10.3% Weak (less than a day)None (more than a day) 27.3%56.1%#A4US8 37. #A4US8 38. Influence by similarities#A4US8 39. Influence by similarities#A4US8 40. Influence by similarities*paid for strong influence2% 5% weak influence 12% no influence 81%*Departure page all pages read#A4US8 41. The effect#A4US8 42. Experiment disclaimers A little knowledge is a dangerous thing#A4US8 43. Some people understandTelecoms purchases tend to be some of the mostconsidered decisions a consumer will make and thus the importance of comparison and contentsites along the purchase journey is undeniable. Sometimes with a more considered purchase thelast click model can result in these affiliates losing out and by implementing PI for key content affiliates we are able to recognise and better reward an invaluable part of our programme Caroline (Head of affiliates @ BT)#A4US8 44. The future?#A4US8 45. Your next steps 1: Identify your premium 2: Experiment sites with postview3: Understandthe valuereallydelivered Optimise your campaigns#A4US8 46. #A4US8