Footwear and leather goods magazine vol78 no3 march-april 2015

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Trade magazine for the South African and East African Footwear and leather goods industry.

Text of Footwear and leather goods magazine vol78 no3 march-april 2015

  • His range-building ability and passion for the industry is what legends are made of. I am very privileged and proud of our association.

    Adam Freeman, ex-RAGE, presented Jason and I with an opportunity we could not refuse. To find a footwear specialist in his thirties with that amount of experience is truly a rare find. Adam will head up our kiddies fashion brand Rock & Co and later in the year launch our leather fashion brand Butterfly feet.

    Both additions form part of our strategic objective of giving the retailers a one stop fashion supply. Michael Craft, who has been working closely with me over the past few years, is showing that the talented fashion gene runs through the Craft family. Jasons younger brother is fast becoming a footwear talent of note.

    His easy-going , hard working, keen fashion eye and ambitious nature will make him a force to be reckoned with. Michael heads up the Dangee sales throughout most of Southern Africa.

    I am priveleged to work with such a young, experienced and ambitious team of footwear talent.

    This formula has been passed on to the ladies side of the business, Carken & Co and our ladies fashion brand Miss Black. Jason Craft, my partner, has exceeded my expectations in a very trying and competitive market.

    Dangee Corps URBANART brand is growing faster than we can supply. Its market positioning of international trend fashion at incredible price points has hit a cord with the fast growing emerging consumer. The youth have caught onto this brand with a fiery desire for what we have to offer. Its market reach has found success way beyond our boarders, as far as Nigeria in West Africa.

    URBANART has introduced a ladies range recently; strategically positioning itself in a vastly under traded market. We expect exciting results by the end of the Winter season. URBANART will build on its kiddies range and has brought us instant success with what we have offered so far.

    Dangee Corporation is in its fourth year of trading, and in this short period we have established our selves as leading players in the mens fashion market.

    Our expertise lies in the local market, with our ability to interpret international trends and adapt them for the local in-dustry. We thrive on speed to market.

    With our lean, adaptable infrastructure and hand picked talented staff, we are geared up for whatever the economy presents us. This is why Dangee has experienced explosive growth over the last few years, claiming market share every season since inception.

    Mazerata, my long established, formal mens brand has come back to its own. The brand offers the most exciting synthetic formal fashion we have ever made. Our current retail success has brought back the excitement to this trendy brand, andfrom this success we have decided to add a much needed kiddies range for summer.

    With Dangee and Carkens state-of-the-art showrooms in Troyeville, we invite you to join us on our successful journey of offering you the best of what S.A can supply.

    Robby Stoller: (+27 83 600 0165) or Craft: (+27 82 312 8755) or (+27 11 402 0312) or sales

  • Miss Black footwear two years on ..Nothing could ever have prepared us for this amazing journey over the last two years. We always envisioned Miss Black becoming a success; however, what we have achieved in these two years completely blown our expectations.

    The consumers have become more and more aware of our brand. Miss Black is now synonymous with fashion and quality. We work tirelessly so the consumer can step out in fabulous footwear at incredible value.

    Miss Black has had incredible success with our investment in Facebook, and much to our delight we are on the cusp of achieving 100 000 followers. This quantum is more in line with international brands than our local competitors. Although strategic with our understanding of social media, we could never have envisaged how instrumental it has been in contributing towards the growth of our brand.

    With all the success we have had with Miss Black, we felt the time was right for us to venture into untapped opportunities.

    Carken & Co will be offering two new exciting ranges: Rock & Co and Butterfly Feet. These are two areas (Kiddies fashion footwear & ladies leather fashion footwear) in the market that we have been watching very closely and feel there is opportunity for us to compete in.

    We have joined forces with the highly experienced and talented Adam Freeman. With his experience and passion for the industry we know that both brands will make a sig-nificant impact in their respective markets.On behalf of Carken & Co I would like to take this opportunity to thank our existing retailers for their support and invite all prospective retailers to make contact with us. and join in our journey.

    Jason Craft: (+27 83 995 3268) or Office:(+27 11 402 0312) or


    Despite the extremely difficult economic climate, the volatile Rand and slow economic growth, Miss Black has grown at a rapid rate and continues to show incredible results. All this would not be possible without the various key players who played an integral part in the Miss Blacks success. From the Miss Black team, to our suppliers and our ever supportive retailers.

    I had spent the majority of those years wholesaling the Rage ladies and childrens shoe ranges under the LAUNCH label. This range was solely available to my customer base, and I am very proud of the success it achieved in the market.

    I have seen the footwear industry go through numerous highs and lows. The past two years have certainly been some of the toughest that both wholesalers and retailers have experienced in quite sometime. This has made the need for fashionable, good quality and affordable footwear ranges even more necessary than ever before. With this in mind, I entered into talks with Robby and Jason. The three of us reconised two main areas that had enormous potential for growth, namely ladies leather and chil-drens fashion footwear.

    We have since launched a new childrens range of shoes under the brand Rock & Co. The range consists of girls and boys fashion styles. We cater for infants (from a size 4 to a size 10) as well as bigger kids (from size 11 to size 4). The range is diverse, offering a full range of styles including flat sandals, wedges, pumps and a glamour range. Quality and styling are of utmost importance, whilst still maintaining its afford-ability.

    We have also begun developing a ladies leather range of footwear that will be branded as Butterfly Feet. This range will cater to the consumer who seeks leather fash-ion footwear. We will follow the latest fashion trends, with a focus on comfort. The shoes will be practical and of course affordable. The range will consist of flat sandals, wedges, heels, pumps and court shoes made from quality leather. We plan to launch this brand into the market in the latter half of this year.

    We have been working on these brands for quite some time and we are confident of the market positioning, as well as the success they will bring to our company and the industry at large.

    Adam Freeman: (27 82 375 0823) or (+27 11 402 0312) or

    I left the Rage company at the end of the last Winter season. Having spent almost 20 years in the buying, selling and overall running of the wholesale division. The decision was made to wind down the distribution business in order for management to concentrate on their growing retail division.

    First in fashion footwear

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