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<ul><li><p>7/28/2019 Football World Cup Lesson Idea</p><p> 1/2</p><p>Football World Cup Lesson Idea</p><p>Author: Dennis Delany Page 1 of 22r: Katie J ones. Pearson Education 2010 PHOTOCOPIABLE</p><p>Preparation Time: NoneLearning Objectives: In the context of the</p><p>football World Cup use of abstract nouns andadjectives; awareness of word class and</p><p>structures used with each; language of discussion</p><p>Skill: Speaking</p><p>Completion Time: 4560 minutes or a</p><p>sequence of lessons using a project-</p><p>based approach with stronger classes</p><p>Grammar: Word class, it takes/you need/you have to Age/Level: TeenagerAdult/Intermediate</p><p>Resources: Images of the World Cup, South Africa, famous footballers, etc.</p><p>Warm-Up (15 minutes)</p><p>Have a look at Football World Cup Stats Warmerfor some statistics on the World Cup.</p><p>Presentation (510 minutes)</p><p> Ask the questions: What does it take to win the World Cup? and What do you need to</p><p>win the World Cup?</p><p> Elicit some answers, then highlight the forms:</p><p>It takes strength/determination/stamina/talent/bravery/courage/passion, etc.</p><p>You need to be/strong/determined/fit/talented/brave/passionate, etc.</p><p> Draw a two column table on the board (or use a wall poster) and put the examples in</p><p>each column.</p><p> Ask the students what each column is (one for nouns and the other for adjectives)</p><p>Practice (1015 minutes)</p><p>Students copy a two-column table and fill it in with as many nouns and adjectives as they can.</p><p>They can work by themselves or with their classmates.</p><p>Discussion (in pairs or groups 15+ minutes)</p><p>What does a team need to win the World Cup?</p><p>Why have Brazil won it so many times?</p><p>Why have England won it only once, and not since 1966?</p><p>What is the role of the captain of the team?</p><p>What is the role of the manager?</p><p>Can supporters make a difference?</p><p>What about refereeing decisions?</p></li><li><p>7/28/2019 Football World Cup Lesson Idea</p><p> 2/2</p><p>Football World Cup Lesson Idea</p><p>Author: Dennis Delany Page 2 of 22r: Katie J ones. Pearson Education 2010 PHOTOCOPIABLE</p><p>Business Classes can discuss these questions:</p><p>What qualities does it take to be a successful football manager?</p><p>What lessons can business managers learn from football managers?</p><p>Should business managers run their departments like a football team? Why/why not?</p><p>What business opportunities does the World Cup offer?</p><p>Closure</p><p>Ask pairs or groups to give feedback in open class or summarise the main points yourself on the board.</p><p>Other ideas</p><p>Ask the class to cut out and bring in pictures of players illustrating qualities such as fitness, bravery,</p><p>passion, team spirit, fair play, strength, etc. and make a wall poster.</p><p>Ask each student to write a biography of their favourite player and give a five-minute</p><p>presentation in the next class, using pictures or PowerPoint slides.</p><p>Extension activities</p><p>For more activities on football and the World Cup have a look at:</p><p>Football Gaffes</p><p>Football Gaffes Answer Key</p><p>Football Idiom Pictionary</p><p>Sports Expressions Matching Cards Game</p><p>Eight Famous Managers Reading</p><p>Eight Famous Managers Reading Answer Key</p><p>Football Pundits Predictions Dialogue</p><p>The Not-So-Serious World Cup Quiz</p></li></ul>