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FOOD PYRAMID By: Alicia Wilson

Food pyramid

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Food pyramid. By: Alicia Wilson. Table of Contents. Food Pyramid Fruit & Veggies Grains Meat & Beans Dairy Food item in basket Questions Standards & Observation Assignments Click to watch… video. FOOD PYRAMID. GRAINS: *Bread *Cereal *Spaghetti. VEGGIES: *Lettuce *Peas - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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GRAINS:*Bread*Cereal*Spaghetti VEGGIES:*Lettuce*Peas*Green pepperFRUITS:*Orange*Apple*LimeDAIRY:*Cheese*Yogurt*MilkMEAT & PROTIEN:*Steak*Chicken* BeansFOOD PYRAMIDNaturally sweetFiberLow in fatVitamins & MineralsEasy to digestFruit carries a lot of water.

Improve your hair, nails and skin.Good source of Vitamins .Can eat uncooked, steamed, baked, roasted or fried.


Different kind of grainsWhite, whole wheat, corn and riceGives you energyVitamin BNeed 6 grains a day


1 serving of meat is a size of deck of cards. Source of Protein Beans have fiber No fat in beans

Meat and Beans

Lots of CalciumEat Small Amounts Types of milk1%, 2%, Skim and whole milk Cheese comes from milk


MilkIs a source of calcium Has no fatNaturally sweet

Click on the Protein or Bean to go in the basket.

Objective 2Standard 12nd Grade I got all my ideas and information from UEN Utah Education Network Pioneer K-12 - Pioneer Library Password: pioneer Username: friend Standards & ObjectiveAssignment at homeFill out the sheet of paper, put the food types on the margin; mark how many servings you had of each item. Click the link below for more examples2nd Grade - Act. 02: Healthy FoodsFruit Video