Folketinget’s Open Data Project by technical project manager Anders Gilbro Nielsen

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  • Folketingets Open Data Project by technical project manager Anders Gilbro Nielsen
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  • The purpose To make the data of Folketinget available through a robust an consistent interface. Stakeholders shall be able to use the data according to their own needs. Such as web pages, law products and mobile apps instead of crawling the data from the home pages of Folketinget. IT strategic purpose: Creating an interface for future data sharing between systems.
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  • In other words.
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  • The project May October 2013: Analysis and pre study Building a system independent datamodel Terms of use Visit to Riksdagen Information meetings and workshops with stakeholders November 2013 August 2014 Implementation of data selection Odata-interface Adjusting the terms of use Test phase March to April 2014
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  • The product A relational database available through a webservice using the Odata interface Daily version generated for download (start package) Databrowser for Browsing the datamodel Overview of the data model Examples of Odata requests Terms of use Introduction on
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  • Short demo (if possible) The data browser The data model Simple search Webservice request
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  • Solution design Data collected in a common database Event-based data selection
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  • Stakeholders Members and political parties Ministries Organizations Media (the press) Lawyers Law product companies Schools and universities (researchers) Citizen Other parliaments and EU institutions
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  • Inspiration and background General openness of the Parliament External requirements PSI law ( EU directive about Public Sector Information ) Government strategy Such as the Open Government Partnership action plan for Denmark Excisting services Law database, Ministry of Justice (Civilstyrelsen) Other Parliaments Declaration on Parliamentary Openness The technical development Folketingets IT architecture strategy


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