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FOGOLAR FURLAN WINDSOR FOGOLÂR · PDF fileSe,food C,nnelloni, Sweet Pepper Medley OR Stuffed Chicken, ... Christmas is around the corner and i sa mot special time of the year. My

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Text of FOGOLAR FURLAN WINDSOR FOGOLÂR · PDF fileSe,food C,nnelloni, Sweet Pepper Medley OR...

  • Upcoming Events


    Sunday, November 26 @ 2 PM

    *** ELECTIONS ***


    Wednesday, December 13


    Saturday, December 16


    Sunday, December 17


    Thursday, December 28 10am to Noon

    Lanspeary Park


    Sunday, December 31

    Friday SpecialsFRIDAYNOVEMBER10

    Stuffed Sole, Garlic Shrimp Linguine,

    Asparagus Spears OR Veal Scallopini, Penne

    with Meat Sauce, Asparagus Spears


    Broiled Shrimp & Calamari with White Wine &

    Butter, Seafood Risotto, Red Skin Potatoes OR

    Chicken Parmigiana, Penne with Meat Sauce,

    Red Skin Potatoes


    Breaded Basa with Lemon Wedges, Risotto

    Mare-Monte, Green Beans Almondine OR

    Osso Buco with Polenta


    Potato Crusted White Fish with Saffrone Sauce,

    Seafood Cannelloni, Sweet Pepper Medley OR

    Stuffed Chicken, Penne with Meat Sauce,

    Sweet Pepper Medley


    Broiled Jumbo Scallops with White Wine Sauce,

    Fettuccini with Clam Sauce, Mixed Vegetables

    OR Veal Birds, Penne with Meat Sauce, Mixed



    Broiled Salmon with Lemon & Dill Sauce, Clam

    Chowder, Baby Carrot & Bean Medley OR

    Chicken Fogolar, Penne with Meat Sauce, Baby

    Carrot & Bean Medley

    Fogolar Friday Dinners cost $17.75 plus tax.


    Dear Member and Caro Socio

    Our Thanksgiving has come and gone and Ihope everyone had a Happy One with cele-bration withf a m i l y .Christmas isaround thecorner andis a mostspecial timeof the year.My motherused to sayto me"Natale con ituoi ePasqua conchi vuoi."For thosewho can'ttranslate, look up the meaning and you willfind there is a lot of wisdom that has beenpassed down through generations. Let uscelebrate with our families this most preciousCatholic day by going to Church, and for funand laughter attend our Annual ChristmasBanquet on Saturday, December 16. Don'tprocrastinate, but facilitate. Hope to see youall at this banquet.

    The Fogolar looks like it will have a banneryear thanks to our manager Lou, along withthe office staff, and of course our superbkitchen staff with the wait staff and bar-

    tenders. We willknow the final num-bers when themonth of October isaudited by our dedi-cated auditors andthen by ouraccountants.

    Once again, thankyou to all whobelong and partici-pate in the growth ofour Fogolar, truly aflagship of all theFogolars in the

    world. Since this willbe the last newsletter of 2017, from all of theBoard of Directors, Merry Christmas and aHappy New Year. "Dalla me famee allavuestre Bon Nadal e Bon Principi". Thankyou for taking the time to read this newsletter.

    See you all at our Christmas Banquet.

    Cesare PecilePresident

    Presidents Message

    Gotis di Rosade perform at the

    Womens Assocation Annual Banquet.

    Upcoming Club EventsCooking Classes - Mark your calendars!

    We are planning some cooking classes in the

    New Year. Our member and chef Rino Bortolin

    will be teaching the following classes:

    Minestra per Tutti

    Sunday January 21 at 1:00

    This class will feature 3 different soups.

    Riso con un Sorriso

    Sunday February 11 at 1:00.

    This class will feature different ways to cook with


    Pasta Perfetta

    Sunday March 4 at 1:00.

    This class will feature lasagna or manicotti.

    Look for more information in the New Year.

    See more past &upcoming club events starting

    on page 3.



  • Fogolr News Page 2

    for members and friends per i soci e amici

    Nonno Ruben & Nonna Marylise Fabbro announce the birth oftheir 6th grandchild Ava Shannon on her daddys birthday August,9, 2017. Thrilled with her arrival are proud parents Eric & MandyFabbro, brother Ethan, Zio Adrian & Zia Jenny Fabbro, Zio Jason& Zia Lauren Fabbro and Bisnonno Agostino & Bisnonna ImeldaBasso. Excited cousins Jenna, Avery, Elena and Mara cant waitto be able to play with her.

    Dante Pecile and Sandra Bortolin are excited to announce thebirth of their first child, Leonardo Dante on September 13, 2017.First-time Nonni Angelo and Rita Bortolin and Ivano and BrendaPecile are over-the-moon!

    Congratulations to Severinoand Maria Pella on their50th Anniversary on October14, 2017. Auguri!!!

    Italian Genealogy and Heraldry Society of Canada

    -The Society has the coats of arms of all Italian families-Genealogy research is ongoing and adding new families eachweek-There is a tax deductible donation of $50.00 for all research-The society meets at the Fogolar the second Wednesday of themonth at 7 PM-Contact Flavio Andreatta for details at [email protected]

    The history, genealogy and heraldry of the Andreatta family hasbeen published by Flavio Andreatta and Gabriele Farronato.Starting in the year 975 to modern times, the 2 volumes includethe noble branches of the family, the Counts Fietta and DalCorno.


    Giuseppe Schincariol June 12, 2017, member since 1977Mark Marcuz June 20, 2017, member since 1988Angelo Nadalin August 1, 2017, member since 1964Cesare Turrin September 21, 2017, member since 1972Silvio Muzzatti September 2017, member since 1975Adriano Faccini October 6, 2017, member since 1994Mauro Constantin October, 12, 2017, member since 1967Cesare Tesolin October 19, 2017, member since 1969Giacomo Del Monte October, 2017, member since 1979


    NOTICE: Please be sure to send ALL

    newsletter content to the newsletter email

    address at [email protected] Be sure

    to send all newsletter submissions before the

    deadline date. The Spring 2018 deadline is

    Sunday, February 25, 2017.

    Newsletter Reminder

    Nominations were held at October's general

    assembly. The results are as follows:

    President: Cesare Pecile (acclaimed)

    Vice President: Elmer Schincariol (acclaimed)

    Secretary: Laura Slater (acclaimed)

    Treasurer: Enzo Nadalin (acclaimed)

    Membership Secretary: Frank Favot (acclaimed)

    Sports: Sandro Tesolin (acclaimed)

    Entertainment: Angela Volpatti (acclaimed)

    Building: Luciano Sovran (acclaimed)

    Public Relations: Sonia Giovanatto or Len Ziraldo

    Cultural: Diana Volpatti (acclaimed)

    Sergeant at Arms: reopen in November

    A vote of confidence will be held for the position of

    President at the November general assembly.

    Advanced voting will be available in the office for

    the position of Public Relations starting Monday

    November 6 to Friday November 24th during busi-

    ness hours.

    Elections 2017

    UN FEDELE DELLA TERRA - Cavaliere Officiale

    Daniele Moro of Codroipo, not having any heirs,

    left all of his wealth to the poor in the communities

    of Codroipo, Morsano al Tagliamento and Udine -

    a legacy that endures to this day.

    STRADE SEGNADE - Poems written in Friulano

    by Irma ("Rina" to family and friends) Cozzi

    Braida. Rina finally realized her dream once her

    seven sons were grown. She wrote poems in

    Friulano, which are little manifestations of life in

    her time. Published in 1999 by her children.

    Book of the Month

  • for members and friends per i soci e amici

    Page 3 Fogolr News

    Club EventsBook Introduction and Reading

    We were very lucky

    to hold the Canadian

    introduction of the

    new book, Con

    Beano nel Cuore, at

    the Fogolar on

    Monday, October 23.

    This was an event

    organized by Lou and

    Iola Ienna, and we

    thank them for reaching out to the Fogolar in order to hold this

    event at the club. It was an exciting evening, and there were a

    good number of people on hand to celebrate this occasion.

    Maddalena Mizzau, the author, travelled from Friuli to Canada to

    share her new book. The book was released in Italy earlier this

    month. The Canadian introduction of the book took place at the

    Fogolar, and there will be an American introduction in the next

    few weeks. The event was very interesting as those in atten-

    dance were able to hear the author speak about her book and

    how she was inspired to write it. Then the audience was treated

    to excerpts of the book, read in English, Italian and Furlan, by

    three of our Fogolar members. Thank you to Iola Ienna, Elver

    Peruzzo, and Marisa DeFranceschi for being a part of this event

    and doing a wonderful job with the readings. Ms. Mizzau has

    also graciously donated a signed copy of the book to the Fogolar


    The book is currently not available for purchase in Canada, but

    she will work with her publisher to find a way to have those inter-

    ested in purchasing a copy to be able to do so. We wish her

    continued success with her writing.


    The Trunk-or-Treat event continues to be a successful event for

    the Fogolar to attract families with children to the club. This

    event was held on Friday, October 27 and was open to Fogolar

    members, families, friends and the community. The weather may

    have deterred some people from coming out, but we still had 50

    happy children and their families brave the cold and rainy weath-

    er. The children were able to make some spooky Halloween

    lantern crafts, decorate a small pumpkin to take home, and of


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