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FOGOLAR FURLAN WINDSOR FOGOLÂR · PDF fileFURLAN KIDS’ DAY ˝54+(? ˝(8*/ EASTER EGG HUNT ... Peter along with another member Elio Ganzini dis - cussing the secret to his longevity

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  • Upcoming Events


    Sunday, February 11


    Saturday, February 24


    Sunday, February 25 at 2 PM


    Friday, March 2


    Monday, March 12


    Saturday, March 24


    Sunday, March 25 at 2 PM


    Saturday, April 28


    Sunday, April 29 at 2 PM

    Friday Specials


    Breaded Bassa with Lemon Wedges, Risotto

    Mare-Monte, Green Bean Almondine OR Osso

    Bucco with Polenta.

    Fogolar Friday Dinners cost $17.75 plus tax.

    Visit the Dante Costa Hall on Friday nights from

    5-9 PM, where we host the `Fogolar

    Restaurant`. One seafood and one meat-based

    dish are served each week. Jumbo Scallops,

    Breaded Basa, and Crusted Whitefish are some

    of the seafood specials, while on the meat side

    you`ll find Veal Birds, Stuffed Chicken, and

    Osso Bucco. All proteins come with a side of

    vegetable and-or starch.

    Please visit our website for

    weekly menu offerings. Friday Dinners cost

    $17.75 plus tax and are served from 5-9 pm.

    Each dinner also comes with bread & salad.

    All you can eat pasta is available for $9 for

    adults and $7 for children. Pizza is also served

    on Friday nights.


    Caro Socio/Dear Member

    The New Year 2018 has arrived and I hope it will

    bring good fortune to all. Our Fogolar has had a

    tremendous 2017. We had an increase in busi-

    ness activity

    to the tune of

    almost three

    hundred thou-

    sand dollars

    and our prof-

    its increased

    accordingly. I

    wish to thank

    our office

    admin is t ra -

    tion and the

    Board of

    Directors for

    steering our

    club to suc-


    We now begin

    the New Year with great expectations beginning

    with our Wood Burning Pizza Oven Project to be

    installed in our Members Bar area, the Fogolar

    Annual Hunters Banquet on February 24, along

    with the addition of a new Chef and new Assistant

    Manager. We are going to be expanding our

    Friday Night Restaurant offerings not only with the

    wood burning pizza but also with exciting new

    menus. We are constantly looking to improve the

    environment of our Fogolar so stay tuned to all the

    changes that will be coming this year. The Board

    will need your support in order for these innova-

    tions to be successful.

    The Fogolar is looking for a volunteer for the posi-

    tion of Sergeant at Arms to join the Board of

    Directors who must be a member in good stand-

    ing, and if interested, please contact any Board

    member or the office and give your name and

    contact phone num-

    ber. Information is

    provided as to the

    duties of this position

    by contacting Cesare

    Pecile at 519-796-


    The Club is also look-

    ing for someone to

    assist in the compila-

    tion of its newsletter

    that we put out every

    quarter. Again, please

    contact the office or

    any one of the Board

    members for more


    I wish to thank all the volunteers for their past giv-

    ing of their precious time in making our Club a

    successful story in our community. We look for-

    ward to continued support as well as inviting new

    volunteers to join the force. We have many proj-

    ects in the works and new ones coming on board

    all the time, so we do need the members assis-

    tance in completing such demands.

    Grazie/Thanks to all for taking the time to read our


    Cesare Pecile

    Presidents Message

    The 2017 Scholarship recipients are Olivia Calzavara,

    Alessandro Kerr, Dana Perissinotti and Elisabetta Kerr,pic-

    tured here along with Cesare Pecile and Scholarship

    Chair, Val Pistor. Congratulations to the winners, and we

    hope to see them continue their stories with the Fogolar.

    Annual Spring Banquet

    Join us Saturday, April 28, 2018 for our Annual Spring Banquet. Details to follow at the Fogolar.

    If there are any individuals that have volunteered a minimum of 16 hours in 2017 and have not

    received an invitation by March 16, 2018, please email Angela at [email protected]

    Looking forward to seeing you there!



  • Fogolr News Page 2

    for members and friends per i soci ed amici


    ANGELO ZORZIT is a"CENTENARIAN" mem-ber of our Fogolar. I hadthe pleasure of visitingwith Angelo and his sonPeter along with anothermember Elio Ganzini dis-cussing the secret to hislongevity.

    He was born in AzzanoDecimo on September16, 1917. At 5 years oldhis family moved to thesmall town of Villanovawhich was under theCommune of SanDaniele del Friul. Here, Angelolearned to speak the real Furlan lan-guage, and let me tellyou it was entertain-ing to hear him speak.

    Drafted into the ItalianArmy in 1937, he wasassigned to the presti-gious division the"Bersaglieri", and sta-tioned in Torino, Italyand remained in Italythroughout WWII.

    Angelo married his sweetheart fromSan Daniele, Italia Elizabeth Corva in1939, and from their loving marriageone son Peter was born, who is also amember of our Fogolar.

    When the war ended, Angelo did avariety of work around San Danieleuntil he immigrated to Canada in1949, landed in Windsor and lived onHickory Road. Being a newly landedimmigrant, Angelo started to work ona farm for one year after which hefound work with Keystone Contractorsbuilding roads, one of which was the

    Highway 401. This stint lasted for 17years until he started a new job withSommerville Industries as a mainte-nance mechanic, and that lasted for

    an additional 13 years.

    Angelo was an avidCatholic and went to St.Angela Merici Churchwhere the priest thereasked him to play in aband. He played alongwith Pieri Sovran and hisbrother Mario Sovranand a couple others.This was around 1950,and the only name hecould remember for theband was that it wascalled "The St. AngelaChurch Band". Angeloplayed the accordion

    while Pieri played the drums. Heremembers that a fun time was had by


    At 62 years old,Angelo retired andbegan to take upwoodworking as ahobby and built hisown kitchen cabinetsand other woodenfurniture, one ofwhich is a master-piece, the"Grandfather Clock",

    made and carved from red oak wood.He still makes his own wine "Merlot"of which I had a glass and wantedanother but I had to drive so I withheldthe enjoyment. We were served teaalong with chocolate chip cookies.How he knew those were my favouriteI will never know.

    In closing, my time with Angelo thatafternoon I knew I just wasn't speak-ing with any ordinary individual, but Ispent time with a skilled tradesman,artist, musician and a man of manytalents, but also a "CENTENARIAN"

    with volumes of historical memories.He lives alone and is still quite mobile,mentally alert, and has a lady thatcomes in and cleans the house on aregular basis.

    Angelo says there is no secret to hislongevity other than the DNA passeddown from his parents, decent livingnever overdoing anything, and a posi-tive attitude towards life's trials. This Ican testify to because throughout thetime I spent with him "a jovial smile"always followed his conversation.

    Bon Complean un poc in ritart.Grazie di cur Angelo.Cesare Pecile

    Fogolar Smartphone App

    Keep up to date with whats going onat the Fogolar with our new smart-phone app. The app is available fordownload from the Apple App Storeand the Google Play store.

    Blood Donor Clinic

    Our next Fogolar Blood Donor Clinicwill be held Thursday, February 15between 6:30 pm-7:30 pm. TheCanadian Blood Services is always inneed of donors. Start the New Year offon a good note by helping others. Askyour family and friends to come anddonate on behalf of the Fogolar andcome back to the club for a free pizza.If you are interested, please contactSonia Giovanatto at [email protected]


  • for members and friends per i soci ed amici

    Page 3 Fogolr News

    Club EventsThere are many upcoming events that would be great

    opportunities for volunteer hours. There are a number

    of children's events in the next few months that we

    could use some extra volunteers to help make the

    events more fun for those attending. Please contact

    Diana Volpatti ([email protected]) if you will be

    available to volunteer for any of these upcoming cul-

    tural events.


    Here are the upcoming cultural events for the next

    few months:

    Carnevale at the Fogolar

    February 11 at 1:00 pm 3:00 pm

    Free to attend. We do ask for canned good donations.

    This event will include many games and activities for

    the children! We will crown the King and Queen of the

    Carnevale! Dress up in your favourite costumes and

    take part in a costume parade!

    Furlan Kids Day at the Fogolar

    March 12 at 9:00 am-5:00 pm

    This is an event during March Break that will be a full

    day of fun. This will be for kids 5-12 years of age.

    It is open to children and grandchildren of members

    first. If there are still spaces available the week

    before, it will be open to children of non-members.

    It will be a day with cooking lessons, crafts, and other

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