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Truth & Grace When we have God’s truth, we have God’s manual for our lives. It will keep us humble in good times and steady through the storms. And when the going is tough, God’s grace will be sufficient for us, for His power is made perfect in weakness.

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  • May - June 2011 Issue 62

    GraceChildrens Church Easter Party 23 April 2011

  • 2CONTENTSIssue 62 | May - June 2011

    Damansara UtamaMethodist Church

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    The church office is closed on Mondays. In the event of emergen-cies or after office hours, you may contact 012 295 2600.

    FLOODGATES is a newsletter of DUMC, seeking to report the happenings of the church and the blessings of God upon His people in DUMC. May the articles in Flood-gates which seek to encourage and edify the soul, contribute towards Gods community and making known His glory.

    If you have an encouraging story to share, please send your article of about 600 words to meilingfloodgates@gmail.com or call Monica Lee at 03 7958 7388 if you need a reporter to cover your story. All articles may be edited for purposes of clarity and space. Articles for July - August 2011 issue should be sent in by 8 June 2010.

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    Truth & Grace

    When we have Gods truth, we have Gods manual for our lives. It will keep us humble in good times and steady through the storms. And when the going is tough, Gods grace will be sufficient for us, for His power is made perfect in weakness.

  • 3Truth is crucial for the structuring of human lives, culture, society and a nation because only truth can hold these together long-term. And only truth can make these strong as well. Any society or nation, for example, that is built on half-truths or incomplete truths will crumble. We see this in multitude of civilisations over the centuries.

    Truth transforms when it is applied to human life, culture and society. Jesus Christ who is the full embodiment of truth transforms human lives, culture, society and a whole nation when He is enthroned as their true Lord and Master in every sphere of human activity. We see this partly realised during the short reign of King Edward III when the young king was under the godly tutelage of Archbishop Thomas Cranmer, the Lord Protector Somerset and Richard Hooker, a brilliant preacher and outstanding Bible expositor.

    Truth must therefore form the very foundation of all life and living. It is truth that builds strength in a society and nation. Even at the basic form of human relationship, it must be built on truth or it is a matter of time that the relationship will fall apart. And Jesus Christ who genuinely transforms must continue to form that solid foundation for anything that is going to last.

    While truth is crucial, it will also hit us like a ton of bricks because truth is tough, hard and unyielding. That is the nature of truth and there is no two-way about it. Truth cuts and separates. Truth exposes the devious and even the devilish. Truth is painful to confront or even to acknowledge. That is why Jesus Christ comes not only as one who is the truth only but as the One full of grace (John 1:14).

    We need grace to counter-balance truth and Jesus Christ is the full embodiment of this grace. He did not come to condemn as John 3:17 tells us: For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through Him. Jesus came to an unlovely world. He came to us who did not deserve His love and goodness. He came nevertheless. This is what grace is all about: love for the unlovely and the undeserving.

    Jesus oers hope for all humankind. He loves us irrespective of who we are and what we have done. As there is forgive-ness in Him, we do not have to carry the excruciating load of guilt, pain, shame and condemnation. Jesus Christ has taken it all on the cross. Hence, human beings, culture and society can be redeemed and transformed in Jesus Christ. This is embodied in a nutshell in the Church of Jesus Christ.

    The Church must therefore be a community of grace because having received this undeserved love, mercy and favour from God, they must reach out to oer others this same grace of Jesus Christ. The Church must welcome everyone irrespective of background and past deeds. The only requirement is a genuine repentance of sins and from ones past and a genuine turning to Jesus as Lord, Master and Saviour. The Church of Jesus Christ is the only body on earth that can oer such hope to all.

    There is, therefore, a better and greater future ahead of us all; a future lled with excitement and expectancy. That better days are to come and the best is yet to be. This is the condence the people of God can look forward towards. In the midst of all the problems in this world, we see hope. Such is the assurance of the people of God. So, we work and serve bringing the grace of Christ to bear on our situation, environment, workplace, culture and nation. Indeed, the Church is the hope of the world.

    Hence, the Church must full her divine design, duty and destiny and it is for such that we work. Jesus Christ, full of grace and truth, oers hope and the only hope for us all humankind, cultures, societies and nations.

    For the law was given through Moses; grace and truth came through Jesus Christ (John 1:17)

    by Senior Pastor Dr Daniel Ho

    Truth and Grace

  • 4

    Never would I imagine that I would experience a funeral and a wedding one after another, of two very dear family members. My only daughter, Jade and Alvin were going to be married on Satur-day, 30 April 2011. On Thursday morn-ing, 28 April 2011, my 89 year-old father whom I love dearly went home to be with the Lord peacefully.

    What were we to do with the planned wedding? My 84-year-old mother who accepted the Lord four years ago, was very steady. She gave her consent for Jade and Alvins wedding to proceed. Once that decision was made, the sequence of events became very clear. On Thursday, we witnessed the passing of our beloved family patriarch and had his wake service in the evening. On Friday, we had his funeral service in the morning and his burial in the afternoon. On early Saturday morning, we were in church for Jade and Alvins wedding. On Sunday night, we had Jade and Alvins wedding dinner.

    So we had a funeral and a wedding that weekend! It was a time of sorrow at the funeral and a time of great joy at the wedding. What an unusual bitter and sweet weekend for me. The same was experienced by all my family members, cell members and close friends who knew both my father and daughter very well. Is it possible to celebrate the

    wedding right after my fathers funeral? As the events moved very fast that weekend, I did not have time to think about such question. My family mem-bers and I just went through the motion.

    Now, as I look at the photos of the funeral and the wedding, I am amazed at how we transited from the state of mourning on one day to the state of celebration on another day. It was possible because we have Gods truth and grace.

    Firstly, we know that my father has moved on to heaven, which is a better place for him. A few months ago, I had a dream of my father as a young man up on a ladder repairing the fuse box. In the dream, he had black wavy hair. He was rippling with muscles (as he was shirtless) and he wore a pair of blue pants. I sensed God telling me that my fathers physical health which was weak-ening, will be totally restored in heaven.

    Secondly, during the last weeks of my fathers life, he repeatedly told us that he would be shifting house. He said that his father had a big house for him where it was cool and he liked it there. On the eve of his passing, he told the maid that he would shift to a bigger room upstairs and our house would be full of people the next day.

    So when my father passed away on that Thursday morning, yes, I was very sad but also at peace at the same time. Truly, it was Gods truth and grace that sustained me. Knowing Gods truth that my father is in a better place and as conrmed by my father himself, has enabled me to let him go. After my fathers funeral and burial, we celebrated my fathers life at a restau-rant. I felt totally unburdened and there was this unexplainable joy. A few of us went shopping for wedding shoes there-after. Philippians 4:7 which says, And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your mind in Christ Jesus was what I felt.

    On Saturday, 30 April, we celebrated Jade and Alvins wedding at the church with great joy. I was told that I looked absolutely radiant. For someone who had lost her best friend and husband, my mother also looked very radiant at the wedding. How would all these be possible if not for Gods enablement?

    From thi