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Flipped Fridays. Adventures in flipping a cell biology course Dr. Katie S hannon Biological Sciences Missouri S&T. What is flipping?. Instruction delivered outside of class Class time focused on problem-solving. http://www.knewton.com/flipped-classroom/. Cell Biology. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Flipped Fridays

Adventures in flipping a cell biology courseDr. Katie ShannonBiological Sciences Missouri S&T Flipped Fridays1What is flipping?Instruction delivered outside of classClass time focused on problem-solving

http://www.knewton.com/flipped-classroom/2Cell BiologyRequired for Biological Sciences majors

Required for Chemical Engineering with Biochemical EngineeringEmphasis

Required for Chemistry - Pre-medicine Emphasis

Sophomore level

Taught since 20073Why Flip Cell Bio?Students need to be able to apply knowledge, not just memorize

How do we teach our students to think like scientists?4How did I do it?eFellows grant Tier 2 awarded 2013 and 2014Recorded lectures in eStudio using CamtasiaBegan in summer, continued in FallTwice a week, two hours each dayRecorded, annotated, and edited videosPrepared short quiz for each FridayDeveloped a problem set for classes on FridayPiloted Fall 2013Spring 2014 editing, evaluating, improving5Flipped Friday ClassVideos and quiz were posted on Blackboard WedQuiz due by class time FridayStudents worked in groups on problem setI wandered, listened, answered questions, assisted studentsClickers were used for students to collaborate on answersResponses were shown, students discussed and re-polledSimilar problems were given in homework and on exams

6EvaluationEvaluated students ability to answer ten questions that were the same both semesters These ten questions were application or evaluation levelSimilar questions were covered either during lecture in Spring 2013 or during Flipped Friday Fall 2013No statistical difference between 9 out of 10 questions, students did better on one question Did students perform better on higher-level homework questions in Fall 2013 compared to Spring 2013?7EvaluationStudent performance on exams was not significantly different between the semestersDid students perform better on exams in Fall 2013 compared to Spring 2013?8Student Comments-PositiveI liked the consistent routine of each weekIt was very helpful when you walked around the room to see if people had questionsI like being able to watch the lecture videos more than onceGetting the opportunity of feedback and explanation with the clicker quizzes is very helpfulI like the fact that some problems are challengingFun, easy way to work in groups and have a more interesting classI learn more from online videos than from lecture

9Student Comments-NegativeI dont like having to take extra time out of my day to watch the videosI just dont learn much in groupsLess effective than in class lectureIf it was shorter I would watch it more and use it to study for the examI feel like I never actually know the way to figure out a problem when I leave

10Student EvaluationsRate the ability of online Flipped Friday lectures to communicate the material effectively 11Student EvaluationsRate the usefulness of working on problems in class on Flipped Fridays as preparation for homework/test questions12Student EvaluationsHow many times did you typically watch a videos, from the time it was posted until the exam?13Kaltura AnalyticsAverage View Drop Off (Percentage of Video Watched)14Kaltura AnalyticsAverage Number of Plays FF 135FF 254FF 334FF 431FF 536FF 634FF 732FF 830FF 935FF 1020FF 112115Average Grade on Clicker Quizzes16Lessons LearnedVideos must be short

Quiz is motivation for students to view videos

Not all students will watch videos

Most students watch videos once on Thursday

Watching videos helps their quiz grade

Having a schedule is helpful

17Benefits of Flipped ClassroomActive classroom on FridaysSelf-directed learningIncreases student-student interactionIncreases student-faculty interactionHigher level questions can be introduced in setting where students can get helpStudents are able to practice the application of knowledge18How to improve?Editing

Strategic choice of topics

Keep students watching until the end

Student motivation

Students should rewatch before exams19Spring 2014On the first exam this semester, students had problems with some material covered in Flipped Friday online lectures20