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  • 7/30/2019 FlexNet Producer Suite Siemens Success Story


    Siemens Building TechnologiesStreamlines Inventory and Reduces

    Cycle Times with FlexNet Producer Suitefor Intelligent Device Manufacturers.Todays high tech buildings comprise aplethora of sophist icated systems to controleverything from heating, ventilation andair conditioning (HVAC) to security andre protection. And just as every buildingis different, so are the systems thatorchestrate these functions. For SiemensBuilding Technologies, Inc., t his inescapablefact created enormous complexity inmanufacturing and inventory management,which had a negative ripple effect across

    numerous other aspects of its business.

    Today, Siemens Building Technologies usesFlexNet Publisher and FlexNet Operations,which are key elements of the FlexNetProducer Suite for Intelligent DeviceManufacturers. This has enabled them toput product customization capabilities intothe hands of its customers, reducing thenumber of SKUs it needs to manufacture and

    inventory maintained from several hundredto just a few models. This in turn speeds

    cycle t imes new systems can be live in justan hour, compared to several weeks andlowers the potential for human error.

    A challenging economy requiresoperational innovationIn the US, the challenging economy hashad a big impact on the constructionindustry, which direct ly affects us, saysDuane Keenan, Manager, IntegratedSolutions at Siemens Building Technologies.We were looking for innovative ways todifferentiate ourselves from our competitors

    and boost operational efciencies. We metboth of these objectives with FlexNet Suitefor Intelligent Device Manufacturers.

    Keenan is part of the R&D group at SiemensBuilding Techs HVAC Products (HVP)division, which develops and manufacturesautomation systems that are primarily soldby Siemens Building Technologies BuildingAutomation Unit (BAU). Flexera Software

    FlexNet has transformed the way we dobusiness, he says Before, to change

    capability in a deployed unit, we had tophysically remove the old unit and put in anew one. Now that can be remotely enabledwith FlexNet Operations.

    Likewise, the FlexNet Suite has dramaticallyreduced the number of SKUs we have tomanufacture and manage, he cont inues.For example, one of HVPs top hardwareplatforms has 12 hardware variations and40 rmware variations, creating 480 SKUsfor a single product line. Siemens has chosento deploy the FlexNet Operations self-service

    portal to the BAU unit which has given theeld the dual benets of exibility and 24x7self service. It allows them to manufactureand stock just a few base hardware productswhich can now be customized in the eldby BAU with entitlement licenses createdusing FlexNet Operations, in conjunctionwith Siemens Building Technologies SAPenterprise software system.

    Success Story:SiemensCustomer Profle:As a leading provider of energy and environmental solutions, building controls, re

    safety and security systems solutions, Siemens Building Technologies, Inc., makesbuildings comfortable, safe, secure and less costly to operate.

    ChallengeTo reduce time to market by speeding up cycle times, and reduce manufacturingand inventory costs, of complex building system automation equipment.

    BeneftsWith the Flexera Software FlexNet Producer Suite for Intelligent DeviceManufacturers, Siemens Building Technologies has been able to reduce the numberof physical models from hundreds of SKUs to just a few. Cycle times have beencut from weeks to days, since systems can now be exibly customized in the eld.Faster velocity and greater exibility have created a strong competitive advantage.

    SolutionFlexNet Producer Suite for Intelligent Device Manufacturers comprised ofFlexNet Publisher and FlexNet Operations was used and the FlexNet Operationsself service portal was deployed. This allows users to generate licenses ondemand with a simple three-step process. FlexNet Operations interfaces withSiemens Building Technologies SAP system.

    Simply put, I love Flexera Softwares FlexNet

    Producer Suite for High-Tech Manufacturers. Our

    License Manager system (FlexNet Operations)

    couldnt make the entitlement management

    process any simpler for the eld organization.

    Duane KeenanManager, Integrated Solut ionsSiemens Building Technologies

  • 7/30/2019 FlexNet Producer Suite Siemens Success Story


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    FlexNet enables exibility andbusiness efciencyKeenan and his team created a simple,three-step process that allows BAU togenerate licenses on demand with theFlexNet Producer Suite for Intelligent DeviceManufacturers. When an order is entered inthe SAP system, it is automatically passed

    through to FlexNet Operations, whichgenerates a license. The license is thenemailed to the BAU user, who activatessystem functionality on site by enteringthe entitlement identication number intothe buildings management console (aworkstation) or directly into the device (suchas an HVAC controller) through its HumanMachine Interface.

    Simply put, I love FlexNet solutions.Our License Manager system (FlexNetOperations) couldnt make the entitlementmanagement process any easier for t he eldorganization, Keenan says.

    This quick three-step process is in sharpcontrast to the two week-plus turnaround timethat previous ordering and manufacturingprocesses required. Our inventory costshave dropped, Keenan says. Its not just thephysical components themselves, its the timerequired to manage everything.

    Merchandise returns have also dropped.Due to the high number of variationswithin each of three major project lines, the

    previous ordering process, due to the numberof device variations, lent itself to making

    specication errors, resulting in returnedmerchandise that had to be restocked,he explains.

    Ease of use for allIn addition to creating an easy-to-use systemfor BAU users, Keenan, a business user withno formal IT training, found FlexNet Product

    Suite exceptionally easy to deploy. Ivedone all of the installations and upgradesto FlexNet Operations myself, with a littlehelp from Flexera Softwares fantast icsupport team. I was t horoughly impressedwith the clarity of the documentation. Itwalked me through all the steps easily; Ididnt even have to get help from one ofour own IT people.

    Based on Siemens Building Technologiessuccess with ut ilizing FlexNet ProducerSuite for Intelligent Device Manufacturersto automate the licensing of its key productline, PXE Modular, Keenan is enthusiasticabout applying this breakthroughtechnology across the HVP product line.

    He summarizes, With the FlexNet Suitewe have achieved major businessimprovements. We are serving ourcustomers better with faster velocity andgreater agility. Flexera Software has helpedSiemens Building Technologies to reducethe manufacturing complexity of a verysophisticated product line down to just afew models. I am excited to see how Flexera

    Software solutions will continue to benet ourcompany and, ultimately, the constructionindustry we serve.

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