Five Canons of Rhetoric Jeopardy $100 Invention Organization Style MemoryDelivery $200 $300 $200 $100 $300 $200 $100 $300 $200 $100 $300 $200 $100 Final

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  • Five Canons of Rhetoric Jeopardy$100InventionOrganizationStyleMemoryDelivery$200$300$300$200$100$300$200$100$300$200$100$300$200$100Final Jeopardy

  • Invention - $100Invention is made up of two types of Proofs what are they?Artistic and Inartistic proofs

  • Invention - $200Artistic Proofs have three parts to it what are they? And what are the known as together?Ethos, Pathos, Logos, known as the Rhetorical Triangle

  • Invention - $300What is the definition for the term invention?Finding lines of argument, and developing those arguements

  • Organization - $100What is the definition of Organization/arrangement?How to set up a paper when wiring it.

  • Organization - $200What is the common set up of a paper in this part of the conons?Intro, statement of fact, confirmation, refutation, and conclusion

  • Organization - $300What should be in the introduction of a paper?Attention grabber, statement of ideas, and research question

  • Style - $100What does style address to the audience?How things will be said towards them.

  • Style - $200Name the method of speech that uses short notes to inform unprepared contentWhat is the extemporaneous menthod

  • Style - $300What are words such as like or um classified as?What are vocalized pauses/verbal fillers

  • Memory - $100What are things you can use to help you remember your speech or paper when talking?Acronyms, visual aids, the use of key quotes from your speech, note cards, etc.

  • Memory - $200Along with memorization this canon also reminds you to do what?Make the speech or paper memorable by what you say. (ie. Attention grabber or points that touch the speaker)

  • Memory - $300What is this canon known as?The lost canon(because it is usually put together with delivery)

  • Delivery - $100What is delivery defined as (in context of a canon)The Manner of Presentation the rehtor has.

  • Delivery - $200Tailor your gestures, images, and visual aids towards your audienceAlong with how you present your speech/ rhetoric you must do what?

  • Delivery - $300What are some things you can do to help with your delivery during a speech?Watch your personal body language and your audiencesVary your tone of voice Let your gustures flow naturally

  • Final JeopardyWho is noted for being the first to use the 5 canons of rhetoric?Aristotle


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