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2 FIS Banking Software as a Service
High-Level View of FIS Banking Software as a Service
The Need for Banking Software as a Service Becoming a fully regulated banking institution demands a more robust technology infrastructure, but your technology evolution doesn’t have to be expensive, slow, operationally cumbersome or a hindrance to your growth. When you outsource your banking and payments infrastructure with FIS Banking Software as a Service (FIS Banking SaaS), India’s most comprehensive, end-to-end, hosted system, you’re empowered to evolve and grow on your terms. Featuring a highly scalable, cost-effective and easy-to-integrate set of secure and highly reliable technology capabilities, FIS Banking SaaS is the only hosted fintech solution in India that spans all of your banking and payments needs.
FIS Banking SaaS enables you to transform and thrive as a fully regulated banking institution.
What Is FIS Banking SaaS? FIS Banking SaaS is an innovative hosted solution that empowers small financial banks (SFBs) to deliver a robust set of banking and payments capabilities to customers without the expense, time and operational complexity associated with building out a traditional banking infrastructure.
This pre-integrated, well-established core applications stack uses shared technology infrastructure to minimize initial capital expenditures and deliver volume-based pricing that aligns costs to business growth.
FIS empowers SFBs in their transformation as full-fledged banks and recognizes that this evolution creates more stringent regulatory compliance demands. These critical requirements – along with the complexity of data migration and rollout of seamless doorstep banking – are handled by FIS Banking SaaS. This highly scalable, end-to-end system spans banking and payments, and empowers clients with seamless implementation, reduced costs, and a robust infrastructure that helps SFBs grow and thrive.
Assisted Service Points
CFMS/DBT Services
Pymt. Gateway
Profile GL
Clearing, Cash Mgmt.
FIS Enterprise Integration
FIS Enterprise Integration
FIS Banking Software as a Service 3
FIS Banking SaaS Features: FIS Banking SaaS offers the following features, using a unique multitiered service architecture:
Service delivery – A shared platform to deliver ITIL standard services for clients to manage their help desk. Alignment to turnaround times and associated service level agreements.
Leverage common service capabilities for back-office applications – HRMS/CTS/RTGS/NEFT/E- Commerce/SMS/ Mobile Banking.
Monitoring and management – Hosting in a world-class infrastructure with a 24/7 network/ system command center to ensure highest levels of availability. Delivered using a shared pool of resources.
Information security management – Secure/compliant delivery through a shared service. Compliant with regulatory requirements and adequate levels of data protection.
Core applications – Delivered through a logically segregated environment that ensures data and access compliance and provides flexibility to tweak business processes to retain market competitiveness.
Project management office (PMO) – Collaborative PMO service that provides a mix of resources and repeatable processes, enabling enhanced governance.
Key Merits Enables bank to go to market quickly
Allows for desired flexibility for “BOLT On/Off” of key product processors
On-demand scale
Enables banking services across channels
Provides reusable process maps and resource assets for immediate deployment
Delivers MIS and regulatory compliance aligned to guidelines issued by the Reserve Bank of India
Reduces total cost of ownership
Client Success Story – Fincare Small Finance Bank When India’s Disha Microfin Payment Solutions (now known as Fincare Small Finance Bank) was selected as India’s newest small finance bank in 2016, it knew it needed a proven banking and payments technology partner to bring its vision of creating a commercially viable, socially relevant financing option for lower- income Indian citizens to life. In September 2016, Fincare selected FIS to serve as its complete technology partner and provide a fully integrated banking and payments platform through a totally outsourced delivery model, which encompassed core banking, channels and the entire suite of payments services, including switching, debit card, management services and ATM management.
The multiyear agreement supported Fincare’s goal of making measurable economic and social impacts on the lives of lower-income households to raise the economic status of families across India, allowing it to operate efficiently and focus on customers rather than operations and technology.
4 FIS Banking Software as a Service
Criteria Dedicated Shared
Architecture planning is less effective as services are added in layers. This involves creation of individual service-based infrastructure, leading to increased deployment time and higher costs.
Hub and spoke deployment approach: Hub – Common pool of shared services across service delivery/infrastructure management and security management.
Spoke – Common versions of core application stack creating ability for rapid deployment with acceptance in production.
Technology Governance
Service Delivery – Additional oversight required for team management.
Change Management – Complex
Change management setup required for project delivery and production support.
Shared services layer comprising infrastructure/ network/ application and help desk management allows better utilization of processes/resources.
The shared services layer can be backed by single points of contact for each customer who owns the engagement.
Business Flexibility
Limited flexibility for service/product extensions spanning across channels and customer service aspects.
Higher flexibility. While the core is sealed off, any product extension can be customized and packaged according to business needs. Critical applications will be hosted separately for each institution, and data will be segregated and maintained separately.
Time to Market
Longer time to market due to siloed implementation.
Shorter time to market given that any product or service extensions follow an agile and repeatable set of process and product factory capabilities.
Shared setup can reduce costs and time by 35 to 40 percent compared to dedicated infrastructure.
4 FIS Banking Software as a Service
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