First Day of School Poem

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August 8, 2011 Dear Parents, I wanted you to know that I realize this is somewhat of a bittersweet day. You must be very proud that your child has accomplished all milestones leading to this one-their very first day of kindergarten! It is amazing, though, that this child taking their first tentative steps out into the world was once that little baby you held not too long ago. I want you to feel reassured, though, that I understand all of these feelings as a mother, myself. I will take good care of your little one and, together, we will watch them grow and learn many wonderful things this year! You will be even more proud of them by the LAST day of kindergarten. I know you are thinking of us today and I wanted you to know that you will be in our thoughts, as well. Have a good day; youve done a good job! Thank you, Mrs. Hicks

The First Day I gave you a little wink and a smile As you entered my room today. For I know how hard it is to leave And know your child must stay. Youve been with them for five years now And have been a loving guide, But now, alas, the time has come To leave them at my side. Just know that as you drive away And tears down your cheeks may flow Ill love them as I would my own And help them learn and grow. For as a parent, I too, know How quickly the years do pass And that one day it was also my turn To take my child to class So please put your mind at ease And cry those tears no more For I will love them and take them in When you leave them at my door.

Jamie Solley