First day of big school

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First day of big school. My concerns. Will he be happy? Will he get on with his teacher? Will his buddy remember to come for him? What if hes all on his own, & lonely? How can I juggle this school run 5 days a week? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>Our transition to BIG school</p> <p>First day of big school</p> <p>My concernsWill he be happy? Will he get on with his teacher?Will his buddy remember to come for him?What if hes all on his own, &amp; lonely?How can I juggle this school run 5 days a week?Lunches, lunches, lunches how many ways can I reinvent the vegemite sandwich?Should I have packed spare clothes, undies, socks etc?HIS CONCERNS Mum, what will I do today? Who will I play with? When do I eat? Who am I sitting with?I calmly answered all questions, keeping my own concerns (that mirrored his, to myself). Mr Petersen gave me some very valuable advice that I will pass onto to you: Three qus that you ask at the end of each day What was the best part of the day?What was the worst part of your day?Did you learn anything?ROUTINE, ROUTINE, eat, drink and rest wellMake it predictable and keep your sanity intact</p> <p>BELONGING/TRUSTDevelop good relationships, communication, trust and respect amongst all involved parties parents, teachers, children and the wider school community. Everyone will feel valued, welcomed and respected, furthermore the likelihood of conflict or misunderstanding will be minimised.If you need to approach the school, check the guidelines published by the school for this, it is always best to make an appointment.</p> <p>General knowledgeThere are 4 terms in a year typically there are 10 weeks in each term. Kindy kids are a part of early stage 1.3 Sports houses Cook (yellow), Bass (Blue) and Flinders (green). House colours are for the various carnivals (t-shirts)Canteen: pricelist is on the website, you can buy a reusable bag or use paper bags. 2nd hand uniforms are sold out of the Canteen for $2 a piece &amp; all proceeds go back to the school.</p> <p>General knowledgeLost and Found cupboard but try &amp; make sure you label everything, so your childs belongings dont end up there it is cleaned out periodically for the 2nd hand uniforms !!Library Day kindys will have a designated day and each child will need a library bag (separate from their school bag), they can be bought through Emma at Uniform Solutions.There is also a Computer day, a sport day, other fitness, and a Scripture Day</p> <p>General knowledgeSchool starts 9.30am, playground is supervised from 9am. Lunch is at 11.30am 12.30pm and recess is 2 2.20pm,. School finishes 3.30pmNewsletters are posted on the web Wednesdays and are emailed to you on this day too. Other notes are also sent out as needed.Before &amp; After School Care, the green bus and the blue bus, sitting on the bus lines.School gate drop off and pick up, please park in designated areas, do not leave kids in cars.</p> <p>General knowledgeSeveral Carnivals throughout the year swimming, cross country, athletic. Fundraising events walkthon, readathon, spellathon, swimathon, bunnings bbq, Disco &amp; some adult Nights Weekly Assembly, with achievement awards, SERFies.Homework Home readers, weekly topic talks Active after &amp; during school programs; chess club, recorder music program; school bandClass coordinator (parent) share email addresses of families in your class, for birthdays, play-dates. Social events for parents.</p>