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  • 8/11/2019 Fir Insurance


    Serial No. Topics Page No.

    1. Certificate by the Organization 3

    2. Certificate by the Faculty guide 4

    3. Preface 5

    4. Acknowledgeent !

    5. Ob"ecti#e of $raining %

    !. &'ecuti#e (uary )

    %. (co*e of the (tudy +

    ). ,eliance A-A rou* 1/

    +. Profile Of the Co*any 11012

    1/. uine O#er#iew 13014

    11. oard of -irector 1501!12. Partner of the Co*any 1%01)

    13. Product of the Co*any 1+

    14. ,eliance ife nurance 2/02!

    14.1 nurance Plan 2%03!

    15. ,eliance -eat Account 3%043

    1!. ,eliance utual Fund 44054

    1%. ,eliance eneral nurance 5505+

    1). arket Analyi !/0!4

    1+. ,ecoendation !5

    2/. ibliogra*hy !!

    21. Concluion !%


  • 8/11/2019 Fir Insurance


    Frankly *eaking6 any "ob or the tak6 ha#e the *ecific ob"ecti#e i.e. what i need and

    what i the re7uireent of the *articular work. n the ae way y ob"ecti#e i alo to

    learn oething fro the uer internhi* *rogra . t ean that the training *rogra

    in any re*uted co*any gi#e the arket knowledge of it ub"ect atter of tudy.

    $he right choice of the co*any in which a tudent ha to do the training i alo the *art

    of the learning and what he8he want to learn in the uer training.

    n the hort *an ince the inurance ector wa o*ened u*6 any co*anie ha#eliterally dictated the arket9 e#olution. Catering to all age and incoe egent6 the

    co*any tated out with the traditional inurance *olicie that were eay to undertand6

    the idea wa to entice cutoer ued to C9 tyle of functioning.

    ,eliance oney began e'*loring new area: it introduced odern *roduct6 like ;nit0

    linked Product where return are linked to the arket *erforance of the underlying


    ,eliance oney lead and #irtually all *araeter: ize of agent force6 nuber of *olicie

    old6 total u6 total u aured6 *reiu incoe and *roducti#ity of agent it ha et

    e'acting tandard for it range of *roduct6 rider offered6 7uality of inforation in

    *rootional aterial and e#en in the inurance awarene e#ent organized.

  • 8/11/2019 Fir Insurance


    $hi *ro"ect ha been a great learning e'*erience for e6 at the ae tie it ga#e e

    enough co*e to i*leent y analytical ability.

    $he firt *art gi#e an inight about the -eat Account6 ife nurance6 eneral

    nurance and utual fund and their #ariou a*ect. t i *urely baed on whate#er

    learned at ,eliance oney. One can ha#e a brief knowledge about utual fund and all

    it baic through the *ro"ect. Other than that the real er#ing coe when one o#e

    ahead. (oe of the ot intereting 7uetion regarding thee *roduct ha#e been

    co#ered. (oe of the are>

  • 8/11/2019 Fir Insurance


    $he co*e of the tudy refer to the "ob that to know about the acti#itie of the

    organization. $he tudy ean that the analyi of the *roduct of the co*any on which

    he8he ha to focu.

    -uring the uer training the #olunteer need to find out the cor*orate trategie of the

    running co*any and the ile tone which the co*any ha co#ered during it "ourney.

    n the uer training6 it i neceary for the tudent that he 8he in#ol#e with the

    e'*erience guy to get the knowledge about the co*any. $hat i how the co*any ha

    got the ucce6 Or if it i going in the lo6 why.

    n y training *eriod ha#e found that the reliance grou* i the bigget grou* in ndian

    co*anie. felt that can learn the ore in the ,eliance ife nurance iited.

    ,eliance ife nurance iited i the *art of the ,eliance Ca*ital iited which i a

    growing co*any in the financial *roduct.

    ,eliance Anil -hirubhai Abani grou* i alo deal in counication6 energy6 naturalreource6 edia6 and entertainent6 healthcare and infratructure.


  • 8/11/2019 Fir Insurance



  • 8/11/2019 Fir Insurance


    Reliance moneyi a *art of the reliance Anil -hirubai Abani rou* and i *rooted

    by ,eliance ca*ital6 the fatet growing *ri#ate ector financial er#ice co*any in

    ndia6 ranked aongt the to* 3 *ri#ate ector financial co*anie in ter of net worth.

    ,eliance oney i a co*reheni#e financial olution *ro#ider that enable you to carry

    out trading and in#etent acti#itie in a ecure6 cot0effecti#e and con#enient anner.

    $hrough reliance oney6 you can in#et in a wide range of aet clae fro &7uity6

    &7uity and coodity -eri#ati#e6 utual Fund6 inurance *roduct6 PO9 to a#ailing

    er#ice of oney $ranfer = oney changing.

    ,eliance oney offer the con#enience of on0line and offline tranaction through a

    #ariety of ean6 including it Portal6 Call = $ranact6 $ranaction iok and at it9

    network of affiliate.

    (oe key te* of the co*any that are aB..

    Success is a journey, not a destination. f we look

    for e'a*le to *ro#e thi 7uote then we can find any but there i none like that of

    ,eliance oney. $he co*any which i today known a the larget financial er#ice

    *ro#ider of ndia.

    Reliance Capital


    Life Insurance


    General Insurance





    RelianceMutual fundMutual Fund


  • 8/11/2019 Fir Insurance


    Success sutras of Reliance Money:$he ucce tory of the co*any i dri#en by ) ucce utra ado*ted by it naely

    trust, integrity, dedication, commitment,

    enterprise, hard work and team play, learning

    and innovation, empathy and humility.$hee are the

    #alue that bind ucce with ,eliance oney.

    Vision of Reliance Money$o achie#e = utain arket leaderhi*6 ,eliance oney hall ai for co*lete cutoer

    atifaction6 by cobining it huan and technological reource6 to *ro#ide world cla

    7uality er#ice. n the *roce ,eliance oney hall tri#e to eet and e'ceed

    cutoer atifaction and et indutry tandard.

    Mission statement:

    Our mission is to be a leading and preferred

    service provider to our customers, and we aim

    to achieve this leadership position by building

    an innovative, enterprising , and technology

    driven organization which will set the highest

    standards of service and business ethics.


  • 8/11/2019 Fir Insurance


    ,eliance Ca*ital ha interet in aet anageent and utual fund6 life and general

    inurance6 *ri#ate e7uity and *ro*rietary in#etent6 tock broking6 de*oitory er#ice6

    ditribution of financial *roduct6 conuer finance and other acti#itie in financial


    ,eliance utual Fund i ndia no.1 utual Fund. ,eliance ife nurance i ndia

    fatet growing life inurance co*any and aong the to* 4 *ri#ate ector inurer.

    ,eliance eneral nurance i ndia fatet growing general inurance co*any and the

    to* 3 *ri#ate ector inurer. Reliance Moneyi the larget brokerage and ditributor of

    financial *roduct in ndia with ore than 2.5 illion cutoer and the larget

    ditribution network. ,eliance Conuer finance ha a loan book of o#er ,. )6///

    crore at the end of Dune 2//).

    ,eliance Ca*ital ha a net worth of ,.!6 )!2 crore E;( 1.! billionG and total aet of

    ,. 1+6+4/ crore E;( 4.! billionG a of Dune 3/6 2//) and o#er 2!6/// e*loyee.

    oney ha increaed it arket hare aong *ri#ate financial co*anie to nearly

    Con#enient = effecti#e H Anytie = anywhere financial tranaction ca*ability. aunched

    in A*ril 2//%. t *ro#ide the Flat fee yte. t ha 2.2 illion cutoer in 1 year of

    official launch. t ha o#er 56/// outlet acro %// town8citie. A#erage daily turno#er H

    in e'ce of , 26/// crore.

    Conidering the entire life arket6 including the ,. 126)+/ crore booked by life

    inurance Cor*oration6 ,eliance life inurance arket hare work out to around !.25I.

    $he life inurance arket continuou to be doinated by C which ha about !%I hare

    thi only a arginal di* fro it %3I hare in end0Duly. $hee co*arion are only for

    firt year or new buine *reiu.

    $he ga* between ,eliance life inurance and the econd0in0line *ri#ate inurer i #at. n

    fact6 thi cenario ha led oe analyt to wonder if the co*any i not a trifle too


  • 8/11/2019 Fir Insurance


    aggrei#e. ut other ay thi ha ore to do with the co*anie9 cutoer0centric

    focu6 it *an0ndia *reence and u*erior rik anageent and in#etent trategie.

    ,eliance oney i not6 howe#er6 reting on it laurel.

    Co*any9 cutoer centric a**roach will be tudied during the training *eriod and the

    finding of the reearch work will definitely focu on the *reent condition = future

    re7uireent Eif anyG relating to *roduct of co*any.


  • 8/11/2019 Fir Insurance


    Anil Dhirubhai Ambani - Chairman

    ,egarded a one of the foreot cor*orate leader of conte*orary ndia6 (hri Anil -

    Abani6 5/6 i the chairan of all lited co*anie of the ,eliance A-A rou*6 naely6

    ,eliance Counication6 ,eliance Ca*ital6 ,eliance &nergy6 ,eliance Jatural

    ,eource and ,eliance Power. @e i alo Chairan of the oard of o#ernor of

    -hirubhai Abani ntitute of nforation and Counication $echnology6 andhi

    Jagar6 u"arat. $ill recently6 he alo held the *ot of Kice Chairan and anaging

    -irector in ,eliance ndutrie iited E,G6 ndia larget *ri#ate ector enter*rie .

    Anil - Abani "oined ,eliance in 1+)3 a Co0Chief &'ecuti#e Officer6 and wa centrally

    in#ol#ed in e#ery a*ect of the co*any anageent o#er the ne't 22 year. @e i

    credited with ha#ing *ioneered a nuber of *ath0breaking financial inno#ation in the

    ndian ca*ital arket. @e *earheaded the country firt foray into the o#erea ca*ital

    arket with international *ubl

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