finishing school - s3. finishing school Top off your wedding day look with the perfect hair accessory

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    finishing school

    Top off your wedding day look with the perfect hair accessory.





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    BARRETTE A one- piece item that clips into your hair. BUN WRAP A circular band that wraps around a bun. (A snood is a wrap or net that completely covers the bun.) COMB A headpiece held in place with teeth. Veils are often attached to combs. CROWN Larger and taller than a tiara, it comes full circle to sit on top of your head. HAIRPIN Short in length, it’s open at one end and closed at the other to pull back or accent hair.

    HAIR STICK A long stick with one pointed end that secures hair in an updo. HAIR VINE A long ornament that’s held in place with a small comb or pin at each end. Vines can run along the side of a style or wrap around like a headband. HEADBAND A band of varying width that closely follows around the shape of your head. TIARA A jeweled or beaded semicircle worn on the top of the head.

    1. skinny headbands Double your pleasure with a pair of superskinny headbands. This style is more polished than preppy, and perfect for the bride who wants to look pulled together, but still be comfy. Headbands are easily paired with a veil, which can be placed just behind them for a cool combination. Skinny satin bands, $42 each,; pearl earrings, $145,; gown by Jessica Zamir

    2. feathered comb Feathers are a huge trend in weddings right now—we’ve seen them as bouquet collars and even on cakes, so it’s only natural that they’re now alighting on hair accessories. Though a comb, like the one here, has grippy teeth attached to it, your stylist will need to make sure it’s totally secure, this is typically done by teasing the lower layers of hair (don’t worry; your strands will still look smooth on top). Otherwise, as the day goes on, your hair will get slicker and your comb could potentially drop out—or fly away. Ostrich feather hair comb, $55,; gown by Alice Padrul

    3. a simple veil Where you place the veil is your prerogative—it’s most important that it works with your hairstyle and is comfortable for you. Wearing your hair in a chignon or other low-slung style? Sure, you can place your veil at the crown of your head, but you can also secure it just above your bun (like we did here), showing off more of your lovely locks. Circular veil, $450,; gown by Luci Di Bella >>

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    6 4. fresh flowers Wearing fresh flowers in your hair has gone from trend to tradition. Before you set your heart on a certain bud, ask your florist which ones will last without water. Have your florist wire blooms to a hairpin so your stylist can easily arrange them. Another important prep step: Remove any parts of the flower that are coated in pollen (like lily stamens) to avoid dusting your dress. Prehnite earrings, $295,; gown by Luci Di Bella

    5. modern tiara A tiara doesn’t have to mean a princess-inspired look. Think less fairy-tale and more My Fair Lady with a vintage-style asymmetric tiara and a retro-inspired hairstyle. It’s every bit as regal, but definitely unexpected for a look that’s done but not overdone. Brooch headband, $300,; crystal earrings, $135,; gown by Luci Di Bella

    6. hair vine A hair vine, which is held in place by small combs or pins at the end of each “branch,” can be drop-dead gorgeous. Since they’re usually flexible, your stylist can twist it to best accentuate your locks. It’s a fairly simple procedure for an elaborate look. Swarovski crystal vine by Debra Moreland for Paris, $510, for

    stores; Swarovski earrings, $50,; gown by Luci Di Bella



  • a bold barrette Sweep grown-out bangs or long layers off your face with a vintage barrette. But don’t rely on your hair baubles to do all the work: It’s important to have your stylist anchor your locks by cross-pinning them and then embellishing them with your accessory. Simply secure it with one bobby pin, and then cross another pin over that, from the opposite direction so that the hair won’t slip out. Mother of Pearl barrette, $88,; gold and diamond

    tassel necklace, $8,500,;

    gown by Ahhna B. Designs >>




    birdcage pouf This style is perfect for the bride who wants the drama of a veil without being totally swathed in tulle. We love it because this look can go from romantic and vintage to edgy and modern depending on how you do it. Another great idea: Wear the tulle pulled over your face for the ceremony, and then use a few bobby pins to tack it into a fabulous pouf for the reception. Tulle veil by Melody Ginn,

    $65,; pearl

    necklace, $175,;

    gown by Ahhna B. Designs




    POINT Which is more important: your hairstyle or your headpiece? Once you decide, you’ll need to ensure that the other highlights the look. DECIDE WHETHER


    Many bridal hair accessories are made to allow for an attachable veil. If you’re buying them separately, check that they fit together. Another option: veil for the ceremony, hip hair accessory for the reception.


    JEWELRY You don’t want to go overboard with accessories, so having a jewelry plan will help you determine when to say when with your hair accoutrements (or vice versa). TAKE THEM WITH YOU

    Bring all of your accessories (or if you’re using fresh flowers, pick up a couple of inexpensive stand- ins) with you to your hair trial. You need to be sure you like how they all fit

    together, plus your stylist can help you experiment by placing them in different ways. Also, if you’re planning to switch things up or remove your veil for the reception, have the stylists walk you through a how-to prevent any hair scares.

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    9. hair jewelry You can find hair accessories everywhere—we wrapped a coin pearl necklace around this updo to create an easy (and gorgeous!) embellishment. Use bobby pins to secure the style all around (and of course to hide the clasp). For an alternate look, pin a necklace that varies in width to create the look of a headband or small tiara. Coin pearl necklace (as bun wrap) by Brooke Berryhill, $580,;

    crystal earrings, $60,; gown by Luci Di Bella

    10. sunny flower Bring in your wedding palette with a fresh flower in an unexpected hue (or pick your favorite color even if it’s nowhere to be found at the reception). A bold bloom like the red anemone here adds an unexpected pop of color to your ensemble. If you fear the flower becoming bruised after many well-wishing hugs, you may want to wear it only for the ceremony (or use a silk bloom). Or, have your florist create two, and wire each to a long hairpin so that a fresh bud can be easily popped in for the reception. Pearl and topaz necklace by Brooke Berryhill, $286,