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  • 5343 264th St, Aldergrove, BC V4W 1J7 Ph:604-856-6131, 1-800-673-3366

    Fax: 604-856-1457, Email:

    Preferred Ship date:_______ Customer Name:___________________________ 1 Gallon Clematis and Vines *Minimum 5 per variety* Select cultivars in italics add $1.00 Specialty in Bold add $2.30

    Quantity Required Status Available

    Clematis Assorted Available Allanah Available Alpina Constance Available Alpina Francis Rivis Available Alpina Pamela Jackman Available Alpina Pink Flamingo Available Arabella Available Armandii Snowdrift Available Asao Available Barbara Dibley Available Barbara Jackman Available Belle of Woking Available Blue Light Available Blue Ravine Available C.W. Dowman Available Candida Available Carnaby Available Cartmanii Joe Available Charissima Available Cirrhosa Balearica Available Cirrhosa Freckles Available Comtesse De Bouchard Available Countess of Lovelace Available Crimson Star Available Crispa Available Daniel Deronda-Blue Available Dominika Available Dorothy Tolver Available Dorothy Walton Available Dr. Ruppel Available Duch Edinborgh Available Edo Murasaki Available Elsa Spath Available Ernest Markham Available Etoile Violette Available Fair Rosamund Available Florida alba plena Available Fuji Musume Available Gen Sikorski Available Gillian Blades Available Guernsey Cream Available Guiding Star Available H. F. Young Available

    Finished Orderform

  • Hagley Hybrid Available Haku Okan Available Halina Noll Available Hania Available Henryi Available Heracleifolia Davidiana Available Honora Available Horn of Plenty Available Huldine Available Integrifolia Alionushka Available Integrifolia Blue Boy Available Integrifolia Durandii Available Integrifolia Olgea Available Integrifolia Pamiat Serdtsa Available Integrifolia Rooguchi Available Jackmanii Available Jackmanii Alba Available Jackman Superba Available Jan Fopma Available Joan Picton Available John Paul II Available John Warren Available Kardinal Wyszynski Available Kathleen Dunford Available Kilian Donahue Available Konigekind Blue Climador TM Available Koreana Brunet Available Lemon Bells Available Lincoln Star Available Lord Nevill Available Louise Row Available Macropetala Blue Bird Available Macropetala Markham Pink Available Margaret Hunt Available Miss Bateman Available Mme Julia Correvon Available Mme Le Coultre Available Montana Broughton Star Available Montana Elizabeth Available Montana Freda Available Montana Grandiflora Available Montana Pink Perfection Available Montana Rubens Available Montana Tetra Rose Available Moonlight Available Mrs Cholmondely Available Mrs N Thompson Available Multi Blue Available My Angel Available Negritjanka Available Nelly Moser Available Niobe Available Paniculata (terniflora) -Sweet Autumn Available Perle D'Azur Available Piilu Available Pink Champagne Available

  • Pink Fantasy Available Princess Diana Available Ramona Available Red Star Available Rehderiana Available Rhapsody Available Romantica Available Rouge Cardinal Available Royalty Available Sally Cadge Available Sapphire Indigo Available Sealand Gem Available Snow Queen Available Sunset Available Sweet Summer Love PW** Available Sympatia Available Teshio Available Texensis Duchess of Albany Available Texensis Etoile Rose Available Texensis Gravetye Beauty Available Texensis Pagoda Available The First Lady Available The President Available The Vagabond Available Toki Available Triternata Rubromarginata Available Clematis Vancouver ™ Cotton Candy Available Clematis Vancouver ™ Danielle Available Clematis Vancouver™ Daybreak Available Clematis Vancouver™ Deb Dahl Available Clematis Vancouver™ Morning Mist Available Clematis Vancouver™ Mystic Gem Available Clematis Vancouver™ Plum Gorgeus Available Clematis Vancouver™ Sea Breeze Available

    N/A Veronica's Choice Available Victoria Available Ville De Lyon Available Viticella Alba Luxurians Available Viticella Betty Corning Available Viticella Blue Angel Available Viticella Minuet Available Viticella Polish Spirit Available Viticella Purpurea Plena Elegans Available Viticella Rubra Available Vyvian Pennell Available Walter Pennell Available Warsaw Nike Available Westerplate Available Will Barron Available Will Goodwin Available Akebia Quinata (Chocolate Vine) Available AmpelopsisElegans (Porcelain Vine) Available Campsis Atropurpurea (Trumpet Vine) Available Campsis Flamenco (Trumpet Vine) Available Campsis Flava (Trumpet Vine) Available

  • Campsis Grandiflora (Trumpet Vine) Available Campsis Indian Summer (Trumpet Vine) Available Campsis Madame Galen (Trumpet Vine) Available Decumaria Barbara Available Holboellia Coriacea (China Blue Vine) Available Hydrandea Petiolaris (climbing hydrangea) Available Jasmine Nudiflorum (winter Jasmine) Available Jasmine Officinale (white jasmine) Available Jasmine Polyanthum (pink jasmine) Available Jasmine Stephanense (summer pink jasmine) Available Lonicera Aureoreticulata (Goldnet honeysuckle) Available Lonicera periclymenum Belgica (Early Dutch honeysuckle) Available Lonicera Dropmore Scarlet (trumpet honeysuckle) Available Lonicera Gold Flame Available Lonicera japonica Halliana (hall's honeysuckle) Available Lonicera Harlequin Available Lonicera periclymenum Honey Baby Available Lonicera Mandarin Available Lonicera japonica Purpurea Available Lonicera periclymenum Serotina (late dutch honesuckle) Available Mandevilla Suaveolens Available Parthenocissus Engelmanii Available Parthenocissus Henryana Available Parthenocissus Quinquefolia (Virginia creeper) Available Parthenocissus Tri Vietchii (Boston Ivy) Available Passiflora Betty Myles Young Available Passiflora Lavander Lady (Amethyst Passion Flower) Available Passiflora Silly Cow/Damsel's Delight Available Passiflora Snow Queen Available Passiflora Star of Surbiton Available Polygonum Aubertii (Silverlace Vine) Available Rosa Antique 89 Available Rosa City of York Available Rosa Dublin Bay Available Rosa Goldener Olymp Available Rosa High Flyer Available Rosa John Cabot Available Rosa John Davis Available Rosa Leverkusen Available Rosa New Dawn Available Rosa William Booth Available Schizophragma Hydrangeoides-Moonlight (Japanese Hydrangea) Available Trachelospermum jasminoidesTri-color Available Trachelospermum jasminoides (Star Jasmine) Available Total **CLEMATIS Proven Winner Shipped in 8" (20cm) Proven winner branded pot@$10.00 before EOD

    CLEMATIS 2 & 5 gallon Quantity Required

    2 Gallon Assorted Clematis 5 Gallon Armandii Appleblossom $34.95 (Limited Supply)

    CLEMATIS - 2 1/2" Retail Pot

    64 per display box. 384 per display rack Quantity Req'd plants

  • Display Box (64 per box) Display Rack (384 per rack)

    CLEMATIS - Euroquart " Retail Pot Quantity Req'd plants

    Assorted Clematis Display Box (32 per box) Assorted Clematis on display rack (160 per rack)

    Peony Quantity Req'd plants

    1 Gallon Assorted Peonies 2 Gallon Assorted Peonies


    4.5" pots *(36 FLATS PER RACK) 6" POTS (40 FLATS PER RACK) 4.5" pots 15 per flat, 6" pots 6 per flat

    Quantity Req'd Flats

    4.5" Begonias Non Stop (Shade) 15-Apr 4.5" Begonias Solenia (Sun or Shade) Not Available 2018 sold out 4.5" Geranium Fancy Leaf 15-Apr 4.5" Geranium Ivy Leaf 15-Apr 4.5" Geranium Citronella - Natural mosquito repellant! 15-Apr 4.5" Geranium Zonal 15-Apr 4.5" Gerbera - Lots of great colors! 15-Apr 6" Gerbera Garvinea - Great in the garden! Zone 8 perennial 15-Apr 6" Patio Gerberas - Massive flowers bloom right into frost 15-Apr 4.5" Ipomoea "Sweet Potato Vine" (Lime Green and Black) 15-Apr 4.5" Regal (Martha Washington) 15-Apr 6" Regal (Martha Washington) 15-Apr 1 Gal Banana basjoo (Green Foliage) 15-Apr 1 Gal Banana vent. Maurelii (Dark Foliage) 15-Apr


    12" Fuchsia Baskets 1-May 12" Ivy Geranium (European Singles) 1-May 12" Mixed Baskets 1-May 14" Moss Begonia (Non-stop) 1-May 14" Moss Begonia (Solenia) Not Available 2018 sold out 14" Moss Mixed 1-May 14” Moss Calibrachoa/Petunia 1-May 14” Moss Foliage 1-May 14” Moss Fuchsia 1-May 14” Moss Ivy Geranium 1-May 14” Moss New Guinea 1-May

  • 14” Moss Succulent 1-May 14” Moss Sunbather Gazania 1-May 14” Moss SunPatiens 1-May 14” Moss Verbena/Bacopa 1-May 14” Moss Verbena/Calibrachoa 1-May 14” Moss White Wedding 1-May 16" Moss Baskets (Mix of premium annuals) 1-May 16" Gerbera Patio Pot 1-May

    Clematis Guide 2018 Edition Quantity

    Concise Guide to clematis in North America 75+ Concise Guide to clematis in North America 36-74 Concise Guide to clematis in North America 12-35

  • Customer Name:___________________________

    Flower color Flower Size Flowering Period Mature Height Group

    USDA Zone

    Suitable For Containe r

    Red 5-7" (12-18cm) June - September 6-8' (2-2.5m) C 3 Yes Pink 1-2" (3-5cm) April - May 6-8' (2-2.5m) A 3 Blue 1-2" (3-5cm) April - May 6-8' (2-2.5m) A 3 Blue 1-2" (3-5cm) April - May 6-8' (2-2.5m) A 3 Pink 1-2" (3-5cm) April - May 8-10'(2.4-3m) A 3 Blue 3-4" (8-10cm) June - September 2-4' (0.5-1.5m) C 3 Yes White 1-2" (3-5cm) March - April 15-25' (4.5-8m) A 7 Pink 6-8" (15-20cm) May, June & Sept 6-9' (2-3m) B1 4 Yes Bi-Color 6-8" (15-20cm) May - June 6-9' (2-3m) B1 4 Yes Bi-Color 5-7" (12-18cm) May, June & Sept 6-9' (2-3m) B1 4 Yes Blue 4-6" (10-15cm) June, July & Sept 6-9' (2-3m) B1 4 Yes Blue 4-6" (10-15cm) June - August 6-9' (2-3m) B2 4 Yes Blue 6-8" (15-20cm) May, June & Sept 6-9' (2-3m) B1 4 Yes Bi-Color 4-6" (10-15cm) June - September 6-9' (