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  • 1. Year 12 Information Learning Activity Visual ArtThis artwork is named The Journey 2011 by contemporary Indoneasian artist Uji Handoko EkoSaputro :// Analysis and recommendations for the teaching of Information Literacyand Inquiry Skills

2. Inquiry draws on students life experiences, beginning with things thatInformation literate learners arematter to them and that motivate them to want to know to access, process, organise, Motivation and interest are key elements in inquiry learningcreate and present information in(Kuhlthau, 2006, p.3)a range of ways that makemeaning for them and all theconstruction of personalknowledge. Information skills mustbe embedded across the schoolcurriculum andexplicitly taught inthe context of teaching andlearning programs.ASLA , Oct 10, 2012, C.(2006) Information Literacy through Guided Inquiry: Preparing Studentsfor the 21st Century, IASL Report, Rutgers University, USA. 3. TaskConcept Social Commentary or Issues of the 21stCenturyFocus : Student ChoiceThis task was the final unit of the course and studentswere asked to make another Body of Work. They could : extend on either body of work already submitted but theywere not allowed to finish or rework a previous piece. add to either body of work (1 and 2) in terms of concept orfocus. increase the size of a body of work work in the same media or explore new media that they werenot so experienced with. 4. Links to Visual Arts Model(Senior Studies Authority) 5. MethodologyInformation was primarily gathered using the S.L.I.MToolkitQuestionnaires were administered two times.Further information was collected through observationand informal conversation between myself, the classroomteacher and students. 6. ParticipantsThe students attended a co-educational, independentsecondary college.Out of a class of 18, 14 students were tracked as theycompleted both questionnaires.The participants were of mixed ability level. There wereno students identified as gifted or special needs withinthe cohort. 7. Question 1 : Knowledge of the Topic10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 FactExplanationConclusion 8. Question 2 : How interested are you in the topic?98765Q. 14Q.23210Not at all Not muchQuite a bit A great deal 9. How much do you know about this topic?1210Fr 8e6q Q.1u 4 Q.2en 2c0yNot at all Not much Quite a bit A great deal 10. Question 4: What did the students find easy? Develop their own opinions Integrate new information Q.2 into ones knowledge Able to evaluate information critically and competently Able to access information efficiently and effectively Q.1 Able to develop questions that lead to appropriate information 0 2 4 6 11. for this particular assignment I have abook about the history of graffiti and howI researched artists that had the same ideas and go on influential it is perceived that I want to use and I websites ,read books and comics really enjoy discussion as it helps me through my creative ideasExamples of Participantanswers. What skills do the students feel confident about?Google the internetI find researching on the internet the I find it easy to find information on the topiceasiest, looking at websites and Google books.I can find sites that are reliable 12. Question 5: What did the students find difficult? Q.2 Q.1 0 123 45 6 Communicate information and ideas in the appropriate format Organise the information Can determine the accuracy of information Respects intellectual property rights Able to evaluate information critically and competently Uses Information Technology Able to access information effectively and efficiently Able to develop questions that lead to appropriate information 13. , what to research and artist influences, usually I have to search for aninfluence after because I have already made upFinding accurate and reliable my ideas websites, tracking down artists Not an authentic learning experienceStudent responses, whatskills did they notfeel confident about?Piecing together all the gathered informationto start the piece of work Just starting to research, eg. What to typein as an initial focusorganisation 14. RecommendationsPositive OutcomesMost students were interested in the topic and confident with theirknowledge.Class generally said that they enjoyed sharing ideas with their peers.Students were very comfortable with reflective practicesStudents valued researching information effectively and efficientlyStudents researched using a variety of online formats, such as Googlebooks, blogs and Google. 15. Ways to Improve teachingStudents had little knowledge of information literacy which meant thatthey did not consider how effective they were at finding informationNo student mentioned search strategies in the questionnaires I feelthey have limited knowledge of using search strategies .Whole school plan needs explicit teaching of information literacywith a focus on digital literacy as many students rely on the internetfor research purposes.Teaching topics to be addressed (by school librarian?)Authentic, reliable and relevant websitesSearch strategies and using Boolean operators effectivelyWhy using books is for research purposes is still usefulTeaching Topics to be address by the classroom teacher: How to incorporate ideas from artists while respecting intellectualproperty rights