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In 2007, Skinner successfully launched its Fine Wines department. Our retail partner in this venture is Lower Falls Wine Company, a third generation wine seller located just west of Boston. Skinner is the only major auction house in New England to offer fine wines at auction and our wine auctions draw both seasoned and new collectors eager to learn more about excellent vintages. Skinner is currently accepting consignments of fine wine. For more information on our wine department, contact the Wine Department at 508-970-3296, or via email at

Text of Fine Wines | Skinner Auction 2479

  • Fine WinesSale 2479 November 4,, 2009 Boston

    Lower Falls Wine Co.


  • AUCTION 2479

    Fine Wines


    Marie Keep508.970.3296

    General Inquiries:

    Tel: 617.874.4318Fax: 617.350.5429




    COVER: 49; FRONTISPIECE: 280; BACK COVER: 86, 263, 87, 88


    Wednesday, November 4, 2009 at 6 p.m.

    63 Park Plaza

    Boston, Massachusetts

    2366 Washington StreetNewton Lower Falls, MAPhil MinervinoChris MinervinoOwners


    To arrange preview, please contact the departmentat 508-970-3296 or e-mail

    Please note: Quotes cited as R. Parker used by permission of Robert Parker.Tasting notes attributed to PhM are Phil Minervino.

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    Please Note: All lots sold subject to our Conditions of Sale. Please refer to page 60 of this catalogue for the fullterms and conditions governing your purchase.

    Copyright Skinner, Inc. 2009All rights reserved

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  • Property of a Massachusetts gentleman, from a climate-controlled cellar.

    1.Chateau Lafite Rothschild 1986Pauillac, 1er Cru Classe12 bottles (owc)$7,000-10,000

    2.Chateau Latour 1986Pauillac, 1er Cru Classe12 bottles (owc)$2,400-3,600

    3.Chateau Mouton Rothschild 1985Pauillac, 1er Cru Classe12 bottles (owc)$2,000-3,000

    4.Chateau Margaux 1986Margaux, 1er Cru Classe12 bottles (owc)$3,000-4,000

    Petrus - In the renowned village of Pomerol, pack-leaderChateau Petrus is unassumingly modest. Close by the road,lacking some formal alley, it is easy to overlook when contrastedwith some architecturally grander neighbors. The robins-egg-blue shutters against the limestone create a hushed and dignifiedexterior to the chai. Of course the hedonistic treasures craftedwithin are anything but reserved... On average, only about 4,000cases are made each vintage. -PhM

    5.Chateau Petrus 1979Pomerol3 bottles$1,000-1,500

    The cellar of a New England Collector, removed from custom-built climate-controlled cellar by Skinner staff.

    6.Chateau Calon Segur 1982St. Estepheu. three top shoulder, three high mid shoulder, all light bin soilR. Parker, 94+ pts. 06/096 bottles$350-550

    Cos dEstournels next-door-to-Pauillac proximity belies itsreputethe property is situated literally just above Lafite...Successive generations of the Pratts family appear as if to liveand draw breath entirely to drive Cos (pronounce the s) towhatever heights the Pauillac trio (Latour, Mouton, and Lafite) pullout. -PhM

    7.Chateau Cos dEstournel 1970St. Estephe, 2eme Cru Classeu. four very top shoulder, one mid shoulder, one low mid shoulder6 bottles$150-250

    8.Chateau Cos dEstournel 1982St. Estephe, 2eme Cru Classeu. all into neck, light bin soilR. Parker, 95 pts. 06/095 bottles$850-1,200

    9.Chateau Ducru Beaucaillou 1979St. Julien, 2eme Cru Classeu. five bottom neck, one very top shoulder, one top shoulder, twolabels missing, one label partially unattached, some capsulecorrosion7 bottles$275-375

    10.Chateau Ducru Beaucaillou 1982St. Julien, 2eme Cru Classeu. two into neck, nine bottom neck, one very top shoulder, fourlabels partially unaffixed, all with light bin soil and capsulewrinklingR. Parker, 96 pts.12 bottles$1,800-2,400

    11.Chateau Ducru Beaucaillou 1982St. Julien, 2eme Cru Classeu. three into neck, seven bottom neck, one very top shoulder,one label taped, one partially unaffixed, two labels missingR. Parker, 96 pts. 06/0911 bottles$1,500-2,200

  • 12.Chateau Haut Brion 1982Pessac Leognan, 1er Cru Classeu. all 5cm or better, some light label discoloration, capsulecorrosion and light bin soilI know Jean Delmas, whom I respect as one of the worldsgreatest wine producers, has always thought the 1982 HautBrion was similar to the 1959, but I have yet to see that. It seemsto me the 1989 is closer to the 1959, another perfect wine andone of the all-time great Haut Brions. While the 1982 is a beauty,it has never hit the highest notes this vintage or terroir canachieve. Complex aromatics of scorched earth, smoked herbs,and sweet red and black currants are followed by a full-bodied,silky-textured wine, but I have never felt this offering haspossessed the concentration, texture, or multidimensionalpersonality found in such vintages as 1989, 1990, and morerecent years. Nevertheless, this is essentially splitting hairs as the1982 remains a superb Haut Brion. Seemingly less evolved thanthe 1990, it is capable of another 20-30 years of longevity.Perhaps there is something in reserve that will reveal itself in thenext decade. Drink now-2035. R. Parker, 95 pts. 06/0912 bottles$4,750-7,000

    13.Chateau Haut Brion 1982Pessac Leognanu. all five cm or better, light label discoloration, some capsulecorrosionR. Parker, 95 pts. 06/0911 bottles$4,400-6,400

    14.Chateau Leoville Poyferre 1982St. Julien, 2eme Cru Classeu. seven bottom neck or better, five very top shoulder, bin soiland some labels partially to greatly unaffixedThere is no question that Leoville Poyferre was not making winesat the level of quality they have since 1990. That said, the 1982 isa great wine, no doubt because of the vintage rather than thewinemaking at that time. A brilliant effort, it boasts a dense purplecolor as well as a sweet, flowery bouquet revealing plenty ofcrme de cassis, plum, and cherry notes, stunning concentration,a boatload of power, sweet tannins (the sweetest and easiest totaste among the St.-Juliens), and a long finish. Although close tofull maturity, it has at least 20-25 years of life remaining. RParker, 95 pts. 06/0912 bottlesowc (lid missing)$900-1,400

    15.Chateau Lynch Bages 1982Pauillac, 5eme Cru Classeu. all bottom neck or betterR. Parker, 94 pts. 06/093 bottles$450-650

    16.Chateau Margaux 1981Margaux, 1er Cru Classeu. two into neck, three bottom neck, four very top shoulder, twotop shoulder, all with light bin soil, two labels with light penmarking11 bottles$1,400-2,200

    17.Chateau Margaux 1982Margaux, 1er Cru Classeu. five bottom neck, one top shoulder, light bin soil and somecapsule corrosionR. Parker, 98 pts. 06/096 bottles$2,800-4,000

    18.Maurice Chapuis, Corton Charlemagne 1982Cote de Beauneu. all 5cm or better, three labels missing, two with rips, otherspartially unaffixed9 bottles$450-650

    19.Chartron et Trebuchet, Corton Charlemagne 1994Cote de Beauneone with bin soil and label scuffs, all light bin soil7 bottles$350-550

    20.Dujac, Gevery Chambertin, Aux Combottes 1979Cote de Nuitsone label partially missing, three labels missing entirely4 bottles$400-600

    21.Louis Jadot, Nuits St. Georges, Les Boudots 1988Cote de Nuitsu. all 3cm or better11 bottles$275-375

    22.Louis Latour, Batard Montrachet 1983Cote de Beaune9 bottles$650-950

    23.Louis Latour, Batard Montrachet 1990Cote de Beauneall with bin soil4 bottles$300-450

    24.Louis Latour, Corton Charlemagne 1995Cote de Beaune12 bottles$600-900

    25.Louis Latour, Corton Grancey 1979Cote de Beauneu. all 4cm or better, capsule corrosion and some corks slightlyelevated, light bin soil11 bottles$800-1,200

  • 26.Louis Latour, Montrachet 1995Cote de Beaune12 bottles$1,200-1,800

    27.Olivier Leflaive, Corton Charlemagne 1986Cote de Beaunestaining to labels, one label torn, two unaffixed, corrosion tocapsules and light bin soil to all5 bottles$225-375

    28.Legros, Nuits St. Georges, Bousselots 1993u. all 3cm or better, light bin soil, wear and nicking to somecapsules7 bottles$400-600

    29.Geoffrey Lucien, Gevery Chambertin, Clos Prieur 1979Cote de Nuitslight label scuffing and light bin soil to all5 bottles$225-325

    30.Mongeard Mugneret, Vosne Romanee, Les Suchots 1985Cote de Nuits11 bottles$600-900


    31.Louis Roederer, Cristal 1976The 1976 Cristal offered an additional level of ripeness andsweetness and depth, with notes of candied apricots and figs.A. Galloni for R. Parker, 96 pts. 05/081 bottle$500-750

    32.Louis Roederer, Cristal 19817 bottles$1,400-2,000

    33.Louis Roederer, Cristal 19833 bottles$500-750

    34.Louis Roederer, Cristal 1988 (oc)1 bottle$300-450