Fine Art + Design | Asian Antiques Highlights | May 2

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Highlighted selections from a special Japanese Cloisonné and Fine Asian Antiques Session at our May 2 Fine Art + Design Sale

Text of Fine Art + Design | Asian Antiques Highlights | May 2

  • RIPLEYAUCTIONSFine Art + Design SaleMay 2, 2013Highlighted selections from a special Japanese Cloisonn and Fine Asian Antiques Session

  • Japanese Cloisonn and Fine Asian Antique Session Highlights

    The following session of more than 150 pieces of Japanese Cloisonn and Fine Asian Antiqueswas collected throughout the last 15 years by a gentle-man here in the midwestern United States. After a brief, modest beginning, he became a quick study of the art form and his enthusiasm, appreciation, and knowledge is very obviously manifested in this wonderful collection of objects. It is a rare opportunity to see so many styles and techniques, as well as price levels being offered at one time, and because of that exact combination, there is quite literally, something for everyone. A brief statement from the owner:

    I was hooked from the start. A tiny trumpet vase with a slender stalk of bamboo in finest silver wire and vividly colored enamel over silver foil was my first encounter with Japanese cloisonn . I purchased this little gem at a flea market in 1998 and would later learn that it represented a technique called gin bari. My curiosity and desire to see more examples of cloisonne prompted many questions of dealers and quickly led me to the reference standard of Co-ben and Ferster among others, to the books cataloging the Khalili collection, and to as many old auction catalogs as I could put my hands on. Although my collecting began with and remained focused on cloisonne it eventually encompassed Satsuma, mixed metal objects, lacquer and pottery. Each disci-pline reveals different aspects of the Japanese artistic aesthetic and ultimately, Japanese reverence for the beauty in nature. I sincerely hope that I have been a good custodian of these objects and am excited at the prospect of others receiving the same kind of joy I have experienced in owing these beautiful things.

  • Lot 2 Cloisonne vase with wire and wireless scene of Mt. Fuji, pine, and waves, Meiji/Taisho Period; attributed to Ando Jubei 8h, 5.25 d. Estimate $1,200-1,500

  • Lot 25 Cloisonne tea caddy featuring symbols and geometric designs on black ground with gold washed wires, Meiji Period; attributed to Namikawa den. 4.25 h, 3.25 d. Estimate $1,300-1,800

  • Lot 26 Cloisonne vase with six panels featuring flowers and trees on blue ground, Meiji Period; Ota Hyozo impressed mark. 6 h, 2.25 d. Estimate $2,000-3,000

  • Lot 27 Pair of cloisonne vases featuring mirror images of birds and flowers on blue ground, Meiji Period; unsigned. 4.75h, 2.5d. Estimate $1,000-1,500

  • Lot 32 Cloisonne vase featuring two panels of insects on beige ground with multiple bands of geometric designs at the neck, Meiji Period; attributed to Ota den. 6 h, 2.25 d. Estimate $2,600-3,600

  • Lot 35 Pair of cloisonne jars, each featuring two panels depicting a butterfly and flowers, and a dragon, respectively; Meiji Period; attributed to Namikawa Yasuyuki. 4 h, 2.5 d. Estimate $1,200-1,700

  • Lot 74 Large Satsuma vase featuring flowering tree branches, Meiji Period; unsigned. 18.25 h, 12 d. Estimate $1,800-2,800

  • Lot 84 Large Satsuma vase featuring multiple panels of warriors, Bijin-ga, and tea implements; Meiji Period; Kinkozan signature and impressed mark. 11 h, 8 d. Estimate $5,000-7,000

  • Lot 88 Pottery vase featuring flowers on green ground; Meiji Period; un-trans-lated, impressed mark. 3.5 h, 3.5 d. Estimate $400-600

  • Lot 89 Pottery vase featuring flowering tree on brown ground; Meiji Period; un-translated, impressed mark. Reminiscent of American art pottery of the Arts & Crafts period, which reproduced many Asian glazes of the time. 4.75 h, 3.5 d. Estimate $500-700

  • Lot 113 Karatsu pottery tea bowl featuring inlaid geometric designs on grey ground, Edo Period; unsigned; includes signed collectors box. 2.75 h, 4.5 d, Estimate $500-700

  • Lot 118 Oribe pottery bowl, blue-green and brown glazes, Edo Period; un-signed; signed collectors box. 2 h, 9.25d. Estimate $800-1,100

  • Lot 131 Mixed metal and tortoise shell box featuring an inlaid and engraved sun, birds and seascape, Meiji Period; Mitsuyama inlaid gold signature. 2 h, 5 w, 4 d. Estimate $1,500-2,500

  • Lot 122 Iron vase featuring inlaid gold and silver landscape, Meiji Period; Komai signature inlaid in gold. 5.75 h, 2.25 d. Estimate $1,300-2,300

  • Lot 135 Ivory netsuke depicting a musician with biwa, Meiji Period; un-trans-lated cinnabar inlaid signature plaque. 1.5 h. Estimate $800-1,200

  • Lot 156 Lacquer inro, Shibayama style (3 cases), inlaid mixed metal depicting the legend of Chokwaro and horse, with inlaid flower in mother of pearl, Edo/Meiji Period; unsigned. 3.25 h, 2.25 w. Estimate $3,000-5,000

  • Ripley Auctions2764 E. 55th PlaceIndianapolis, IN 46220

    Lot 58 Pair of miniature cloisonne vases (detail)