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UniCredit Using Facebook to Better CRM

Using Facebook to Better CRMUniCredit Bank and SocialSharksWashington state university, MBA 2014. Nathan Hungate, brett Jacobs, Nick kufus, Dave Mcclellan

Data collected should be cleaned and normalized as much as possible before being stored in the data warehouse.NormalizationGranularitySentiment analysis tools can be useful in assigning numbers from seemingly obscure commentsSocialMentionAfter data is normalized, run a regression analysis to determine predictors of outcomes with different variablesEx. Is age an important factor in determining the customers sentiment analysis output numbers?Is customer location a factor?Patterns for unusually low, or unusually high sentiment numbers should be identified and researched

Data Analysis

Social MentionKPIs should be identified and used as a measure of successTypical Social Media KPIs Include:Reach (# of unique people who saw your post)Engagement (# of Likes+Comments+Shares)/(Total # of Fans)Traffic Data (how much of our website traffic is coming from social media)Link Click Through rate (# of clicks on an ad)/(total times the ad was seen)Key Influencer Identification (identifies influencers and targets a marketing plan toward them)Demographic information

Data Analysis

Couple the Facebook data with the current CRM dataPerform analyses on current CRM data within the bankMarket Facebook account towards the demographics most widely using social media to interact with themUse current CRM data to narrow down products to be marketed on FacebookUse Facebook to engage customers and receive feedback / ideas to better the bankDont use Facebook as your data source to get hard informational numbers on your customers (use current CRM within the bank to find these numbers to analyze), use Facebook more as a thermometer to get an idea at how you are being perceived / connect with customers on a personal level (customer service in a way)

Big Data Analysis

Data Mining vs. Targeted Marketing to FansWith Facebook Pages, page managers can disseminate targeted posts to finer grain demographics than are capable of being mined

Unfortunately, there is no way to back up any decisions on who to target with data, since those slicers are not provided

It is still possible to determine key demographics by measuring engagement while scientifically varying the targeted audience for posts with the same contentDifficult to pragmatically record such insights into a database for further analysis

Facebooks data is meant for marketing via ads, not for exporting into a data warehouse to link with individual customer data

Engage customers through Facebook postsInformation on the bankSuccessful productsNew productsAsk the customers what they would like to see offered from the bank / ideasRespond to customers to develop engagementCreate satisfaction for the customers

Bank Data Analysis

CapabilitiesProvides Fan InformationAgeGenderCountry and City of ResidenceLanguage SpokenIdentifies:Reach / EngagementPopularity of each post / post typeMost popular time of day to engageCan export data to ExcelUse PowerPivot for analysisLimitationsNo individual identificationNo access to requested demographic slicersMarital StatusEducationInterests and HobbiesInteraction on FacebookUnable to categorize users beyond basic demographicsCant see # of fans, activities, etc.The scope of analytics available with the demographic information provided by Facebook Insights is relatively limited compared to what is desired by UniCredit

Data Mining

Demographic information is aggregated, identifying individuals is not possible due to privacy concerns

Reports in Facebook InsightsMaintain a strong connection between IT and Marketing!!!Focus on:1. User Retention Metrics surrounding policy implementation2. User Conversions, monitor switching from other banks through customer questionnaire3. Sales leads generation (automated) through CRM platform, identifying Facebook users that are not customers to engage with4. Maintain and develop Easy communication/reporting platform between banks (successful campaigns made readily available to other branches)5. Monitor effectiveness of Multi-Channel Communication with Marketing Campaigns (emails, tweets, text message, application communication, Voice mail, tv ads. Etc.)6. Identify trends in demographics between partner banks to enhance marketing efforts through demographic comparisons of individual bank data.

Working w/Data Internationally and within CzechTime savings (automated at targeting generation, etc.)Professional Ad targetingCost savings through increased ad targeting and reducing inefficienciesConvenience for management Easy to understand marketing effortsIncreased customer satisfactionFaster lead generation quicker to market, agile decision making capabilitiesCustomer Validity and Engagement

Our Recommendations aim for:PROFIT!We can help reduce gaps with efficient ad targetingThroughout UniCredit Group:

Utilize Facebook InsightsCouple the Data with current CRM dataEnhance customer awareness with SocialMention Monitor 10 Facebook KPIs provided above

Basic RecommendationsIncreased Structured Increase Customer Engagement with PicturesEasy follow buttons at top of pageShort phrases used instead of wordy paragraphs of descriptions

Social Media Page: Wells Fargo vs. UniCredit BankRecommendation 1

Suggested Social Media Page

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UniCredit ChampionsUniCredit Bank AustriaHypovereins Bank KulturMore blog posts.Have UniCredit be a sponsor of smaller sporting matches at the top levels for developing players as well as the Champions league. Waiting Que (For current UniCredit Members only)1. Instruct members in line to Add Facebook UniCredit Group Event App2. Customers are ID verified through UniCredit Banks system via. Tablet3. Get unique login ID generated from tablet that attaches CustomerID to a NameSpecific to this individual and attached to their bank profile and FB profile4. Customers are handed Tablet to login to FB with5. Log into UniCredit Group Event App with their unique login ID on Tablet 5. Hand tablet to UniCredit Employee to take their picture with player cutout6. Employee posts pic on the UniCredit Group Event App wall with tag7. Customer receives a free t-shirt, free scarf, Picture with real players,wears real jersey, free soccer ball, free beer voucher for older customers etc..8. Lock the app for verified customers only, survey customers on app

UniCredit Group Event AppOnboarding new customers and current customers at eventsRecommendation 2

Combine Facebook data with data analyzed through UniCredits Teradata data hosting solutionAttach unique Customer ID to existing Teradata and the attached columns of customer survey data

Existing Teradata:

Facebook Data:What to do with UniCredit Group Event App Data??Recommendation 2 Continued

Throughout UniCredit Bank (Czech):

Increases engagement with younger generation Ad targeting while customers are enjoying themselves is more effective Increases enjoyment aspect of business similar to investing in the Champions LeagueHave fans vote for which artist UniCredit Bank should acquire and represent themDr. Pepper/Snapple Group: 7UP partners with EDM artist Tiesto:http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20140303005304/en/7UP%C2%AE-Booms-Electronic-Dance-Music-Scene-7x7UP#.U3JKsfldWSo

Partner with EDM ArtistHold EDM event with UniCredit Bank as SponsorRecommendation 3Couple Facebook insights with CRM bank data to effectively engage the target market with an ideal offering of products/services oriented towards customer needs/demands.

Use social media toolpack that is ideal for their needs. Dont pay for more than their needs. Scalable technology is a plus

Maintain similar granularity and normalization across all data pointsMake sure you are comparing apples to apples

To Maintain Consistency:

If the new plan is not increasing customer engagement and satisfaction, changes must be made!

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5 Year Stock Returns

UnderperformingStock issues needing to be addressed:2 Year stock returns: Slow Growth, but More Optimistic