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Final law

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Page 1: Final law

Group members Sehran AkramSyeda Fatima BanoAmon HafeaezSummiya RajputSufia Saleem

Page 2: Final law


Carriage Of Goods By Sea


Page 3: Final law

Contract Of Affreightment

• B/W ship-owner and other person


Page 4: Final law

Charter Party

Kinds of charter party • Voyage charter• Time charter• Charter by demise


Page 5: Final law

Bill Of Lading B/L• Document issued by ship owner after receiving of goods on

board in exchange of mate receipt.

Contents of bill of lading…………..


Page 6: Final law

Stamped & signed by ship-owner

Leading mark for identification of goods

Number of packages, quantities or weight in writing

Name of the shipPort of shipment and port of delivery

Receiver of goods

H.S code

Page 7: Final law

Clauses Of Charter Party• Name of parties and ship• Class of charter party• Class of ship• Now at• Seaworthiness and fitness• Port of loading• Full and complete cargo• Lay days and demurrage• Law of merchandise• Payment of freight

• Ship owner’s lien• Cesser clause • Excepted perlis clause• Delivery of goods in usual



Page 8: Final law

Implied Warranties • Encounter the ordinary risks• Voyage with diligence • Dangerous cargo• Illegal cargo & dangerous goods


Page 9: Final law

Effect Of Breach

• Discovery of term of breach(before commencement)

• Discovery of term of breach(after commencement)

• Deviation of ship from agreed route


Page 10: Final law

Mate’s Receipt

Shipping company hand over mate receipt to port

Exporter collect it after pay dues to port


Page 11: Final law

Duties of carrier by sea • Make ship seaworthy• Properly man, equip and supply the ship• Carefully load and unload• Must issue a BoL


Page 12: Final law

Liabilities Of Carrier By Sea


Page 13: Final law

Right of stoppage in transit• Maritime lien• Bottomary bond• Respondentia bond• Jettision• Salvage• Lay days

Page 14: Final law

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