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  • 1. EXCELLENCE CARE PASSION UCLA SCHOOL OF DENTISTRY Preparing to meet the challenges of oral health care in the 21st century
  • 2. Excellence, Care, Passion UCLA School The UCLA School of Dentistry, supporte For more information about the UCLA School of Dentistry, visit http://UCLASOD.DENT.UCLA.EDU EXCELLENCE IN TEACHING Internationally recognized faculty lead students through a rigorous curriculum and prepare them for careers as patient-centered practitioners and leaders in the profession.
  • 3. of Dentistry ed by our dedicated individual, corporate and foundation partners, is committed to: OUTSTANDING RESEARCH COMMITMENT TO PUBLIC SERVICE A cadre of stellar researchers continues to Dedicated faculty, staff and advanced students advance the frontiers of knowledge in the provide the highest quality of compassionate diagnosis, management and treatment of oral care for all our patients and serve a vital role in and craniofacial diseases and dysfunctions. improving the oral health of the community.
  • 4. ABOUT THE UCLA SCHOOL OF DENTISTRY The UCLA School of Dentistry held The UCLA School of Dentistry is its first courses on September 21, located in a wing of the Center for 1964. In the four decades since then, Health Sciences, in the southeastern more than 3,300 students have earned quadrant of the UCLA campus. It is the degree of Doctor of Dental comprised of a seven-story laboratory Surgery, and more than 700 students and office wing and the three-story have completed one or more post- clinical wing. The School has approxi- graduate residency programs. mately 270 dental operatories at the Countless thousands of oral health Westwood campus and 28 additional care practitioners have attended the dental operatories at two satellite Schools Continuing Dental Education locations. Since 1996, the School has courses and workshops. conducted several capital campaigns which have made possible the renova- The School currently consists of 187 tion of many clinics and research full- and part-time faculty members, facilities. 326 voluntary faculty members, and 224 staff members. Current enroll- ment is 365 in the D.D.S. program, 83 in the various postgraduate residency programs, and 47 in the masters and Ph.D. programs. 2
  • 5. MESSAGE FROM THE DEAN I n just four decades, the UCLA School of Dentistry has evolved into one of the leading dental schools in the world. The impact of this extraordi- nary institution can be seen in its ability to attract academically excellent and culturally diverse faculty and students; in its advances in multidisciplinary research; and in an outstanding record of public service benefiting more than 150,000 patients each year. We now stand poised to build even further upon this remarkable record by introducing a campaign to raise $30 million to strengthen the Schools endowment. By doing so at this crucial time, we will be able to seize new opportunities, develop new discoveries, and further the trajectory of excel- lence that is our hallmark. The Schools friends and alumni dedicated individual, foundation and corporate partners play an integral role in our achievements. The following pages demonstrate the vital link that exists between private support and our ability to significantly advance the field of oral health. We are deeply grateful for the confidence our donors place in our efforts, and the encouragement they provide our students, faculty and staff. My colleagues and I, along with the 4,000 alumni of our D.D.S. and post- graduate residency programs, are proud of our role in improving the oral health of our community, our state and our nation. We invite you to explore the many opportunities that exist for becoming a partner in our future, and for sharing our passion, care and excellence. Sincerely, No-Hee Park, D.M.D., Ph.D. Dean 3
  • 6. EXCELLENCE IN TEACHING The UCLA School of Dentistrys world-class reputation begins with teaching. Stellar faculty prepare top students from around the country for the practice of dentistry, den- tal specialties, academic careers and leadership roles. The result is a vibrant community of learning that consistently ranks among the nations finest dental schools. Outstanding faculty attract outstanding students, and vice versa. Students admitted to the UCLA School of Dentistry know they will be working with renowned experts in the field. In fact, many of the top dentistry textbooks from oral radiology to periodontics to pharmacology are written by School faculty members. Faculty, in turn, look forward to teaching and collaborating with some of the countrys brightest and most inquisitive young minds. In any given year, up to 50 percent of graduates advance to postdoctoral programs in general dentistry and the dental specialties, one of the highest rates in the country. Donors who provide resources for either student or faculty support in effect are assisting both areas, catalyzing a mutual attraction that is at the heart of the Schools ability to compete nationally. MENTORSHIP UCLA maintains the countrys premier apprentice teaching program, in which fourth-year students teach and mentor new students as they navigate their first year, thereby filling the gap in qualified instructors and strengthening a sense of community in the student body. 4
  • 7. Assistant professors receive careful guidance from SUPPORTING THE TEACHING MISSION senior faculty as they advance their careers, as well as seed grants for new research and bridge grants Our donors are key to ensuring quality, high-level for support between projects. instruction. Whether by endowing chairs, support- ing graduate fellowships or creating new teaching LEADERSHIP facilities, their impact on the Schools teaching mis- sion is limited only by their philanthropic creativity, The School is committed to nurturing dentists who and is a primary reason that our graduates are are also leaders. Graduates hold high-level positions some of the most sought-after in the country. in organizations such as the California Dental Association and the American Dental Association, and students represent the School at these and many other organizations, including the American Dental Education Association. At the UCLA School of Dentistry were not just training dentists. Were creating leaders who are committed to advancing the field. Robert A. Lindemann, Associate Dean for Academic Programs and Personnel 5
  • 8. WHAT A DIFFERENCE A L AB MAKES The result, the Bisco Dental Teaching Laboratory, is a new, ergonomically healthful, congenial teaching environment that boasts computer monitors at all 100 lab benches, a separate room with 30 simulation cubicles and a multimedia teaching module. From a central control panel instructors are able to