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  • 8/9/2019 Final Busines Plan


    Presented at:

    Youth unite 2010

    Business plan

  • 8/9/2019 Final Busines Plan


    a way to your desires


    Mahek Meharchandani (9921063725)304, malika Mahal

    Section-30AUlhasnagar - 421004

    Harsha suchdev (9665030600)

    301, new regency parkManish nagar,

    Ulhasnagar - 421003

    Anjali punshi (9766094402)

    Bk. No.575, room no.6

    o.T. secUlhasnagar - 421002

  • 8/9/2019 Final Busines Plan



    Before presenting the Business, we hereby place our acknowledgment

    towards those without them the project was not possible.

    We are deeply indebted towardsProfessor Sunil Lalchandanifor giving us

    Opportunity to work on this project

    we express our profound gratitude to our professor for their valuable

    Guidance and encouragement and also for their general co-operation,

    Expert comment, generous hospitality and guidance

    extended towards us, which has been a great source of inspiration

    to us through out the course of the project

    Even if we put all our effort to the concise, the word of

    Acknowledgement itself will require more space then rest

    of the report. Though it is impossible to acknowledge to help of

    each and every person individually with in the limited space

    available. we have tried to subsume everybodys name that has

    made our project successful, we think all those who are associated

    with us in completing the project, formed the stepping stone

    in the project.

  • 8/9/2019 Final Busines Plan



    1 Preface 1

    2 Introduction 2

    3 Capital 3-4

    4 Products 5

    5 Departmentation 6-12

    6 How to trade 13-14

    7 SWOT Analysis 15

    8 Conclusion 16

  • 8/9/2019 Final Busines Plan



    The following is a complete plan for starting an business by three partners which couldbe started even along with carrying and job or other business because it only needs one day aweek to commence the entire business.

    Although the profits are low as the plan is at the national level but this business plan

    is prepared totally under estimated figures and hence larger profits can be earned as thebusiness settle in the further years

    This business plan although covers many things but still the information is limited

    only upto certain products and hence we can expect larger profits with the increasing

    products. As this plan is prepared considering the initial stage of the business.

    It is suitable for all kind of freshiers as it can be conducted very easily and at home

    level only.

  • 8/9/2019 Final Busines Plan



    Introducing you all, new style of purchasing the products you wish, through our

    website. Here, you can buy the products of your choice just by a click.

    The commencement of our business is through a website, it is basically based ononline trading of products i.e. we provide goods of different companies at a comparatively

    lesser rates. We deal in products of regular use such as perfumes and sprays as well as deal in

    women oriented products like cosmetics and jewellery. These products are from well known

    companies which are heavily demanded but at cheaper rates and easy door step service.

    Our website deals with well known companies such as:-

    o Avono Oriflammeo Lakmeo Awanceo Hallmarko Axeo Fao Rassasiso Denevero Maxio Blue lady, and many more

    So all you just need to, click the product of your choice and fill the purchase formwith essential details with your current address or the address on which you wish that youre

    the goods has to be delivered and product will be delivered at your door step

  • 8/9/2019 Final Busines Plan



    Needless to say that capital is the blood of the business and hence no business can be

    started without capital. It is the initial amount with which the business is started. This is an

    major advantage of our business that the capital requirement for our business plan is very lessi.e. only Rs. 75,500 combining all three departments

    This 75,500 is further divided in to four parts i.e. cost requirement for the website,

    marketing, general expenses and for the warehouse. Out of which the last three expenses are

    to be made every month where as the cost requirement for the website is made only once in

    the lifetime of the business.

    This capital is contributed by all the three partners equally. The profits will be divided

    as per the department as mentioned earlier. After the actual sales are made these expenses

    will be deducted from the gross profit so to calculate the actual net profit of the business.

  • 8/9/2019 Final Busines Plan





    Particulars Amount

    Designing 12,000

    Registration 15,000

    Total Cost 27,000

    Cost per department 9,000


    Advertisement Amount

    On Beauty site 8,000

    On Health site 10,000

    On mobile site 9,500

    On Tourism site 11,500

    Personal contacts 0

    Total Cost 39,000

    Cost per department 13,000


    Particulars Amount

    Rent 1,500

    Electricity of warehouse 800

    Labour at warehouse 5,000

    Total Cost 7,300

    Cost per department 2,433


    Particulars Amount

    Stationary 500

    Travelling up to post office 1,000

    General 700

    Total Cost 2,200

    Cost per department 733







  • 8/9/2019 Final Busines Plan



    The website basically contains three types of products which are divided as three

    departments and are owned by different partners. In all there are 3 departments of the

    products which are stored in same warehouse. All these 3 departments are owned by 3different owners.

    The profit of each owner is According to the profit of its respective departments.

    The details of the ownership is mentioned below:-

    Name of department - Perfume Department

    Owner of department - MISS MAHEK MEHERCHANDANI

    Qualification of owner - Bachelor Of Management Studies

    Name of department - Cosmetic Department

    Owner of department - MISS ANJALI PUNSHI

    Qualification of owner - Bachelor Of management Studies

    Name of department - Jewelery department

    Owner of department - MISS HARSHA SACHDEV

    Qualification of owner - Bachelor Of Management Studies

    Thus the ownership of the departments have been structured in the above manner.

  • 8/9/2019 Final Busines Plan



    As mentioned earlier this department is owned by Ms. Mahek Meharchandani.

    This department offers various types of perfumes and deodorants belonging to differenthigh brand companies and at varied prices. The main advantage is that it provides discount

    offers, which provides the products at cheaper rate than the market.

    It covers the sales chart of perfumes and deodorants of the entire month along with the

    expenses chart and thus the calculation of the profit of the department is possible easily.

  • 8/9/2019 Final Busines Plan


    Sales chart of perfumes per month (in Rs.)

    Perfumes Up to 350 Up to 500 Up to 1000 Up to 2000

    Maximum Retail price 350 500 1000 2000

    Cost price 275 400 800 1650

    Offer given 10% 8% 0% 5%

    Offer price 35 40 0 100

    Selling price 315 450 1000 1900

    Profit earned 40 60 200 250

    Estimated Sales 125 pieces 80 pieces 50 pieces 20 pieces

    Estimated profit 5,000 4,800 10,000 5,000

    Sales chart of deodorants per month (in Rs.)

    Deodorants Up to 150 Up to 200 Up to 300

    Maximum Retail price 150 200 300

    Cost price 115 150 225Offer given 10% 5% 0%

    Offer price 15 10 0

    Selling price 135 190 300

    Profit earned 20 40 75

    Estimated Sales (per month) 150 pieces 100 pieces 55 pieces

    Estimated profit (per month) 3,000 4,000 4,125

    Expense table for perfume and deo department per month (in Rs.)

    Expenses Amount

    Marketing 13,000

    Warehouse 2,433

    Other expenses 733

    Total Expenses 16,166

    Calculation of the profit of the department per month (in Rs.)

    Particulars Amount

    Gross profit form perfumes 24,800

    Gross profit from deodorants 11,125

    Total Gross profit 35,925Less : Expenses 16,166

    Net Profit of the department 19,759

  • 8/9/2019 Final Busines Plan



    This department is owned by Miss Harsha Suchdev.

    It offers artificial jewellery like rings and neck pieces of different varieties. Theclassic Jewellery gives a rich touch to the person wearing it.

    This department also contains full financial details of the sales of the jewellery per

    month along with the expenses. It is the highest profit making department as the profit margin

    is larger. Here you can get n number of rings and neck pieces so that u can select the product

    of your choice

  • 8/9/2019 Final Busines Plan


    Sales chart of Rings per month (in Rs.)

    Rings Up to 500 Up to 750 Up to 1250

    Maximum Retail price 500 750 1250

    Cost price 300 500 1000

    Offer given 10% 8% 0%

    Offer price 50 60 0

    Selling price 450 690 1250

    Profit earned 150 190 250

    Estimated Sales 55 pieces 40 pieces 20 pieces