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  • 1. The pictures below are of myself and Larelle setting up thelighting equipment. I found it simple to set up as all we had to dowas attach the lights to the stand and adjust the height of the stand.We set it up so that each light was either side of the bed, bentdown so that the light will be directly on our characters. I thinkthe lighting came as an advantage because it increased theoverall lighting of our setting. The colour of my room also helpedbecause it was bright and contrasted well with the red.

2. In the images below we tested the lighting in different areas ofthe room to see if it would be clear whilst filming. However, wehad a slight problem with one of the lights because the lightbulb blew after having it on for some time. Luckily, this wasnta major problem because the lighting was still good because we were able to see our characters, Chris and Louise clearly. Thismeans that in the end will have good footage for our musicvideo. 3. In the three pictures below myself and Larelle set up the cameraand checked how it looked with the lighting. We done this so that we were prepared for when Chris and Louise came as well as to save time. Once we checked everything was good and operatingcorrectly, we were ready to start. 4. The pictures below is of our characters in our music video, Chris and Louise. The pictures show them chilling together. This is partof the narrative in our video, whereby Chris is looking back on thegood times that they had together. Some of these pictures are in the footage also. The way in which positioned our charactersreflected that they had a good relationship and are enjoying eachothers company. Chis and Louise worked well with us and were able to take onanything we asked them to do. They also were relaxed and feltcomfortable throughout the filming session which in turn maked itlook natural and realistic. 5. The pictures below is in our second location which is South Norwood Lakes (local park). In the next slide, weve shown the main area of the location, Larelle setting up the camera and the cast on set.This part of the filming didnt take too long because it was only for the start of our video. We filmed and took pictures of Chris andLouise walking down the hill, a few times from different angles sothat we have more to work with when we are editing. 6. The pictures below are of Chloe in our third location - Central shopping centre, Croydon whereby she filmed Chris. We didnt manage to take many pictures at this location because we werelimited with time. Nonetheless, we filmed Chris walking in the shopping centre and going down the esculator a few times to getdifferent angles. We also filmed Chris and Louise hugging, lookingdown out the window this is another part that we will use as Chrislooking back reminiscing their good times together.