Fill in the Missing Prepositions of Time

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grammar - prepositions


<p>Prepositions of time fill them in:1 Ill be at the office _________ 7 o clock.</p> <p>2 Ill be back ________ half an hour.</p> <p>3 I suddenly felt ill _________ the examination.</p> <p>4 Carol got married _________ 1994.</p> <p>5 The book was easy to read. So I read it _________ a day. </p> <p>6 We were at the party _________ midnight.</p> <p>7 They were at school ________ 2 o clock.</p> <p>8 I saw him __________ the morning.</p> <p>9 I did my homework _________ the evening.</p> <p>10 She started dancing _________ 6 and now shes a great star.</p> <p>11 He learned to drive a lorry ________ three weeks.</p> <p>12 In summer he always plays volleyball _______ Sundays.13 The course begins _________ 7 January and ends _________ 10 March.</p> <p>14 We arrived ___________ 5 o clock __________the morning.</p> <p>15 Mozart was born in Salzburg __________ 1756.</p> <p>16 Are you doing anything special ___________ the weekend?</p> <p>17 Hurry up! We have to go ___________ five minutes.</p> <p>18 I met Ann __________ Tuesday.</p> <p>19 Ill phone you __________ Tuesday morning ___________about 10.</p> <p>20 Toms grandmother died in 1987 ___________ the age of 81.</p> <p>21 The price of electricity is going up __________ October.</p> <p>22 ___________ Sunday afternoons I usually drink tea with friends.</p> <p>23 There are usually a lot of parties ___________ New Years Eve.</p>


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