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  • Volume XXXIV No. 7 July 2016 Montreal, QC Canada

    CCFAQ celebrates 118thPhilippine independence

    Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre delivers a speech while other dignitaries wait for their turn during the celebration of the118th Philippineindependence day celebration held at MacKenzie King Park on Saturday, June 25, 2016. (Reported by W. Quiambao - see page 4)

    PM Trudeau saysCanada will work tofight terrorismThe Canadian PressPublished Friday, July 15, 2016

    CALGARY -- Prime MinisterJustin Trudeau says Canada is thinkingof "our friends in France" and will workto fight terrorism.

    "We had a terrible attack lastnight and our hearts go out to thevictims and their families," Trudeausaid Friday while in Calgary to attendthe Stampede.

    "Canada stands with France asa steadfast ally and we will work withthe international community to fightterror to ensure that we live in apeaceful world."

    At least 84 people were killedwhen a truck full of weapons plowedinto a crowd of Bastille Day revellers inthe French resort city of Nice lateThursday.

    There were no reports ofCanadian casualties.

    Public Safety Minister RalphGoodale said the federal governmenthas no information that wouldnecessitate a change in Canada'sterror threat level, which is currently atmedium.

    See Page 4 PM TrudeauPM Trudeau speaks at the Calgary stampede, where he expresses his condolences forTaliyah Marsman and her mother and the victims in France.

  • July 20162 The North American Filipino Star

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    EEDDIITTOORRIIAALLEveryday we hear all kinds of

    news, but it seems that lately, we havemore bad news in many parts of theglobe - France, Germany, Turkey,Louisiana, Florida, We feel very sadthat people are dying for no apparentreason but just being in the wrongplace at the wrong time. Besidesnatural disasters, we are faced withman-made tragic events that make uswonder where is the world going to.Most peoples natural reaction is fearand worry - it seems as if there is nosafe place to hide.

    In the face of all the negativity,pessimism, hoplessness, and despair,how do peace-loving people of all faithsreact to all these massacres, senselessshootings of innocent civilians ?

    How do we solve the problemsthat lie underneath a complex layer ofcultural, religious, political, racialconflicts? Currently, in the electioncampaign in the U.S. we have twoopposing approaches on how to solveAmericas problems. Hillary Clintonand the Democratic Partys solution isworking together and uplifting thepeoples lives while on the other hand,Donald Trump, without including theRepublican Partys view of what shouldbe done, proposes being tough,building walls, rejecting Moslems andimmigrants from countries plagued byterrorism. Majority of Americans whohave been influenced by Trumps so-called outsider point of view seem tolike his idea as he is leading in thecurrent polls but they may change asthere are still a few months to go beforethe November elections.

    In the Philippines, PresidentRodrigo Duterte, dubbed the Trump ofAsia, has promised to get rid ofcriminals in six months of hisadministration. This sounds veryappealing to the population, hence, hewon handily against his closest rival,Grace Poe. The people had put theirhopes in his hands. Will he deliver?But in the process of doing so, whathappens to the weak people who havebeen used by criminals to do theirdeeds?

    From a distance, we arerelying on the news, opinions of expertsand non-partisan observers but wewonder, if using a tough, and brutalmethod of eradicating criminals will beeffective without hurting people whomay have been misled, exploited by the

    strong and organized crime syndicates.It is good to hear that we will beeliminating the number one problem -drugs and vices that promotecriminality. Is there really no other wayexcept to kill all criminals involved inthe drug trade? Perhaps, the legalsystem is so crooked that persecutingthe brains of most crimes committedare not punished because of theirconnections and wealth while thosewho are poor are the only ones whoend up in jail or killed by the police. Inother words, the solution proposedseems to be an immediate one butperhaps will only have a temporaryeffect if no other measures are adoptedto solve the economic problems thatresulted in a lopsided ownership of thecountrys wealth.

    If one is interested to find thetrue causes of violence and terrorism,there are many articles that can beenlightening and may offer insights intowhy we have this kind of world today. The most interesting and seems to belogical explanation of the root cause ofterrorism is ideology, besides povertythat makes people easy to beconvinced to commit crimes. Wecannot win the fight against terrorism ifwe do not first understand what it is andhow it is propagated. It would appearthat there are many misconceptionsabout terrorism as being due to Islam.This is what can be gleaned in thefollowing quote:

    Maulana Wahiduddin Khan,having studied Islam from its originalsourcesthe Quran and Hadithsayswith certainty that this politicalinterpretation of Islam is an innovationand the real Islam, as followed byProphet Muhammad and his earlyfollowers, is based upon peace,compassion and tolerance.

    Peace is not prevalent in theworld as people the world over areacting intolerantly and indulging in actsof violence, saying, Give us justice andpeace will ensue. But when people,ostensibly seeking justice, stoop toviolence, peace can never prevail.Peace is always desirable for its ownsake, and every other desirable statecomes after peace, not along with it. ..

    Undoubtedly, we are all facinga challenge to live without fear and todo our part in working along with ourleaders to achieve peace in the worldby starting with our own backyward.

    Whats going on in the world today?

    If Proposed Laws Are Passed,Nine-year Old Children couldbe HangedJuly 18, 2016 | Opinion

    By Fr. Shay CullenPREDA FoundationA few weeks ago, the Philippine nationand the world that cares for childrensrights and human dignity learned thatthe new speaker of the House ofRepresentatives of the PhilippineCongress has filed two proposed lawsthat will lower the age of criminalliability for children in conflict with thelaw to nine years old and reintroduce

    the death penalty by hanging.

    This is draconian and oppressive forchildren and not worthy of the Duterteadministration and the Philippinepeople. The children are innocent,most are illiterate, abandoned,neglected and failed by society andgovernment. The children youngerthan 15 are being used by criminals tocommit crimes because they cannot beprosecuted, proponents of the law say.This is baloney.

    If it is true that they are being used(there is no research data or evidenceto support it), the children arecontrolled, used and exploited bycriminals and cannot act with free willor be held liable for wrongdoing. So,whats the point of criminalizing them?The children are scapegoats ofuncaring authorities and an indifferentsociety.

    The Department of Social Welfare andDevelopment (DSWD) through theJuvenile Justice and Welfare Council,has strongly opposed such a move tocriminalize children and the civil

    society is also adamantly against it.

    The Catholic Church has stronglyspoken against the death penalty andwe wait for a statement from theCatholic Bishops Conference of thePhilippines to support the retention ofthe 15-years-old age of liability forchildren. It is very wrong to blamechildren for the crimes of adults.

    It is anti-poor and anti-child welfarelaws and violates internationalconventions. If adult gangsters do use


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    July 2016 3The North American Filipino Star

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    children to further their crimes, they areguilty of child abuse and exploitationand they ought to be arrested and triedfor child abuse and drug possession.The children with help and support caneasily testify against the criminals.

    The courageous police should arrestthe drug lords, not the children. Ifchildren are ever used as drug mulesor carriers of illegal drugs as some lawenforcers contend, then children atnine years old could be facing thedeath penalty. It is not likely but theimplications are that children andteenagers could, according to theproposed laws, face the death penalty.This attitude sees them as pests to beeliminated.

    This deplorable attitude gave rise tothe death squads in Davao City in thepast twenty years and the use ofvigilantes and assassins has spread toother cities and many youth andminors were assassinated. (SeeHuman Rights Watch report You CanDie Anytime and also Human RightsWatch report A Shot to the Head:Death Squads in Tagum)

    In 1999, the Preda Foundation socialworkers and this writer opposed thekilling of the street children by deathsquads. I wrote articl