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Sheet1Log NumberRequest TypeRequesterOrganizationAssigned toDate ReceivedTarget DateDaysStatusDescriptionORO-2011-00118-CFOIA ConsultationCarmack, BrendaRothrock, Amy1/4/112/2/11N/AClosedDESC: Carmack, Brenda, OPM request for review and release of ORO documents in OPM background investigation fileORO-2011-00117-CFOIA ConsultationHolland, JamesRothrock, Amy1/4/112/2/11N/AClosedDESC: Holland, James, CDC NIOSH request for review and release of dose reconstruction fileORO-2011-00116-CFOIA ConsultationRoss, MaryRothrock, Amy1/4/112/2/11N/AClosedDESC: Ross, Mary Lee, CDC-NIOSH request for review and release of dose reconstruction fileORO-2011-00434-FFOIAHunt, AlthaRothrock, Amy1/5/112/3/11N/AClosedDESC: Hunt, Lee Douglas, deceased, All X10 Y12 ORAU and K25 records requested by Altha Ernestine Hunt; proof of death received; partial providedORO-2011-00433-FFOIACrusan, CarolRothrock, Amy1/5/112/3/11N/AClosedDESC: Crusan, Donald Bruce, deceased, Portsmouth records and OPM file requested by Carol Crusan; proof of death receivedORO-2011-00432-FFOIAPurcell, TomChapman, Linda1/5/112/3/11N/AClosedDESC: HAMILL WILBUR F- REQUEST FOR ORISE WORK HISTORY-01-05-2011ORO-2011-00439-FFOIAGeary, AnnetteChapman, Linda1/7/112/7/11N/AClosedDESC: BARKEY ALVIN-MALLINCKRODT- REQUEST FOR ALL RECORDS-01-07-2011ORO-2011-00460-FFOIACottrell, LenoraRothrock, Amy1/13/112/11/11N/AClosedDESC: Cottrell, Woodrow D, deceased, radiation exposure records requested by Lenora Cottrell; proof of death receivedORO-2011-00127-CFOIA ConsultationGerlach, FrankRothrock, Amy1/18/112/15/11N/AClosedDESC: Adams, William, CDC-NIOSH request for review and release of dose reconstruction file to Frank GerlachORO-2011-00126-CFOIA ConsultationGerlach, FrankRothrock, Amy1/18/112/15/11N/AClosedDESC: Vanhoose, Larry, CDC-NIOSH request for review and release of dose reconstruction file to Frank GerlachORO-2011-00125-CFOIA ConsultationGerlach, FrankRothrock, Amy1/18/112/15/11N/AClosedDESC: Beckett, Dennis, CDC-NIOSH request for review and release of dose reconstruction file to Frank GerlachORO-2011-00124-CFOIA ConsultationGerlach, FrankRothrock, Amy1/18/112/15/11N/AClosedDESC: Ferguson, Orville, CDC-NIOSH request for review and release of dose reconstruction file to Frank GerlachORO-2011-00123-CFOIA ConsultationGerlach, FrankRothrock, Amy1/18/112/15/11N/AClosedDESC: Skaggs, Leslie, CDC-NIOSH Request for review and release of dose reconstruction file to Frank GerlachORO-2011-00122-CFOIA ConsultationGerlach, FrankRothrock, Amy1/18/112/15/11N/AClosedDESC: Eagle, Robert, CDC-NIOSH request for review and release of dose reconstruction file to Frank GerlachORO-2011-00121-CFOIA ConsultationHarris, LindaRothrock, Amy1/18/112/15/11N/AClosedDESC: Clark, Bill, annual REAC/TS records from ORAU requested by Dr. Linda Harris, Veteran's Administration; authorization providedORO-2011-00493-FFOIASchachter, NormanThe WoodbourneChapman, Linda1/20/112/17/11N/AClosedDESC: Schachter, Norman, request for testing information, Battelle Laboratories in Columbus, Ohio, of EMF-biological effects/bioeffects of power transmission linesORO-2011-00491-FFOIASummers, LisaChapman, Linda1/20/112/17/11N/AClosedDESC: Summers, Claude, deceased, medical and personnel records from Paducah requested by Lisa SummersORO-2011-00128-CFOIA ConsultationTaulbee, TimothyNIOSH DCASRothrock, Amy1/20/112/17/11N/AClosedDESC: Taulbee, Timothy, request for selected RHTG documents re African ores, Chapman Valve, Clinton Engineering Works, Roane-AndersonORO-2011-00512-FFOIARockhold, LynnINELRothrock, Amy1/25/112/23/11N/AClosedDESC: McCracken, John J, deceased, AEC and contractor employment records from INEL 1951-1970 and following 1970, including his radiation accident SO-1 in 1961, to be provided to EEOICPA POC, Lynn Rockhold, Idaho OperationsORO-2011-00511-FFOIAHackler, RitaChapman, Linda1/25/112/23/11N/AClosedDESC: Hackler, Harold Dean, deceased, Radcon and medical records requested from X10 and Y12 by Rita HacklerORO-2011-00532-FFOIAShannon, EugeneLaw Offices Eugene W. Shannon, PLCRothrock, Amy1/26/112/24/11N/AClosedDESC: Documents pertaining to a payment bond for construction and renovation of Jackson Lab Building 58 by the M.A. Mortenson Company pursuant to 40 U.S.C 3131 et. seq.ORO-2011-00521-FFOIAWyatt, JeniseRothrock, Amy1/26/112/24/11N/AClosedDESC: Wyatt, Jenise, request for list of all contractors and subcontractors hired at PGDP 1970-1984ORO-2011-00540-FFOIAMoles, VirginiaChapman, Linda1/27/112/25/11N/AClosedDESC: ELROD ARTHUR E-K25-REQUEST FOR MEDICAL RECORDS-01-27-2011ORO-2011-00539-FFOIAGibson, DianeRothrock, Amy1/27/112/25/11N/AClosedDESC: Garfield, James A, deceased, all records including any death certificate and autopsy report in the files of the ORAU, DOE or site records requested by Diane GibsonORO-2011-00538-FFOIAJane, EllenRuchman and AssociatesRothrock, Amy1/27/112/25/11N/AClosedDESC: A copy of Contract number DE-AC05-06OR23190ORO-2011-00537-FFOIAFoust, MaryRothrock, Amy1/27/112/25/11N/AClosedDESC: Foust, William Rufus, deceased, all records including accident reports requested by Mary FoustORO-2011-00536-FFOIAStandridge, DaveChapman, Linda1/27/112/25/11N/AClosedDESC: Standridge, George C, deceased, all work records requested by Dave StandridgeORO-2011-00535-FFOIAJerison, DebEnergy Employees Claimant Assistance ProjectRothrock, Amy1/27/112/25/11N/AClosedDESC: Industrial hygiene reports for Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant HQ-2011-00519-FORO-2011-00553-FFOIAWolfe, SheilaChapman, Linda2/1/113/2/11N/AClosedDESC: Ryan, Diana, deceased, all Portsmouth worker records requested by Sheila WolfeORO-2011-00564-FFOIAAgee, JohnRidenour & RidenourChapman, Linda2/2/113/3/11N/AClosedDESC: Hembree, Shirley, deceased, all worker records, including OSTI, requested by attorney John AgeeORO-2011-00577-FFOIAGRAVES, JANICESELFChapman, Linda2/4/113/7/11N/AClosedDESC: GRAVES JANICE B (BLANTON GEORGE DEWEY- REQUEST FOR XRAYS ON 10-07-44 NO. 4266 AND MEDICAL RECORDS NOT PREVIOUSLY SENT-09-237--02 -04-2011ORO-2011-00585-FFOIAPurcell, TomChapman, Linda2/7/113/8/11N/AClosedDESC: HARLIN ODELL C.-REQUEST FOR ORISE WORK HISTORY-02-07-2011ORO-2011-00584-FFOIAPurcell, TomChapman, Linda2/7/113/8/11N/AClosedDESC: BUCKNER AHAZ- REQUEST FOR ORISE WORK HISTORY-02-07-2011ORO-2011-00583-FFOIAPurcell, TomChapman, Linda2/7/113/8/11N/AClosedDESC: DEMARCUS KENNETH W-REQUEST FOR ORISE WORK HISTORY-02-07-2011ORO-2011-00589-FFOIASellers, BobbieChapman, Linda2/8/113/9/11N/AClosedDESC: SELLERS, JOHN WILLIAM-X10- REQUEST FOR MEDICAL RECORDS-02-08-2011ORO-2011-00139-CFOIA ConsultationGerlach, FrankRothrock, Amy2/11/113/14/11N/AClosedDESC: Chambers, Adrian T., deceased, CDC-NIOSH request for review and release of dose reconstruction file to attorney Frank Gerlach on behalf of Linda SomersORO-2011-00630-FFOIABailey, ZennaRothrock, Amy2/15/113/16/11N/AClosedDESC: Brown, William, deceased, all work records requested by Zenna BaileyORO-2011-00629-FFOIAVander Boegh, GaryCommonwealth Environmental Services, LLCRothrock, Amy2/15/113/16/11N/AClosedDESC: Hayden, Thomas M, deceased, all employment records from Paducah requested by Gary Vander Boegh on behalf of Frances L. Hayden, spouseORO-2011-00634-FFOIAVann, TerryRothrock, Amy2/16/113/17/11N/AClosedDESC: Herrick, Martha, deceased, K-25 records June 1944-December 1944 S-50 plant employee requested by Terry VannORO-2011-00658-FFOIALyle, AndyRothrock, Amy2/17/113/18/11N/AClosedDESC: Lyle, Robert, deceased, personnel and service records and copies of financial audits he prepared while employed by AEC Financial Division requested by Ms. Andy LyleORO-2011-00674-FFOIAJennings, RebeccaRothrock, Amy2/22/113/22/11N/AClosedDESC: Jennings, Rebecca request for an electronic copy of the FINAL RFP (July 17, 1997) for the DOE contract in which the DOE awarded the work to Bechtel Jacobs for Oak Ridge, Portsmouth and Paducah including the original SOW assigned to this contract and originals without amendments-02-22-2011.ORO-2011-00673-FFOIAGalyon, MattieRothrock, Amy2/22/113/22/11N/AClosedDESC: Galyon, William, deceased, all records requested; proof of death receivedORO-2011-00680-FFOIALively, LindaRothrock, Amy2/23/113/23/11N/AClosedDESC: Brown, Ernest, deceased, payroll, work history and personnel records requested by Linda Lively; proof of death receivedORO-2011-00716-FFOIABarnes, MarilynChapman, Linda3/1/113/29/11N/AClosedDESC: Barnes, Robert Glenard, Jr., deceased, all work records requested by Marilyn Barnes; proof of death receivedORO-2011-00713-FFOIAAgee, JohnRidenour & RidenourChapman, Linda3/1/113/29/11N/AClosedDESC: Clark, Claud William, Jr., deceased, All work records requested by John D. Agee, Esq.; proof of death receivedORO-2011-00711-FFOIASummers, AnnChapman, Linda3/1/113/29/11N/AClosedDESC: Brazda, Charles Raynard, deceased, all work records requested by Ann SummersORO-2011-00724-FFOIAVander Boegh, GaryCommonwealth Environmental Services, LLCChapman, Linda3/2/113/30/11N/AClosedDESC: Conway, Hubert L, deceased, all work records (Paducah) requested by Gary Vander BoeghORO-2011-00720-FFOIACisco, JeanneUSW/WHPPRothrock, Amy3/2/113/30/11N/AClosedDESC: Cisco, Jeanne, USW, Request for specific documents from Portsmouth containing IH, dosimetry and department code information to compare with MSDS information in the DOL SEM Database; release to DOE, DOL and USWORO-2011-00738-FFOIARutherford, LolaRothrock, Amy3/3/113/31/11N/AClosedDESC: Malone, Faine Jerome, deceased - Industrial hygiene, medical, payroll, personnel, and radiation exposure records requested by Lola RutherfordORO-2011-00744-FFOIAPulver, PhillipCCOL, Inc.Chapman, Linda3/4/114/1/11N/AClosedDESC: Pulver, Philip, Requests updated Battelle Litigation CostsORO-2011-00763-FFOIAPurcell, TomChapman, Linda3/8/114/5/11N/AClosedDESC: Kingkade, Ethel, deceased, work history requested by Tom PurcellORO-2011-00762-FFOIAJenny, RichardJenny, Jenny & Jenny, LLPChapman, Linda3/8/114/5/11N/AClosedDESC: Jenny, Richard, request for records 1/1/2006 to present evidenc