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FIFTH DISTRICT NORTHERN REGION - 5nr = Chief Warrant Officer - D - D5 = Fifth Coast Guard District D5-NR = Fifth District – Northern Auxiliary Region (5NR, also) D-CL = District

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Text of FIFTH DISTRICT NORTHERN REGION - 5nr = Chief Warrant Officer - D - D5 = Fifth Coast Guard District...

  • D5NRINST M16790.1C




    D5NRINST M16790.1C

  • D5NRINST M16790.1C

    Commander (dpa-n) Fifth Coast Guard District

    1 Washington Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19147 Phone: (215) 271-4937 Fax: (215) 271-4968 D5NRINST M16790.1C 2 Mar 2007

    FIFTH DISTRICT NORTHERN AUXILIARY REGION (D5-NR) INSTRUCTION M16790.1C Subj: D5-NR POLICY MANUAL Ref: (a) Coast Guard Auxiliary Manual, COMDTINST M16790.1 (series) (b) Coast Guard Auxiliary Operations Policy Manual, COMDTINST M16798.3 (series) (c) Auxiliary Boat Crew Training Manual, COMDTINST M16794.51 (series) 1. PURPOSE. This manual outlines policies and procedures necessary for effective administration

    of the Coast Guard Auxiliary in D5-NR. Its provisions apply to all members of Team Coast Guard who are involved with the administration of the Coast Guard Auxiliary in D5-NR, including Auxiliarists, military and civilian personnel.

    2. ACTION. All personnel as described above shall become thoroughly familiar with this manual

    and shall comply with its provisions. 3. DIRECTIVES AFFECTED. The previous edition of the D5-NR Policy Manual (D5NRINST

    M16790.1B of 9 Dec 2005) is canceled. 4. DISCUSSION. This manual has been revised due to recent changes* in Coast Guard and Coast

    Guard Auxiliary organization, policies, and programs. It should be reviewed in its entirety by regional Auxiliary leadership and referred to frequently for clarification and guidance, particularly in the support and execution of references (a) thru (c). * See Notes on next page.

    5. CHANGES. Recommendations for changes to this manual in order to maintain alignment with

    references (a) thru (c) and other pertinent Coast Guard policies are encouraged and should be forwarded to the Director of Auxiliary via the chain of leadership and management.

    S. D. ROGERSON Commander, U. S. Coast Guard Director of Auxiliary, D5-NR

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    Note 1: The following is a summary of key changes made from the previous edition of this manual (in addition to numerous minor edits throughout); see the Table of Contents and/or referenced Sections for details:

    Chapter 1: Revised Sections C and F. Chapter 2: Revised Sections A, C and G; and added Section N. Chapter 3: Updated Table 3-1. Chapter 4: Revised to reflect new BCQP, added Section I, and updated Table 4-1. Chapter 6: Added Section F (Vehicle Facilities). Chapter 11: Revised Section B: added D-CR and OTO to District Aviation Board. Chapter 12: Revised Section A: designated EXCOM as the D5-NR Awards Board. Chapter 16: Under Development: will be revised to reflect new BCQP. Chapter 17: Revised Sections B.9 (Invitations) and B.11 (Uniform) for Changes of Watch. Chapter 18: Added new Chapter (District Conferences). Appendix C: Updated D5-NR forms (e.g., additions, deletions, edits).

    Note 2: Additional organizational, policy, and/or program changes are possible at the headquarters, district, and local levels of the Coast Guard and/or Coast Guard Auxiliary. This manual captures our current mode of operation and provides appropriate guidance for the immediate future. Changes to this manual (and/or subsequent editions) will be published as deemed necessary. Distribution: COMDT (G-3PCX); D5 (dp, dr, dpa-s); Air Station Atlantic City; TRACEN Cape May; Sector Delaware Bay (3); SFO Atlantic City; SFO Eastern Shore; LANT Strike Team; LORAN Support Unit; MSD Lewes; National Vessel Document Center; OSC Martinsburg; Uniform Distribution Center; ANT Cape May and ANT Philadelphia; CGC DEPENDABLE, CGC VIGOROUS and CGC WILLIAM TATE; CGC FINBACK, CGC IBIS and CGC MAKO; CGC CAPSTAN and CGC CLEAT; RUITOFFs Atlantic City, Harrisburg, and Philadelphia; STA Atlantic City, STA Barnegat Light, and STA Cape May; STA Indian River, STA Manasquan Inlet, and STA Philadelphia;

    D5-NR EXCOM, PDCOs, District Chiefs, and District Staff Officers; D5-NR Committee Chairs, SPOs, SARDET Coordinators, and AUXULOs; D5-NR QEs (including PWC and AV), FEs, DCPs (3), and FCs (3); D5-NR BLAs (DE, NJ, and PA)

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    RECORD OF CHANGES Change Number Date Date Entered 1 ______________ ______________ 2 ______________ ______________ 3 ______________ ______________ 4 ______________ ______________ 5 ______________ ______________ 6 ______________ ______________ 7 ______________ ______________ 8 ______________ ______________ 9 ______________ ______________ 10 ______________ ______________

  • D5NRINST M16790.1C


    TABLE OF CONTENTS Chapter 1 Organization

    A. General 1-1 B. Regional Organization 1-1 C. Chain of Leadership and Management 1-3 D. DIRAUX Customer Service Standards 1-4 E. DIRAUX Efficiency 1-5 F. Contacting DIRAUX for Problem Resolution 1-5

    Chapter 2 Membership and General Administration

    A. Enrollment and Disenrollment Procedures 2-1 B. Membership Dues 2-6 C. ID Cards 2-6 D. Uniforms 2-8 E. Election and Appointment of Officers 2-8 F. Standing Rules and Unit Reporting 2-10 G. Property 2-11 H. Donations and Gifts 2-13 I. Travel Claims 2-14 J. Youth Training Programs 2-14 K. Sexual Harassment 2-15 L. Unit Finances 2-15 M. Use of Coast Guard Real Property 2-16 N. Personnel Security Investigations 2-17

    Chapter 3 Auxiliary Data System (AUXDATA)

    A. Auxiliary Member Duties 3-1 B. AUXDATA Correction and Update Procedures 3-3 C. Routing Procedures 3-4

    Table 3-1: Summary of Forms 3-5

    Chapter 4 Member Training and Qualifications

    A. Member Responsibility 4-1 B. Checking on Qualification, Re-Certification and Currency Status 4-1 C. General Boating Safety Course Requirement Across Programs 4-2 D. Qualification, Re-Certification and Re-Qualification as an IT, VE or PV 4-2 E. Boat Crew Qualification Program (BCQP) 4-6 F. Fingerprint Technician 4-9 G. Administration of Specialty Courses, Correspondence Courses 4-9

    and C School Training H. Seminar Attendance 4-13

  • D5NRINST M16790.1C


    I. Removal from Program (Member Requests) 4-14 Table 4-1: Summary of Qualification Requirements 4-15

    Chapter 5 Standards of Conduct

    A. Core Values 5-1 B. Professionalism 5-1 C. Elected and Appointed Officers 5-1 D. Operations 5-2 E. Vessel Examinations 5-3 F. Public Affairs and Public Education 5-4 G. Augmentation of Coast Guard Units 5-5

    Chapter 6 Facilities

    A. General 6-1 B. Vessel Facilities 6-1 C. PWC Facilities 6-2 D. Radio Facilities 6-2 E. Air Facilities 6-3 F. Vehicle Facilities 6-3 G. Digital Photos 6-3

    Chapter 7 ATON, PATON and Chart Updating Program

    A. Private Aids Verifier (PAV) Program 7-1 B. Chart Updating Program 7-2 C. Discrepancy Reporting 7-2 D. NE Program 7-3 E. Mission Hour Reporting 7-3

    Chapter 8 Patrols

    A. General 8-1 B. Patrol Code of Ethics and Conduct 8-1 C. Crew Requirements 8-1 D. Surface Patrols 8-2 E. Air Patrols 8-5 F. Vehicular Patrols 8-6

    Chapter 9 Search and Rescue Detachment (SARDET)

    A. General 9-1 B. SARDET Coordinator 9-1 C. SARDET Personnel Qualification Requirements 9-1 D. SARDET Operations 9-1

  • D5NRINST M16790.1C


    E. SARDET Patrol Orders and Duty Requests 9-2 F. Program Reporting 9-2

    Chapter 10 Communications

    A. Organization 10-1 B. Communications Inspections 10-1 C. Responsibilities 10-2 D. Call Signs 10-4 E. Frequencies 10-4 F. Operational and Emergency Communications and Drills/Nets 10-5 G. Communications Watch Standing Qualifications 10-6 H. Portable Handheld Radios

    10-8 I. Tactical 10-8 J. District 140 MHz Auxiliary Radio Network 10-8

    Communications Standing Orders 10-13

    Chapter 11 Aviation Program

    A. General 11-1 B. District Aviation Program Staff Functions and Responsibilities 11-1 C. Qualifications and Re-Certification 11-5 D. Facility Administration 11-10 E. Designations and General Administration 11-10 F. VIP and Personnel Transport Support Missions 11-10

    Chapter 12 Awards

    A. Coast Guard Awards 12-1 B. District Awards 12-2

    Chapter 13 Newsletters, Publications, Web Sites and Outreach (Coastie and Boat Shows)

    A. Newsletters and Publications 1

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