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  • 8/9/2019 FIFA World Cup Translation


    FIFA World Cup Translation

    As the football craze is heating up, more and more national flags are now

    exhibited outside of balconies, pubs, as well as on top of vehicles to showsupport for national football teams. Although we are still experiencing sluggish

    economic conditions, the 2010 FIFA World Cup is definitely a welcomed

    distraction for us for the coming four to five weeks.

    The 2010 FIFA World Cup is the largest sporting event in the world and millions

    of viewers will be watching the games. The World Cup takes place every four

    years and is hosted by a different country every time. The championship has

    been competed since 1930 apart for 1942 and 1946 when World War II broke

    out. Although the World Cup has been running for 80 years, it has always been

    won by only a handful of countries Brazil, Italy, Germany, Argentina, Uruguay,

    France and England. Hopefully, the 2010 World Cup will have different surprisesfor all of us.

    South Africa will be the proud nation host for the coming competitions between

    11th June and 11th July 2010. This is without a doubt going to be the craziest

    month for many loyal football fans and many will not get much sleep because

    they are watching the matches in different time zones. It is even more difficult

    for those who are also working. We certainly hope their employers are watching

    it too!

    As football unites us all, we would like to take the opportunity to provide the

    football fans with a list of how the phrase FIFA World Cup is written in different

    languages all over the world.

    1. Afrikaans: Sokker-Wreldbeker

    2. Arabic:

    3. Bulgarian:

    4. Catalan: Copa del Mn de Futbol

    5. Cantonese: FIFA

    6. Chinese: FIFA (for short)

    7. Czech: Mistrovstv svta ve fotbale

    8. Danish: Verdensmesterskabet i fodbold (for short: VM i fodbold)

    9. Dutch: Wereldkampioenschap voetbal

    10.Finnish: Jalkapallon maailmanmestaruuskilpailut

    11.French: Coupe du monde de football

  • 8/9/2019 FIFA World Cup Translation


    12.Galician: Copa do Mundo de Ftbol

    13.German: Fuball-Weltmeisterschaft



    16.Hungarian: Labdarg-vilgbajnoksg

    17.Icelandic: Heimsmeistarakeppnin knattspyrnu

    18.Indonesian: Piala Dunia FIFA

    19.Irish: Corn Sacair an Domhain

    20.Italian: Campionato mondiale di calcio

    21.Javanese language: Piala Donya FIFA

    22.Japanese: FIFA

    23.Korean: FIFA

    24.Lithuanian: FIFA Pasaulio taur

    25.Malay: Piala Dunia FIFA

    26.Maltese: Tazza tad-Dinja tal-Futbol

    27.Portuguese: Copa do Mundo FIFA

    28.Romanian: Campionatul Mondial de Fotbal

    29.Polish: Campionatul Mondial de Fotbal

    30.Russian: (for short )


    32.Slovakian: Majstrovstv sveta vo futbale

    33.Slovenian: Svetovno prvenstvo v nogometu

    34.Spanish: Copa Mundial de Ftbol

    35.Swedish: Vrldsmsterskapet i fotboll

    36.Turkish: FIFA Dnya Kupas


    38.Venetian: Canpionato mondiae de baon

    39.Vietnamese: Gii v ch bng th gii

  • 8/9/2019 FIFA World Cup Translation


    40.Welsh: Cwpan y Byd Pl-droed