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    Volume 13, number 1 1

    13th June2015

    Football SouthFIFFIFFIFFIFFIFAAAAAU20sU20sU20sU20sU20sWWWWWorldorldorldorldorldCupCupCupCupCup

    Wed. June 10, 4pm:Serbia v HungaryOtago StadiumThurs. June 11,NZ Ferns v Canada

    FPL, Saturday, 2.45 pmRoslyn Wakari v Green Island, Ellis Park

    Mosgiel v Northern, MemorialCaversham v Dn. Technical, Tonga Park

  • Vol. 13, No. 11, 13 th June, 2015

    Contents,Intro Page 3NZ U20s Progress ! Page 4Whistle Blower Page 5Foydat Milk Cup Page 6FPL matches at StadiumPage 7InterFed Squads Page 8NZ Ferns, Canada Page 9Womens World Cup Page 10FIFA Action Page 11FIFA Pics Page 12Danny Hay takeover Page 13Russia 2018 Page 14Cups Draw, Page 15Weekend FPL Games Page 16Weekend FPL Games Page 17Weekend FPL Games Page 18Weekend FPL Games Page 19Ferns Fall Page 20Canada W. Cup Page 21Womens Football Page 22

    Futsal Page 23Joel Stevens Page 24Referees Page 25League Tables Page 26Mex v Uruguay Page 27FIFA Action Page 28FIFA action Page 29FSouth AGM Page 30Wooliam Tickets Page 31

    Football SouthMatch Programme

    FPL, Sat 13 June. 2.45 pmRoslyn Wakari v Green Island, Ellis Park

    Mosgiel v Northern, MemorialCaversham v Dn. Technical, Tonga Park

    Kingsgate Prem. Womens Lg. 1 pm, Sunday, 14 JuneDn Technical Senior W. v University Prem, Culling

    Ros-Wakari Prem v Queenstown Women, EllisUniversity B W. v Dn Technical Premier W. Logan

    Weekend Football Matches


    Wednesday, Serbia v Hungary, Stadium, 4 pm


    Page 3

    FIFA U20 almost Over... in Dunedin...

    Yes, a pic is worth a thousand words, fabulous football at the OtagoStadium, big crowd, sunshine, and superb skills - under some hardmarking and tackling.

    Folk will be talking about these games for years. Below, in anamesake tackle, Portugals Raphael Guzzo gets dumped, his bigmate Estrela protests, and the tattood tackler skips onwards.

    Meanwhile the NZ lads progress to the next stage - bravofor the boys, as they face even tougher opposition next up.It's likely they will playPortugal in Hamilton on Thursday. And we get Serbia v Hungary on Wednesday...

    Tough luck for the Ferns, losing to the Netherlands 1-nil, and next upon Thursday is the host Canada, with John Herdman at the helm... Rab.

  • NZ

    Page 4

    The New Zealand Mens U-20s came from a goal down to record their first ever winat a FIFA U-20 World Cup on Friday, taking an emphatic 5-1 victory over Myanmarat Wellington, and Joel Stevens was among the goalscoprers..

    And After picking up that 5-1 win at the FIFA U-20 World Cup in WellingtonFriday, the Mens U-20s made history again on Saturday; qualifying for the roundof 16 without kicking a ball.

    New Zealands place was confirmed as one of the best third placed sidesafter Saturday afternoons Group C games saw Senegal come from behind to beatQatar 2-1 and Portugal were 3-1 winners over Colombia.

    It's likely they will play Portugal in Hamilton on Thursday. Portugal won allthree games in convincing fashion (3-0 against Senegal, 4-0 over Qatar and 3-1against Colombia) and would be overwhelming favourites against the Junior AllWhites, who have never beaten a European team at this level.

    Brazil set up an all-South American clash with Uruguay at the Under-20World Cup after this afternoon battling to see off North Korea. After edging Nigeriaand Hungary in their opening two group E encounters, Brazil repeated the formula intheir final match of pool play in Christchurch.

    Germany's under-20 side look the odds-on favourites to emulate theirsenior side and lift the World Cup following a third comfortable victory on Sunday.

    In Next Round...

    The terrible Trio, Messi, Suarez and Neymar, celebratewinning the UEFA Champions trophy, in Berlin, after

    Barcelona beat Juventus in June.


    Page 5

    FIFA Action at the Otago Stadium

    The biggest news story of the year was breaking, but the journalist responsible was fastasleep.

    It was just after dawn on May 27 whenAndrew Jennings' phone began ringing. Swisspolice had just launched a startling raid on a luxuryhotel in Zurich, arresting seven top Fifa officials andcharging them and others with running a $150 millionracket. The world was stunned.

    The waking world, that is. If Jennings hadbothered to climb out of bed, he wouldn't have beensurprised at the news.

    After all, he was the man who set theinvestigation in motion, with a book in 2006, Foul! TheSecret World of Fifa: Bribes, Vote-Rigging and TicketScandals, followed by an expos aired on the BBC'sPanorama programme that same year, and thenanother book in 2014, called Omerta: Sepp Blatter'sFifa Organised Crime Family.

    Whistle Blower Jennings

  • Page 6

    Milk Cup lads from Sierra Leone

    Beer Tasting Connoisseurs Nite, 11 June

    Remember that OE trip to the Oktoberfest ?dredge up those memories,and Support the Lads travel fund.

    Prove that your palate has improved...Sample the Macs Beer Range, and othersGet your Family & friends together and comesupport the Milk Cup team at Cableways!

    Host - Milly Milburn-Lion BreweriesFor persons living within the Cableways catchmenta Taxi Bus home will be providedlimited to 50 persons, Starts 7pm, RSVP


    Thursday 11th of June

    Milk Cup 2015

    GlasgowRangerswill bethere aswell ...


    Page 7

    Tuesday, 7th July,Kick-offs at at 6.30 pm.

    Roslyn-Wakari v University.Thursday, 9th July, Northern v Caversham,

    Tuesday, 14th July, Green Island v

    Senior Level 2, 5 days over two long weekends plus a bonus Youth level 3 qualification ifyou sign up for an additional day at the end of the Senior Level 2Venue: Dunedin18, 19 & 20 September Part 125, 26 September Part 29am - 5pm each DayCost: $1050 +GSTBonus: Youth L3 qualificationBy Adding 27th Septemberonto the Senior L2 Course Additional Cost $140 +GSTContent Covered:

    Match analysis, the objectives and structure of football, The NZF Philosophy and vision,The NZF team model, developing a coaching process. Plan, Prepare, Conduct and evaluate agame training session.

    Senior Level 2, Coaching Course in Dunedin

    FPL Matches at FB Stadium

  • Shane Carvell, Football Development Manager is pleased toannounce the list of players selected for the Federation Talent Centreinter-Fed games to be held in July.

    Thank you to all the players who attended the Football SouthFTC Games Day last weekend. We were very pleased with both theattendance and quality across all age groups.

    Due to the high standard of quality it made the selectiondecisions very difficult.For those who have been selected Congratulations !!!!!

    For the players that have missed out we understand they willbe naturally disappointed not to be chosen. We hope they use thissetback as an incentive to continue to train hard at their regional FTCprogrammes in order to make selection at future opportunities as theypresent themselves, Shane Carvell, Football Development Manager

    Interfed 2015 - Squads for 6th-9th July in Christchurch

    Page 8

    Age Group: 2002/03Girls1. Ruby Anderson2. Jodie Burrell3. Tessa Campbell4. Erin Dickie5. Madeleine Fairley6. Laura Gargiulo7. Sophie Hawkins8. Libby Holdridge9. Aine Kelly10. Eve Nichols11. Ella Scarf-Miller12. Georgia Ward13. Alyssa Wells14. Sylvia Otley (Gk)

    2000/01 Girls1. Jonna Barth2. Emma Black3. Emma Deaker4. Lana Deaker5. Sophie Dijkstra6. Makayla Gray7. Alex Gregory8. Emily Henderson9. Amy Hislop10. Zoe Hislop11. Georgia Mitchell12. Zoe Thomas13. Tahlia Roome14. Crystal Van Gorp15. Abby Vinicombe16. Lara Wall

    Age Group: 2003Boys (9v9), Team 11. Angus Bre2. Spencer Cunliff3. Spencer Gable4. Mahew Harding5. Hamish Mair6. Harry Major7. Jack McFarlane8. Caleb Mcllvanney9. Rapheal Meurier10. Jack Murphy11. Jaden Pritchard12. Alex Boomer (GK)

    Age Group: 2003 Boys (9v9). Team 213. Reuben Cook14. Sam Cosgrove15. George Duncan16. George Higham17. Levi James18. Cormac Kelly19. Saul Mawhinney20. Geordie McCully21. Tyler Muir22. Will Turner23. Benjamin W.-Davies24. Anton Stoddard (Gk)

    Age Group: 2002 Boys(11v11), Team 11. Johnathan Brook2. Brodie Chambers3. Bailey Chambers4. Aleks Cheifetz5. Taylor Donaldson6. Brian Dowling7. Laurent Edwards8. Ryuesi Ishiabishi9. Hamish Kampman10. Benjamin Lund11. Harry Milligan12. Callum Officer13. Ma Stewart14. Lewis Wall15. Thomas Poole (Gk)

    Age Group: 2002 Boys(11v11), Team 216. Braedyn Arbuckle17. Henry Baxter18. George Bates19. Weston Bell20. Louis Conway21. Jake Foster22. Ryan Gardiner23. Jordan King24. Jacob Lang25. Jackson OConnor26. Liam Mar"n27. Brynn Sinclair28. Noah Sco29. Samuel Taylor30. Jack Lister (Gk)

    Age Group: 2001 Boys(11v11),1. Aaron Allen2. Joseph Araya3. Thomas Baxter4. Harold Chinula5. Sam Clydesdale6. Tyler Cunningham7. Conor Evans8. Karma Gyeltshen9. Ma Hanrahan10. Kayde Hollebon11. Xavier Meurier12. Caleb Sharkey13. Joshua Skryba14. Tom Warman15. En Watanabe16. Jayden Tucker (Gk)

    Age Group: 2000 Boys(11v11)1. Cam Anderson2. Joseph Carvell3. Ma Cordelle4. Ben Deeley5. Rory Findlay6. Jayden Grindley7. Bradley Holdridge8. Luke Mitchell9. Rian Norton10. Tim OFarrell11. Jacob Pritchard12. Keita Rudd13. Alex Smith14. Dan Tan15. Shay Thom16. Ben Dubyk (Gk)

    Age Group: 1999 Boys(11v11)1. Kasam Ali2. Solomon Blaker3. Tim Coates4. Alex Campbell5. Ben Hadida6. Adam Hewson7. Max Johnston8. Jack Kelly9. Yugen Miyahara10. Ben Nind11. Cameron Sco12. Keiran Stephenson13. Todd Wilson14. John Woodall15. Nik