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    Trim levels and optional equipment may vary according to specific market or legal requirements. All data contained in this publication are purely indicative. Fiat may change the models described in this publication at any time for reasons of a technical or commercial nature. Fiat Marketing 04.2.1544.52 - S - 01/2013 - Printed in Italy - Tipografia Sosso - Torino. Printed on chlorine-free paper.

    CIAO FIAT MOBILE is the original Fiat application for your iPhone. Its designed to always be on hand, wherever you go, and offers you all the infor-mation and services you want, quickly and simply. Launched first in Europe, this iPhone application is dedicated to all motorists, offering customers an innovative, simple and direct service. With a touch of a finger, access a wide range of services: YOUR PROFILE, FIND A DEALERSHIP, ROAD TEST, OWNER HANDBOOK, CONTACT US, NEWS AND PROMOTIONS, FIND YOUR CAR, DUE DATES, TRAFFIC AND ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE.

    CIAO FIAT MOBILE is completely free. Download it now from App Store. For more details, visit the website: CIAO FIAT is the customer support and relations service which can be contacted on the universal freephone number 00800 3428 0000. The number can be reached from major European countries and is easy to remember as it corresponds to entering FIAT on your telephone keypad (00800-FIAT 0000 becomes 00800-3428 0000). CIAO FIAT is ready to provide you with roadside assistance and information services; anything you need to know about our models (versions, optional extras, promotions, prices), our services, test drive bookings and FIAT dealerships, meeting any need or request linked to the cars use. The service is available from 8 am to 8 pm, Monday to Saturday for customer relations and information, and 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for roadside assistance services. Calls are free from both landlines and mobiles. In some European countries, a fee may be charged to the caller by some mobile networks depending on the tariffs applied by the particular local operator.

    Fiat customer benefits When you buy a new Fiat, you buy more than just a CAR. Behind every car we sell there is the reassurance of a whole range of customer benefits and services designed to make the ownership of your Fiat as enjoyable, affordable and trouble free as possible.2 YEAR, UNLIMITED MILEAGE MANUFACTURER WARRANTY Any repairs required as the result of faulty materials or manufacture are carried out free of charge both for parts and labour. 3RD YEAR DEALER WARRANTY This warranty enjoys the same level of cover as the two year warranty above but with a 100,000 mile limit from the date of the vehicles registration (60,000 miles for vehicles used for hire and reward, such as taxis) 3 YEAR PAINTWORK WARRANTY Any paintwork defects due to faulty materials or manufacturer will be rectified free of charge during the first three years. 8 YEAR ANTI PERFORATION WARRANTY Any perforation of the bodywork due to corrosion will be repaired free of all parts and labour charges during the first 8 years.FIXED SERVICE COSTS All Fiat dealers operate a Menu Pricing programme, which guarantees fixed service and replacement costs, with no hidden extras. The price you see is the price youll pay, unless you have given your consent for further work to be carried outFIAT FINANCIAL SERVICES*Fiat Financial Services offers a comprehensive range of finance and insurance plans including Fiat i-Deal, traditional Hire Purchase, Guaranteed Asset Protection Insurance and SMART Insurance. Please ask your Fiat dealer for more information or visit the website. Written quotations available on request.**FIAT CONTRACT HIRE***Fiat Contract Hire provides hassle free motoring for private and business customers - you benefit from low initial outlay, regular rentals and no worry about disposing of your vehicle at the end of the contract. You can also include a full maintenance package within the monthly rental. For more information, please contact your Fiat dealer, or call 01753 519222.Insured products and servicesThe following insured products and services are provided through Fiat Financial Services*.Fiat customer benefits 1 YEARS AA ASSURANCE COVER All new Fiats come with 1 years AA Assurance cover, which includes Roadside Assistance, Home Start, Relay, Relay Plus, and European Cover. This insured service is provided on a free of charge basis and is available 24 hours a day, throughout the year. AA Assurance also provides free access to travel information, legal advice and technical information.FIAT MOTOR INSURANCE Comprehensive car insurance is available at competitive premiums, with up to 65% No Claims Bonus transferable from your existing policy after five consecutive years of claim free driving. For a quotation, either ring 0800 876 6071, or visit online through* Fiat Financial Services is a trading style of FGA Capital UK Ltd. FGA Capital UK Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority for General Insurance. **Credit available to anyone aged 18 or over,

    subject to status. A guarantee may be required. Written quotations are available from Fiat Financial Services, PO Box 4465 Slough, SL1 0RW.*** Fiat Contract Hire is a trading style of FGA Contracts UK Limited which is an appointed representative of FGA Capital UK Limited. Contract Hire finance facilities are available subject to credit approval. Written quo-

    tations are available from Fiat Contract Hire, 240 Bath Road, Slough, Berkshire, SL1 4DX

    Model trim levels and optional extras may vary according to specific market or legal requirements. All data contained in this publication is purely indicative. Fiat may change the models described in this publication at any time for reasons of a technical or commercial nature.Fiat Marketing 02.2.1207.52 - S - 01/2013 Printed in Italy Tap Grafiche Pog-gibonsi Siena. Printed on chlorine-free aper.

  • 3It may be the new kid on the block today, but weve loved it for thirty years. Despite its unassuming

    size, it has an in nite capacity for surprising us, as no other car comes close to being quite as simple,

    functional and innovative. And now its more stylish than ever and packed with impressive features.

    Because that sums up the Panda: simply more.

  • 5Panda. Simply More.


    What makes the difference between personalityand imitation

    The Panda is in im

    itable because i t

    has a lways been

    a car

    that lets substan

    ce dictate design

    . This is what ma


    i t un ique: the out

    s ide ref lects the v

    ery spi r i t of the c


    Funct ional , so l id,

    inte l l igent, f ree s

    pi r i ted.

    W ith i ts unique s

    ty le, the Panda,

    and now also

    the Panda 44 an

    d Trekking, expre

    ss a desi re

    to th ink outs ide t

    he box every day


  • 7Sophist icated an

    d unique, l ike a l l

    great I tal ian desi


    the Pandas good

    looks are down t

    o soft yet bold l in


    which create the

    unmistakable sty l

    e that is there to

    be enjoyed.

    Your eye is drawn

    f rom the smi ley f

    ront to the rear w

    i th

    i ts ra ised l ight c lu

    sters that g ive a

    streaml ined look,

    tak ing in the s ide

    panels and the th

    i rd window

    with softened ang

    les that create th

    e impress ion

    of an uninterrupt

    ed g lazed sur fac


  • 9

  • 11

    The Panda is designed start ing f rom the inter ior, mainta in ing per fect ly

    proport ioned volumes for the exter ior. Beaut i fu l ins ide and out.

    And sure enough, everyth ing in the Panda is s imply adorable, f rom

    the dashboard enveloped in a colour fu l f rame, wi th i ts spacious storage pocket,

    to the convenient ly h igh-mounted gear st ick and a l l the other l i t t le deta i ls

    you wi l l en joy d iscover ing and us ing, l ike the new space-sav ing handbrake

    lever which resembles a computer mouse.

    *Model shown with optional equipment

  • 13

    Panda. Simply More.


    What does it mean to fallin love withsubstance

    Cl imb into the Pa

    nda and you l l d is

    cover what turns

    love at fi rst s ight

    into t rue, ever las

    t ing love. Qual i ty


    I t s something tan

    gib le re lat ing to th

    e var ious design

    and product ion p

    hases of the car:

    h igh-resistance m

    ater ia ls ,

    acoust ic comfort

    , f ine ly craf ted f in


    Every e lement is d

    esigned, qui te s im

    ply, to give you t

    he best.

  • 15

    A car as advanced as th is couldnt be made just anywhere.

    To produce i t , we needed an equal ly advanced and eff ic ient car p lant wi th

    the capaci ty to turn out I ta l ian-designed and bui l t cars.

    The Pomigl iano dArco car p lant in Naples: an industr ia l complex

    refurb ished over 12 months to prov ide technologica l and organisat ional

    excel lence, wi th new systems that are not s imply the most advanced in

    the F iat universe, but among the most advanced in the wor ld.

  • 17

    Every detai l in the Panda is designed to achieve the perfect marr iage of sty le

    and funct ional i ty. This means that the Panda is not just beaut i fu l ,

    but i t a lso makes every tr ip a pleasure.

    The backrests, for example, are decorated with a squi rc le mot i f which,

    in addi t ion to embel l ish ing


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