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FHF Ferrell Hirt Ferrell M: Business 2 nd Edition

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  • FHF Ferrell Hirt Ferrell M: Business 2 nd Edition
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  • FHF 4 Copyright 2011 by the McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. All rights reserved. McGraw-Hill/Irwin Managing Information Technology and E-Business
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  • ] [ Processes and applications that create new methods to solve problems, perform tasks, and manage communication Information Technology FHF 4-3
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  • [ ] FHF The application of knowledge, including the processes and procedures to solve problems, perform tasks, and create new methods to obtain desired outcomes Technology FHF 4-4
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  • FHF How Technology Impacts Our Lives Technology is the driving force in advancing economic systems and the quality of life Improved global access Faster productivity growth Improved efficiency Reduced costs 4-5
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  • FHF Information Technology (IT) Source: USA Today Snapshot, March 7, 2009, A1. Is changing traditional products and the way consumers use them More adults use cell phones as their primary phone 4-6
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  • FHF Managing Information Data Numerical or verbal descriptions related to statistics or other items that have not been analyzed or summarize The App economy Way more than iPhone apps A way to reach customers wherever they are Increasingly important in business A way to connect with, sell to, and gather data from consumers 4-7
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  • FHF Managing Information Knowledge An understanding of data gained through study or experience Information Meaningful and useful interpretation of data and knowledge that can be used in making decisions 4-8
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  • FHF Management Information System (MIS) Used for organizing and transmitting data into information that can be used for decision making Breaks down time and location barriers Global information access Anytime, anywhere with wireless Netflix Netflix uses MIS to collect user data and recommend movie choices The Netflix Prize of $1 million to improve movie recommendation accuracy. Over 10% improvement achieved.Netflix Prize 4-9
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  • FHF Information is a major business resource. It is an asset to be developed and distributed to managers Opera Solutions is a global consulting technology company Opera Solutions Companies only use 1-10% of available data Helps companies maximize return from data Filter information to make it useful to business 4-10
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  • FHF MIS Collect data Store data Update data Process and present information Database A collection of data stored in one place and accessible throughout the network MIS and Data Collection 4-11
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  • FHF A global information system that links many computer networks together World Wide Web A collection of interconnected websites or pages of text, graphics, audio, and video within the internet The Internet 4-12
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  • FHF Online promotions have made it the #1 soda in China 23% of soda market in China Pepsi Creative Challenge is an online promotion to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Peoples Republic Go China online promotion kicked off before the Olympics; encouraged people to send in patriotic slogans Online social media is essential when marketing in China PepsiCo. Source: Pepsis Web-Smart Thrust into China, Businessweek, September 28, 2009. 4-13
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  • FHF Intranet A network of computers similar to the Internet that is available only to people inside of an organization Extranet A network of computers that permits selected companies and other organizations to access the same information and may allow collaboration and communication about the information 4-14
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  • FHF History of Information Technology 4-15
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  • FHF PDAs Smartphones Digital devices Apple iPhone Wi-Fi Networks WiMax VOIP RFID GPS MMS Wireless Technologies 4-16
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  • FHF E-Business Carrying out the goals of business through utilization of the internet E-Business has the same goal as traditional business 4-17
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  • FHF E-Business Models Business-to-Business (B2B) Use of the Internet for transactions and communications between organizations Business-to-Consumer (B2C) Delivery of products and services directly to individual consumers through the Internet (e-tailers) Consumer-to-Consumer (C2C) Market in which consumers market goods and services to each other through the Internet 4-18
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  • FHF Advertising Revenues at the Top Four Portals as a Percent of Revenues Source: Andrew Corn, Google, Yahoo, AOL, MSN: Big on Internet Advertising, Seeking AlphaGoogle, Yahoo, AOL, MSN: Big on Internet Advertising, 4-19
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  • FHF Is becoming an increasingly important tool for marketers Facebook MySpace Twitter Starbucks, Dell, eBay, and Google all excel at using social media for marketing StarbucksDelleBay Social Media 4-20
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  • FHF Customer Relationship in Managment Focuses on using information about customers to create strategies that develop and sustain desirable long-term customer relationships Developing long-term customer relationships Building satisfying relationships Providing the best product solution for customers 4-21
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  • FHF Privacy Consumer tracking via Internet purchases Data gathering via cookies Federal Trade Commission (FTC) TRUSTe Better Business Bureau Online Spam Unsolicited commercial e-mail Tracking via Internet purchases Legal and Social Issues 4-22
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  • FHF Spam Volume by Country 4-23
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  • FHF Identity Theft Criminals obtain personal information allowing them to impersonate others in order to use their credit to obtain financial accounts and make purchases More than 250,000 cases reported each year in the US Intellectual Property & Copyrights Protecting rights to property including Songs Movies Software Ideas & other creative materials American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS) Legal and Social Issues (Continued) 4-24
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  • FHF Google Books trouble with intellectual property rights over books project Google Books Scan out-of-print books Creation of a large digital library Sued by the Authors Guild and the Association of American Publisher Fear it will limit competition Possible violation of copyrights Intellectual Property Rights 4-25
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  • FHF Should states levy a tax on internet sales? Some states have lobbied to charge a tax on sales originating in their states. Revenue would offset budget shortfalls Sales Tax Simplification Agreement Create more uniform tax laws States may exercise the option to collect sales tax on Internet purchases Taxing the Internet? 4-26
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  • FHF Future leaders need strategic understanding of IT and e- Businesses Use as a tool to enhance existing businesses To give new businesses a competitive edge Dynamic E-Business 4-27
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  • FHF 4-28

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