February is Black History month

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February is Black History month. Dominating the Charts for over 200 years. 1960s- Soul. 1970s-Funk & Disco. 1950s-Rock and Roll. 1940s-Rhythm and Blues. 1980s-Rap &Jazz. Where our music is now. MUSIC LEGENDS. S.H.S.M. Application Process - 2012. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>incomplete network</p> <p>February is Black History month</p> <p>1Dominating the Charts for over 200 years1940s-Rhythm and Blues1950s-Rock and Roll1960s-Soul1970s-Funk &amp; Disco1980s-Rap &amp;Jazz</p> <p>Where our music is now</p> <p>MUSIC LEGENDS</p> <p>S.H.S.M. Application Process - 20121. December and January Sign up in Guidance2.February Pick Up S.H.S.M. Course SelectionInstructions andPathway Charts(see Co-op NOTE) </p> <p>4. MarchPick up and submit a S.H.S.M. application5. April and MayS.H.S.M. Interviews (see Co-op NOTE) 3. FebruaryCourse Selections using Career Cruising</p> <p>Pick Up Pathway Chart in GuidanceDue Friday March 23, 2012 All S.H.S.M. candidates will be notified in June Open to all Grade 10 &amp; 11 studentsCo-op NOTESeparate interviews for students applying for Co-op next year Any students in grade 11 or 12 interested in being a Peer Tutor in English, Math or Science pick up an application in Guidance.</p> <p> Peer Tutors earn community service hours by volunteering their time during their spares, lunch or after school.</p> <p>Graduation Photo Retakes All Senior Students a Lifetouch photographer is returning for grad portrait retakes. When: Monday Feb 27th At this time you can have your sitting redone or you may get original photos done if you missed the first dates. </p> <p>Continued A full retake sitting fee is $10.00. Original sitting fee is $30.00. </p> <p> If you are having retakes done please bring your first set of proofs with you so the photographer can correct what you did not like. </p> <p> Sign up sheets are located in Guidance. The photos will be taken in the Career Centre.</p> <p>Math Contests </p> <p>Canadian Senior and Intermediate Math Contest ($10)Tuesday Nov. 22, 2011 Room 108 Periods A and B Money Due: Nov. 4</p> <p>Grade 9: Pascal ($5)TODAY - Thursday Feb. 23, 2012 Room 240 Period C - Money Due: Feb. 2</p> <p>Continued Grade 10: Cayley ($5)TODAY - Thursday Feb. 23, 2012 Room 240 Period C - Money Due: Feb. 2Grade 11: Fermat ($5) TODAY - Thursday Feb. 23, 2012 Room 240 Period C - Money Due: Feb. 2Grade 12: Euclid ($14)Wednesday April 11, 2012 Room 108 Periods A and B - Money Due: Mar. 2</p> <p>ContinuedInvite Only: Fryer, Galois, Hypatia ($8) Thursday April 12, 2012 Room 108 Period AMoney Due: Mar. 2 - Find Sample Questions at;http://cemc.math.uwaterloo.ca/contests/past_contests.html </p> <p>Want to sign up? See Mr. Liska in room 239</p> <p>An announcement will be made when results are in.</p> <p>Junior Boys Basketball Team Congratulations to the Junior Boys Basketball Team who advanced to theYork Region Basketball Championship with a 47-33 victory over St. Teresa of Lisieux CHS, yesterday.</p> <p> The Ravens were led by Maj Haik with nine points while Abey Teshome, Loui Zibdawi, and Darion Fuller each chipped in eight points. Thursday the Ravens will compete for the YRAA title at Bill Crothers Secondary School.</p> <p> Game time is three o'clock.</p> <p>Junior BasketballThe Junior Boys' Basketball Team is dismissed today at the end of Period D. </p> <p> Transportation to Bill Crothers will leave the front door of the school at 1:30 p.m.</p> <p>Girls Hockey Team After losing their first game to St. Max, the girls hockey team won the remaining two games against Alex Mack and Stouffville to win their division. </p> <p> Congratulations to the entire team on an amazing season and a special thank you to our two graduating players, Stefanie Fox and Leah Amson for their leadership over the past four years</p>