February, 2010 3 NIRC-ICSI 2010 3 NIRC-ICSI Newsletter Dear Professional Colleagues, I am indeed honoured and privileged to communicate with you as Chairman, NIRC through this well

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Text of February, 2010 3 NIRC-ICSI 2010 3 NIRC-ICSI Newsletter Dear Professional Colleagues, I am indeed...

  • February, 2010 3 NIRC-ICSI Newsletter

    Dear Professional Colleagues,

    I am indeed honoured andprivileged to communicatewith you as Chairman, NIRCthrough this well appreciatedmedium of communication.Let me express my gratitudeto all my Council colleaguesand all of you for reposing

    confidence and trust on me and elevating me as theChairman, NIRC to carry forward the agenda of mypredecessors.

    I pray almighty to give me sufficient courage, confidenceand strength to perform my duties as Chairman, NIRCup to the satisfaction of all concerned. May I reach upto the expectations of my seniors in the profession.

    My sincere congratulation to Mr. Vinayak S.Khanvalkar & Mr. Anil Murarka, newly electedPresident & Vice President, ICSI respectively onassuming their position for the year 2010. I am surethat with their rich experience and dedication to thecause of our profession and under their able guidanceour profession will attain newer heights and doors ofnew avenues will be opened for the company secretaries.

    It has been the continuous endeavor of NIRC to organizeregular professional development programs formembers and students on various topics of corporaterelevance. Your wholehearted support, cooperation andinvolvement in various activities of the NIRC is solicited.The point I really wish to emphasize is that we all haveto come forward and collectively join hands tocontribute to the activities of NIRC as well as Instituteas a whole.

    On 16th January, 2010 NIRC has organized a Seminaron "Changing Contours of Corporate Laws andEmerging Professional Avenues at Hotel Le-Meridien,New Delhi. I take this opportunity to express my sincerethanks and gratitude to guest speakers Mr. PavanKumar Vijay (Past President -ICSI & ManagingDirector, Corporate Professional India Pvt. Ltd.), Ms.Preeti Malhotra (Past President-ICSI) & Group

    From the Chairman

    President Corporate Affairs, Spice Group & ExecutiveDirector , Spice Finance, Mr. Ajay Mangal, (ExecutiveDirector, UPPAL Group), Mr. Kaushal Kumar SharmaIRS, Director General & Advisor(Law), CCI, Mr.Sandeep Khetan (Director, KPMG) and Mr. AlokAgarwal (Juris Consultus Law Firm) for sparing theirvaluable time out of their busy schedule and interactingwith the participants. The Seminar was attended bythe large number of members. On the occasion, membersproviding honorary services to NIRC were alsorecognized

    NIRC also organized two Training OrientationPrograms and one Academic Development Programfor students in the month of January, 2010. On 8thJanuary, 2010, NIRC concluded its 135th SecretarialModular Training Program. Mr. Dinesh Mittal, GroupGeneral Counsel and Company Secretary ofHindustan Times Media Ltd. was the Chief Guest onthe occasion. On 27th January, 2010, NIRC commencedits 136th Secretarial Modular Training Program whichwas inaugurated by Mr. S.P. Garg, Director (Finance),ONGC Videsh Ltd.

    NIRC constituted its various Functional Committees,the details of which are published separately in theNewsletter. All the members are requested to volunteer& give their names for these committees as yourinvolvement is a prerequisite in evolving and successfulimplementation of all professional and academicactivities of NIRC.

    I, on behalf of NIRC sincerely request you to send yoursuggestions and feedback from time to time on theactivities of NIRC. I assure you, that we at NIRC wouldgive importance to all your suggestions and considerthem for implementation in the right perspective.

    With best regards,

    Yours sincerely,

    (B.K. SHARMA)bksharma162@yahoo.co.in

    3rd February, 2010 Mobile : 9958584171

  • February, 2010 4 NIRC-ICSI Newsletter




    Mr. Vinayak S. Khanvalkar has been elected as PRESIDENT of the Institute of Company Secretaries ofIndia (ICSI) w.e.f 19th January 2010 and Mr. Anil Murarka has been elected as the VICE PRESIDENT ofthe Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI) w.e.f 19th January 2010.

    Mr. Vinayak S. Khanvalkar is M.Com. & Law Graduate and a Fellow Member of the Institute of CompanySecretaries of India. He was the Vice President of ICSI for the year 2009 & is presently a Practising CompanySecretary at Pune. Mr. Khanvalkar is the Central Council Member of ICSI for the term 2007-2010. He was theMember of Corporate Legislation Sub Committee of Maratha Chamber of Commerce, Industries & Agricultureand also holding position of Director in private limited companies of repute. He is visiting faculty at various professionalinstitutes, associations and bodies. He had been the Chairman of the Western India Regional Council (WIRC) andChairman of the Pune Chapter of The Institute of Company Secretaries of India. He was a member of theSecretarial Standards Board of ICSI.

    Mr. Anil Murarka has been elected as the VICE PRESIDENT of the Institute of Company Secretaries of India(ICSI) w.e.f 19th January, 2010. He is the Central Council Member of ICSI for the term 2007-2010. He isCommerce and Law Graduate and a Fellow Member of the Institute of Company Secretaries of the India. Mr.Murarka is presently a Practising Company Secretary at Kolkata. He had been the Chairman of Eastern IndiaRegional Council (EIRC) at Kolkata. He has been a regular speaker at many professional Seminars organised byCII, ICSI, ICAI and was one of the "Panelist" in first all India "Investor Awareness Programme" titled "My Money-My Decisions" organized by the Ministry of Finance.


    The detai ls of NIRC of ICSI MembersPrograms like Seminar, Conferences, etc. andsoft copies of NIRC-ICSI Newsletters &Students programs viz TOP, ADP SMTP,Students Activities, and ICSI programs vizMoot Cour t Compet i t ions , Elocut ionCompetition, Essay writing, Company LawQuiz and Student Conferences are regularlyupdated in the website of our Institute.To get updated information, Members &Students are requested to visit our following

    website regularly.



    NIRC solicits your kind patronage in the form of

    advertisement for its Monthly Newsletter as per the tariff

    given below :

    Per Issue 6 Issues 12 Issues

    (Rs.) (Rs.) (Rs.)

    Back cover (Colour) 15,000 80,000 1,50,000

    Inside Cover (Colour) 11,000 60,000 1,10,000

    Inside page (B&W) 6,000 33,000 60,000

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    Inside Quarter page (B&W) 2,500 13,000 25,000

  • February, 2010 5 NIRC-ICSI Newsletter


    As the Members are aware the NIRC performs its various activities through Functional Committees constituted every year.

    We are in the process of forming the following Committees for the year 2010 and request the members to volunteer theirnames, indicating their preference, for the Committee through which they wish to serve the profession. Members arerequested to forward their names and other details i.e. ACS/FCS No.; Mailing Address; Phone Numbers; E-mail address, etc.to NIRC by 26th February, 2010:

    Following have been nominated as Chairmen of respective Functional Committees :

    S No. Committee Chairman of the Committee E-mail address

    1. Career Awareness Committee Shri J.K. Bareja jkbareja@yahoo.com

    2. Finance Committee Shri Deepak Kukreja csdeepakkukreja@yahoo.com

    3. IT Committee Shri Vivek Agarwal vivek.agarwal@cmcltd.com

    4. NIRC Newsletter Editorial Board Chief EditorShri B.K. Sharma bksharmal62@yahoo.co.in

    Editor Ms. Ashu Gupta ashugupta.cs@gmail.com

    5. Oral Tuition, Library & Students Facilities Shri Atul Mittal atul.mittal@in.pwc.com


    6. Practising Company Secretaries Committee Shri Deepak Kukreja csdeepakkukreja@yahoo.com

    7. Professional Development & Programmes Shri Hitender Mehta hitender@vaishlaw.com

    Co-ordination Committee

    8. Research & Publication Committee Shri Ranjeet Pandey cs.ranjeet@gmail.com

    9. SMTP & Placement Committee Ms. Ashu Gupta ashugupta.cs@gmail.com

    10. Study Circle Committee Shri Yogesh Gupta ykgupta64@yahoo.co.in

    Functional Committees


    Invitespart time faculty for its oral coaching classes

    in the following subjects :Foundation ProgramEnglish and Business Communication; Economics and Statistics; Financial Accounting; Elements of BusinessLaws and ManagementExecutive ProgramGeneral and Commercial Laws; Company Accounts, Cost and Management Accounting; Tax LawsCompany Law; Economic and Labour Laws; Securities Laws and Compliances;Professional ProgramCompany Secretarial Practice; Drafting, Appearances and Pleadings; Financial, Treasury and Forex ManagementCorporate Restructuring & Insolvency; Strategic Management, Alliances and International Trade; AdvancedTax Laws and Practice; Due Diligence and Corporate Compliance Management; Governance, Business Ethicsand Sustainability;Interested members may forward their Profile alongwith choice of subject(s) and timings to NIRC-ICSI, 4Prasad Nagar Institutional Area New Delhi-110005 E-mail : alka.arora@icsi.edu Phone : 011-25769352.

  • February, 2010 6 NIRC-ICSI Newsletter

    NIRC Monthly Ready Reckoner


    Sr. Activities Sections/Rules/ Acts/Regulations, Compliance To whom toNo. Clauses, etc. etc. Due Date be submitted

    (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6)


    1. Submit Limited Review Report for Clause 49 Listing Agreement 29th February