FEA - Finite Element Procedures by K J Bathe

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  • tangthe partitioning of the original matrices is only a device to facilitate matrix manipulations and does not change any results.
  • tang
  • tangin linear finite element analysis three assumption is assumed:1.strain-displacement matrix B is assumed to be constant2.constant stress-stain matrix c3.the boundary conditions remain unchanged
  • tangwhy use logarithmic strain?is the almansi strain ok?
  • tangin new-raphson method the most important point is the correct calculation of F from U and the evaluation of the tangent stiffness matrix is also important
  • tangtensor decomposition can be accomplished in any other admissible coordinate system.
  • Chap 1-3.pdf3745Chap 4.pdf12-2112Chap 6.pdf12-1412-15