FCAT Testing - Proctor Guidelines

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Please review the guidelines for the proctor volunteer, sign and return your form to Susan Green at Pacetti Bay Middle School

Text of FCAT Testing - Proctor Guidelines

  • 1. Proctors
    What Proctors May Do In Testing Rooms:
    You are an extra set of eyes in the room to assist the test administrator.
    You should quietly circulate among the students.
    You should check to see if they are working the correct section of the test booklet, if they are not, report it to the test administrator in the room.
    You should check to see if they have only the items needed on their desk to complete their test; i.e. test booklet, number 2 pencil, yellow-lined planning sheet (FCAT Writing+), answer sheet (if applicable), FCAT calculator for math or 11th grade science test in March.
    You may provide an extra pencil if asked to do so.
    What Proctors May Not Do In Testing Rooms:
    You may not handle any test materials.
    You may not Proctor in a room if a member of your family is testing in that room.
    You may not proctor in the same grade level as your own child
    If you suspect there may be a problem, report it to the test administrator in the
    room immediately.Do not address any student problems or testing issues
    If a student asks you a question, excuse yourself and get the test administrator.
    During testing, do not speak to any studentsRemember; you are extra eyes in the room. Direct any and all issues you may observe to the test administrator in the room.
    Cell phones must be on vibrate during testing.
    I have read and agree to the above listName:___________________________
    & the Florida Test Security Statute 1008.24
    The St. Johns County School District appreciates your participation in this important assessment of our students.Thank you for your help.(Revised 01/07/10)