Fast response flowmeter for leak tesing: Hastings-Raydist,Hampton, Virginia 23361,

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    Technical and industrial developments 179 Automatic bulk titanium sublimation pump - Titanium evaporation pumps - Fast response flowmeter for leak testing - Gold seal gate valve - Values for low, medium and high vacuum applications - RF ion-source and ion-accelera- tor components - New stoptester.

    Commercial news 181 Export order for Scot Vat - New vacuum metallurgical ser- vice company - Veeco sales and earnings - Granville- Philips acquires Kronos Inc

    New literature 182 Airco Temescal

    Conferences and group activities 182 Fifth International Vacuum Congress -Welch Foundation scholarship announcement - The Institute of Physics and the Physic Society Awards - Fifth Annual Solid State Devices Conference - AVISEM 71 - Science and Tech- nology of Superconductivity

    Personal 184 New appointments in Torvac - Tenney Engineering names President of subsidiary

    Technical and industrial developments

    Automatic bulk titanium sublimation pump A medium sized, automatic titanium subli- mation pump has been introduced by the Ultek Division of Perkin-Elmer. The Auto- matic Bulk Sublimator (Model ABS) is designed for applications requiring high pumping speed, high thermal efficiency, and long term unattended operation. Claimed to be the most efficient titanium pump available, the ABS requires 180

    The automatic bulk sublimator, Model ABS, for applications requiring high pumping speed, highest thermal efficiency, and long term unattended operation.

    watts to sublimate at rates of 0.4 grams/ hour compared with up to 750 watts for other similar pumps. Because little heat is generated, water cooling is not required. The titanium source is a 5-inch rod which is automatically advanced by a bellows- sealed linear motion actuator as titanium is used. The 40 gram rod is claimed to last more than 5 times longer than the filament charge in other sublimators. The ABS is mounted on a 2-inch flange and is easily installed in Ultek systems; adapters are available for other systems. Ultek Division, Perkin-Elmer, Box 10920, 2690 Casey Avenue, Palo Alto, Calif 94303, USA.

    Titanium evaporation pumps Airco Temescal have introduced titanium evaporation pumps, equipped with electron beam sources, available in three basic sizes evaporating up to one, 35 or 500 grams of titanium per hour. Full pumping efficiency is available at all pressures below 3 x 1O-3 torr.

    The RFP titanium evaporation pumps are claimed to provide excellent thermal efficiency since the electron beam evapo- rates titanium with minimum heating of the system. The high evaporation rate delivers a very high pumping speed, and high initial charge of titanium permits ex- tended operation before reloading. Air Reduction Co, Inc, 735 Ashby Avenue, Berkeley, Calif 94710, USA.

    Fast response flowmeter for leak testing Hastings-Raydist of Hampton, Virginia, USA have announced a Fast Response Flowmeter for leak test and pneumatic gauging operations. The instrument is available in several flow ranges from cl00 Std. cc/min. through O-5 SCFM. It in- corporates a dual set-point meter relay which permits use of the high-low relays to provide automatic acceptance or rejection of parts under test. Full response of the relays is approximately l/2 set, and the meter indication 1 second, to a step change in flow rate. This permits fast manual or automatic testing of leaks in containers, tanks, castings, automotive exhaust sys- tems, etc.

    The flowmeter is entirely electrical, operating on the Hastings patented thermo- pile principle, and incorporates compensa- tion for pressure from l/2 atm to 30 psig. The unit is also adaptable to automatic machine testing of small orifices, bore dia- meters, valve lifter assemblies, etc. Hastings-Raydist, Hampton, Virginia 23361, USA.

    New 6-inch gold seal gate valve The Granville-Phillips Series 265, ultrahigh vacuum gate valve combines a compact high conductance configuration with the total absence of sliding surfaces, elastomers, lubricants, or any other type of high vapour pressure valve material. It is claimed that substitution of this new valve for a stainless steel, viton-sealed valve having a 200C bakeout limit results in substantial savings in pump investment. The entire valve is radiation resistant, non-magnetic and bakeable to 300C. Its oxidation re- sistant gold seal design combines a very long seal lifetime with a sealing technique which releases much less gas than the common deformable sealing methods.

    The valve seals to conductances of less than 10-l* litrelsecond with atmospheric pressure on either side, has a 5.8%inch diameter open conductance with a flow



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