Fashion trends & make up trends in China. Fashion trends in China IN 1970

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Fashion trends & make up trends in China Slide 2 Fashion trends in China IN 1970 Slide 3 In that age,China still maintained a pretty well with the Soviet Union where a lot of women coming to China wore this kind of clothes. And wearing the same clothes was regarded as a sign of being advanced. Slide 4 1970's Cheongsam Slide 5 Today's fashion Many foreigners also like China cheongsam fashion, many designers put him into the now popular dress design Slide 6 1970's make up trends 70's China's women makeup like painted red lipsticks, look more feminine, some of the old Shanghai flavor. Slide 7 Today's make up trends Now many people like painted lips, it features more solid.There is no special highlight eye shadow. It also feel very Retro. Slide 8 Today's fashion, for example, is the imitation is the retro Shanghai hair style and makeup. Slide 9 THANK YOU