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Fashion Street Style Shoe Trends for the 2012 SpringSummer Season

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Here are the three trendystreet stylefashion themes for the 2012 spring/summer season: • Color Up • Preppy Yachting • Soft Seventies

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  • Fashion Street StyleShoe Trends for the2012 Spring/SummerSeasonAfter fashion has primarily looked back in the pastfew seasons with its focus on tradition andauthenticity, time has now finally come to show ourtrue colors and look ahead. Real statements areneeded here, and self-staging is allowed again. Thisyoung fashion looks are modern, cool anduncompromising, and the greatest renewal isprovided by expressive colors: grass green, brightpink, bright yellow, pool blue and red. They all vie for attention on shirts, trousers and shoes,and stand for a modern, self-confident look full of joie de vivre.

    The look of urban and street style fashion here is pretty sporty and preppyrolled-upchinos, brief shorts matched with cotton shirts and comfy lace-ups or casual espadrillesandthe universal summer look for boys and girls is ready. However, alongside classic, sportymaritime looks featuring striped patterns and traditional red-white-blue color combinations,there is also lots of scope for natural flair. Elaborate woven and platform sandals on high corkwedges are reminiscent of the 70s. To match these, we see flowing floral dresses and flaredjeans in attractive washes, because the focus of the future in the spring/summer of 2012 doesnot rule out nostalgic memories from the past.

    Here are the three trendy street style fashion themes for the 2012 spring/summer season:

    Color Up

    Colors mean renewal. After mainly natural tones characterizing the fashion and shoecollections of the past few seasons, a thirst for radiant tones will now finally be quenched inthe forthcoming summer. Inspired by sportswear, we find simple styles, sleek materials andfunctional details in a bold color scheme: traffic light red, sun yellow, lipstick pink and aquablue are used in extremely large expanses, boldly combined with each other. Color blockingis the watchword here, whether in block stripes on shirts or as piping or lining on shoes. Thecolor creed is omnipresent. The bold amongst us can coordinate these in an all-over look,while beginners can create exciting accents with colored accessories. Anything goes as longas you like it. Ultra-light technical fabrics are translated into nifty dresses with cuts that arealways sporty and unflustered. Striking soles in red or bright pink offer the colorful basis forballet flats and lace-ups. High-wedge soles in colored stripes attract everyones glances.However, it is not only the soles that shine in the most beautiful shades nextsummersurfaces show their colors, too! Whether made of canvas, soft nappa or shinypatent leather, the new summer shoes present themselves in the most gorgeous colors of therainbow. Sporty details like straps/elastic straps create exciting contrasts here.

  • Preppy Yachting

    This fashion motif with its roots coming from sailing looks maritime, Mediterranean and verysporty. Preppy and always a little jocular classic, separates are translated in a youthful andcasual manner. Brief shorts are matched with fine cotton shirts with ring stripes, whilelightweight summer parkas and jackets in washed canvas provide a sporty note here. Thecolor blue is omnipresent in all its shades and is a favorite worn from top to toe. Casuallyrolled-up chinos skillfully attract peoples attention to our footwear. Alongside deck shoesand docksider variations that feature a new slant next summer, we will also see countlessvariations of espadrille. The characteristic bast rope sole here is the basis for numerous shoestylesfrom ballet flats and sandals through lace-ups. Casual canvas shoes in a striped lookround off the summery look here. Rope elements, cords and large eyelets give sandals andpumps a maritime touch.

    Soft Seventies

    Natural flair, constancy and a little touch of nostalgia are indispensable in the comingsummer season. This longing finds expression in a tribute to the 70s. Long, flowing floraldresses and swinging maxi skirts sum up the trend in a very feminine way. ExperimentalBohemian chic feeds on a love of naturewith gentle earthy tones combined with a refinedpastel palette. Fine, transparent blouses, embroidered tunics or loose shirts are combined withany amount of denim creating a very authentic note in high-quality vintage washes. Sexydenim shortsthe shorter the betterand flared jeans bring the creative spirit of the floraldresses up to a modern level. Washed or untreated leather offers the basis for matching shoestyles. Elaborate weaving and airy perforations underline the craftsmanship feel of thistheme. High-heeled sandals feature on platforms, shapely wedges or block heels. Stable heelsin natural materials like cork and bast form the basis for delicate millefleur prints and lavishblossom appliqus. Stylish strappy-heeled sandals really put you in the mood for summer.For boys, suede moccasins or desert boots in washed leather on sporty soles are amongst theabsolute must-haves for summer.