Fashion 1910’s – 1919’s

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Fashion 1910’s – 1919’s. Rich & exotic opulence in first half of decade - Orientalism Practicality of garments during WWI – 1914 – 1918 Changes made because of necessity over fashion - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Fashion 1910’s – 1919’s

  • Fashion 1910s 1919s

  • Rich & exotic opulence in first half of decade - OrientalismPracticality of garments during WWI 1914 1918Changes made because of necessity over fashionPeriods of upheaval are often a catalyst for profound social change, which in turn is a catalyst for dramatic change in fashion.

  • InfluencesWomens suffrage movementRoots of ProhibitionGreat Influenza Epidemic (1918)Titantic sank in 1912Frank Lloyd Wright Arts & Crafts movementSilent Films Charlie Chaplin & Mary Pickford

  • DesignersJacques Doucet Mariano Fortuny Coco Chanel

  • SilhouetteRectangular- Tunic over a long underskirt- Empire waist early loosened and gradually dropped to natural waist- Tunics gradually became longer and underskirts were made fuller and shorter- 1916 calf-length dresses over ankle length underskirt

  • Hobble SkirtMimicked the Harem skirts of middle east1914Widest at hips narrow at ankle

  • The Great WarWWI1914 1918Women went to work factoriesIndependence increased levels of activity and desire for practical shoesClothing more utilitarian tailored, mannish appearanceHemlines inched up dropped underskirts above ankles material shortagesDarker Colors Mourning Monochrome look

  • Hats/Hair StylesLarge hats with wide brims earlySmall hats with flat brims endBobbed haircut

  • MenUnchanged Styles Sack SuitPants with cuff/with front/back creasesTuxedo jacketTies same

  • ChildrenBoys suits with trousersGirls less adult - shorter skirts- Material Rationing