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Fare clic per modificare lo stile del sottotitolo dello schema Visita virtuale a Londra Istituto Comprensivo Portoferraio “G. Pascoli” Classe IIB

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Text of Fare clic per modificare lo stile del sottotitolo dello schema Visita virtuale a Londra Istituto...

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  • Fare clic per modificare lo stile del sottotitolo dello schema Visita virtuale a Londra Istituto Comprensivo Portoferraio G. Pascoli Classe IIB
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  • ALUNNI RESPONSABILI 1) Tommaso Alberti 11) Elena Matacera 2) Andrea Block 12) Mirko Mocali 3) Tommaso Capasso 13) Michele Mortula 4) Debora Carlotti 14) Erica Papasergi 5) Solly Elstein 15) Chiara Parrini 6) Chiara Ercolani 16) Marina Reitano 7) Lorenzo Furgani 17) Marika Signorini 8) Francesca Furi 18) May Straniero 9) Matteo Guerra 19) Lorenzo Zamboni 10) Maxim Lucanciuc DOCENTI: ZACCARIA GIOVANNA Doc. Inglese GORINI STEFANO Doc. Ed. Fisica BUSELLI RICCARDO Doc Matematica e Scienze
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  • London is the capital of the UK. It is the largest city in the country with over 8 million inhabitants. London is on the river Thames. It is a business and tourism centre, it is rich in monuments, museums and art galleries. Its theatres, shops and historic buildings attract millions of visitors every year. This fascinating city is full of things to see and do. Heres a map of the central area. VISITING LONDON
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  • London Map
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  • Hyde Park Hyde Park is the largest and the most crowded of the Londons Parks, along with Kensington Gardens. In spring and summer you can see many horse, riders in Rotten Row. On fine days people take out rowing and sailing boats on the Serpentine Lake or play football and bowls. In every season, especially at weekends, you can see crowds of people at Speakers Corner. Here anyone can speak freely about politics, religion and the social problems.. London Parks
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  • ST JAMES PARK St Jamess Park is the most aristocratic and the oldest of Londons parks, with nice views of Buckingham Palace. In the middle of the park there is a lake with ducks, pelicans and other birds.Tourist and office workers enjoy the fresh air and feed the ducks in their lunch hour.
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  • Green Park has always been different from the other Royal Parks. It has almost no flowers, but it is full of trees. It is a place where you can sit out in a spring or summer afternoon and watch people coming and going. Green Park
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  • REGENTS PARK The Regents Park houses London Zoo with about 8.000 animals of 900 species, and an artificial lake which is a paradise for birds. In the open-air theater you can listen to concerts in summer and see performances, mostly of Shakespeares plays.
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  • Kensington Gardens is the richest in the vegetation. The Flower Walk is full of flowers and trees in almost every season. Its childrens favourite park. There they can play with model boats on the artificial lake, called Round Pond. Other attractions are the famous statue of Peter Pan, and the Serpentine Gallery where modern artist exhibit their works. Kensington Gardens
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  • British Museum The British Museum is one of the greatest museums in the world. It houses antiquities from Egypt, Greece and Rome, collections of archaeology, drawings, coins and medals.
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  • NATIONAL GALLERY The National Gallery faces Trafalgar Square and houses one of the finest European collections of paintings, dating from the 13th century.
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  • TRAFALGAR SQUARE Trafalgar Square is one of the worlds greatest squares. Nelsons column, 51 metres high, stands in the middle and commemorates Nelsons victory at the battle of Trafalgar. Traditional celebrations take place on new years Eve around a Christmas tree, donated by the people of Norway to Britain every year.
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  • ST PAULS CATHEDRAL St Pauls Cathedral is the largest church in the city of London. It is famous for its dome and it has been the scene of state funerals.
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  • TOWER BRIDGE Tower Bridge is the most famous bridge in London. It is 244 metres long and it opens when big ships have to pass. It offers a spectacular view of the River Thames, ST Pauls Cathedral and the city.
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  • THE TOWER OF LONDON The tower of London is a museum and houses the Crown Jewels, guarded by the beefeaters. They wear a red coat and black hat, the traditional Tudor uniform. In the past, this medieval fortress was a royal palace and then a prison.
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  • Piccadilly Circus Piccadilly circus is the national meeting place and the heart of the West End. In the midle of the square the statue of Eros is a memorial to Lord Shaftesbury. Soho, Londons nightlife centre wirh its restaurant and cinemas, is nearby.
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  • Westminster abbey Westminster Abbey is a gothic masterpiece of the Middle Ages. The Abbey has seen the coronation of all kings and queens since 1066. Many of them are buried within its walls, as well as writers such as Kipling, Chaucer, and composers like Hndel.
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  • THE PLANETARIUM AND MADAME TUSSAUDS The Planetarium and Madame Tussauds are the two most popular attractions in London. The London Planetarium offerspectacular displays of the sky, the stars and the planets, while Madame Tussads is know worldwide for its waxworks representing famous people.
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  • THE SWISS RE TOWER The swiss Re Tower in Londons financial district, is famous for its daring architecture. This new building, opened in 2004, looks like a huge cucumber and uses energy- saving methods. It is 180 metres high and has 41 floors.
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  • Welcom to London! Like all big cities, London has got a large and efficient transport system. This is the London Transport symbol. You can find it at underground stations and bus stops. In London everyone uses the underground it is a quick way to travelaround the central area of London. The tube is the familiar name for the London underground. There are 12 lines. Each line has a different name and colour, so its easy to travel on it. Use the underground map to plan your journey
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  • DOUBLE-DECKER A ride on a London bus or a red double-decker is the best way to see the capital. This way, even if the traffic is slow, you can see the busy streets of the West End and the City, crowded with people and full of shops and great buildings. Most London buses are still red, some are different colours, but they all display this sign.
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  • Londons black taxis are called cabs. You can hire them by telephone or hail them in the street. When the yellow sign for hire or taxi is lit, it means the LONDONS BLACK TAXIS
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  • The national flag of the United Kingdom is called the Union Jack and dates back to 1601. It consists of three crosses: the red cross of St George and the white cross of St Andrew of Scotland and the blue cross of St Patrick of Ireland. Wales has its own flag, it is green and white with a red dragon.crosses The national flag
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  • The Union Jack
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  • Coins Paper Money British Money

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