Family kids & adult water slides

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Haisen Family kids & adult water slides - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>Family Kids &amp; Adult Water Slides Manufacturer Family Kids &amp; Adult Water Slides For Sale Haisan is a water park equipment manufacturer located in Guangdong province in China with its own brand Haisen. At Haisan, there are a big range of slides, rides and pools equipment for water parks, theme parks and amusement parks. The main material being used for those water park equipment are fiberglass with techniques of hand spray up and powder coating, which meets SGS stands under ISO9001:2008 management. Family rafting water slides have the largest capacity of all different types of tubing waterslides averaging between 4 and 6 riders per dispatch.It's one ideal slide that can provide guests interactive riding experience. The color of the family water slides have customized, you can refer to our color chart. It's one ideal slide that can provide both kids and adults interactive riding experience. </p>