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  • Fall 2013

    From The Heart Of Caregivers . . .

  • 2 Real Services Fall 2013

    Have you given much thought about your encore years? John did, over 12,000 biking miles ago when he moved to Greencroft Goshen, a Continuing Care Living Community. Hes still pedaling.

    Oh, he wrote eight books too. Three in a second language. Hes just getting started.

    Living in a Continuing Care Living Community alleviates the hassles of home ownership and provides easy access to assisted living and healthcare services. What a relief!

    My Encore:Pedal and Pen


    Live, Here. For the Best of Your Life.

    John, 88 years young Greencroft Goshen resident

    Begin your encore as early as age 55 in one of our Continuing Care Living Communities

    Goshen, Middlebury, New Carlisle, South Bend Call us at 574-537-4150 to begin.

    REAL ServicesWeb Site


    Learn about about our services Make a referral for In-Home Services Find job opportunities Find volunteer opportunities Request your free copy of REAL Connections Request an Ad packet for REAL Connections


    Area 2 Agency on AgingAdvisory Council

    Ms. Dawn BielaMs. Cara CampbellMr. Hassan DabagiaMs. Jo FaulknerMs. Shirley GidleyMr. Bill GilroyMs. Pam GuntermanMs. Susan HawkMs. Pat HollarMr. J.P. HoyerMr. Hollis HughesMr. Cary Kelsey

    Ms. Sally LaRoccaMr. Richard MahMs. Pam MathewsMs. Tara MorrisMs. Anita McCollesterMs. Pat McQuadeMr. Rey NiedMs. Mary Ann RichardsMs. Karla SchoofMr. Harvey SieffMs. Marquerite TaylorMs. Celesta Vaughan

    or find us on the web


  • 3www.realservices.org


    Where caring people make the difference!

    Caring People Make the DifferenceWhen you walk into American Senior Communities, the difference is clear: there is a passion our people bring to their work that you simply wont find in any other senior healthcare community.

    When someone chooses to live at American Senior Communities, we become an extension of their family. We take the time to get to know each of our residents and their families on a personal level. Our community is made up of individuals and with that in mind, we focus on serving individual needs.

    Some people search a lifetime for

    their calling. I found my calling,

    my extended family and a home

    away from home at American

    Senior Communities.

    Ryan Levengood,Executive Director,

    American Senior Communities.

    For information on these and other Indiana locations, visit ASCSeniorCare.com

    ELKHARTEast Lake Nursing & Rehabilitation Center 574-264-1133Riverside Village 574-522-2020

    SOUTH BENDCardinal Nursing & Rehabilitation 574-287-6501West Bend Nursing & Rehabilitation 574-282-1294

    Our Services:


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    For Active and Informed Adults

    Fall 2013


    LETTERS6 Letter from the President of REAL Services8 Letter from the Director, Area Agency on Aging

    FEATURE ARTICLES10 Caregivers16 Solutions/Resources for Family Caregivers16 What is a Support Group17 Adult Day Services18 REAL Services Merger22 Luncheon Event Of The Year24 REAL Room Makeover26 Tips For Living Your Best Life:

    Memory Loss: Whats Normal and Not Normal as we Age

    GENERAL INFORMATION20 The Federal Budget and Resulting Changes

    28 Ask SHIP31 Volunteer Opportunities34 Office Locations


    22 24

    REAL Services, Inc. is a not-for profit corporation which serves the elderly and individuals of all income levels in the counties of St. Joseph,Elkhart, LaPorte, Fulton, Marshall and Kosciusko. The objective of REAL Services is to assist those we serve in maintaining their inde-pendence to the maximum degree possible and find meaning and satisfaction throughout their lives. Please contact us at 574-284-2644, 1-800-552-7928, or info@realservices.org

    On The Cover: Jane Lorton and her mother Isabel Batson circa 1945

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  • 6 Real Services Fall 2013

    CAREGIVING Its complicated.

    Caregiving I dont presume to be an expert. But,after working for 28 years in programs and serviceswith our older generations, I have learned a fewthings. First and foremost all of us can expect tofeel the impact of this experience called caregiv-ing. It is a fact of life that affects every socio-eco-nomic group and all ages. Although most us of do notplan for this role, or discuss the issue with our familyor friends, chances are that caregiving will in facttouch our lives.

    I have also learned that: There is no one size fits all solution for caregiv-ing. Families, and the personalities within those fami-lies, are all unique and the end result is a distinct care-giving challenge that is different for each and everyfamily. The traditional family roles that were in placebefore there was a need to provide care continue aseach family navigates the responsibilities of caregiving.

    The organized and strong daughter may step for-ward to organize the care for her mother, andargue with her father over the best course ofaction.

    In another family, a mother who has always beendependent on her daughter may increase herdependence and have high expectations for herworking daughter.

    In yet another family, the mother who has alwaysbeen independent, and proud of her independ-ence, may not accept help at all. To her daugh-ters chagrin, this mother prefers to risk her ownsafety rather than accept help from her daughter.

    Each family member brings his/her own perspectives,opinions, and ideas to the caregiving table. These arethe very traits that make up the family itself.Geographic separations, extended families, and blend-ed families help to further demonstrate how eachhousehold is distinctive. Since there is no playbook, no

    one-size fits all plan for caregiving, each family is des-tined to determine what will work for them. Whilemany families proceed in a very private and confiden-tial manner, other families are inclined to discuss theirconcerns with friends and co-workers.

    As noted earlier I do not presume to be an expert onthe topic of caregiving, but I do know experts and Iknow that Northern Indiana is rich with resources.I do not know all the solutions to the caregiving puz-zle, but I am fortunate to know others that do haveanswers and can offer help. The first place to start:

    Aging and Disability Resource Center (ADRC) atREAL Services. REAL Services was the pilot for theAging and Disability Resource Center model for theState of Indiana. The concept was initiated by theCenters for Medicare and the Administration on Agingso that families had one central place to turn to forinformation about Long Term Care. The Aging andDisability Resource Center is available to anyone inNorthern Indiana, regardless of age or income. Theprofessionals who work in the ADRC are experts whoknow all of the community resources, costs of servicesand the options available to caregivers. Anyone whocontacts the ADRC will speak with an OptionsCounselor. Each Options Counselor is speciallytrained, knowledgeable, compassionate, and under-standing. Options Counselors provide nonbiased infor-mation and arm caregivers with what is needed tomake good decisions. Options Counselors are pre-pared to discuss Medicare, Medicaid, Home CareProviders, Home Modifications and Repair, SeniorHousing Options, Elder Law Attorneys, Assisted LivingFacilities, Nursing Homes, Support Groups, and more.REAL Services is a private non-profit agency that existsto serve older adults. It is not tied to any medicalorganization or business. This allows the ADRC to beindependent in its recommendations. It is the ONEresource for answers and information about all things

    Letter From The President

  • www.realservices.org 7

    Aging. To contact the ADRC, call 574-284-2644 or 1-800-552-7928.

    In addition to the ADRC, our community can to turn toAlzheimers and Dementia Services of NorthernIndiana there is not a better trained or a more car-ing group than the staff and volunteers of Alzheimersand Dementia Services of Northern Indiana. In theireffort to assist family caregivers, Support Groups arecoordinated throughout Northern Indiana. In addition,regular training and education is offered to individualsand groups. Families and caregivers become betterequipped to provide care after learning more about thedisease, treatments and tips. In addition, an Adult DayService program is offered Monday through Fridaywhere specially trained Nursing, Social Service, andActivity professionals care for individuals with a varietyof disabilities. Caregivers from all over NorthernIndiana have stated that there is no better resourcethan Alzheimers and Dementia Services. To contactAlzheimers and Dementia Services of Northern Indianacall (574) 232-4121 or 1-888-303-0180.

    Our community has services, education, information,and support options as varied as the needs of eachunique caregiver. The best places to learn about theseresources are with the experts in the Aging and

    Rebecca Zaseck,President/CEOREAL Services


    Mr. Edward G. BaerMs. Heather BirkeyMr. Bruce J. BonDurantSenator John E. BrodenDr. JoAnn M. BurkeMs. Mary Jo CampbellMs. Peggy CugginoM