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FACULTY OF ENGINEERING HANDBOOK ... Master of Science Master of Surveying ... Re-Admission after Absence Attendance Status Change of Address Change of Name Change of Programme Withdrawal

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Text of FACULTY OF ENGINEERING HANDBOOK ... Master of Science Master of Surveying ... Re-Admission after...

  • The University of Newcastle


    . CALENDAR 1988

    VOLUME 7

  • The University of Newcastle



    Location Address: Rankin Drive, Shortland

    Postal Address: The University of Newcastle NSW. 2308

    Telephone: (049) 680401

    Telex: AA28194 - Library AA28618 - Bursar AA28784 - TUNRA (The U' . f N ruVerslty 0 ewcastle Research Associates Limited)

    Facsimile: (049) 675833

    Hours of Business: Mondays to Fridays excepting public holidays 9 am to 5 pm

    Designed by: Marie-T Wisniowski

    Typeset by : The Secretary's Division, The University of Newcastle

    Printed by : Knight Brothers, Bryant St, Tighes Hill

    The University of Newcastle Calendar consists of the following volumes:

    Volume 1 _ Legislation:

    Volume 2 - University Bodies and Staff:

    Volume 3- Faculty of Architecture Handbook

    Volume 4- Faculty of Arts Handbook

    Volume 5- Faculty of Economics and Commerce Handbook

    Volume 6- Faculty of Education Handbook

    Volume 7- Faculty of Engineering Handbook

    Volume 8- Faculty of Mathematics Handbook

    Volume 9- Faculty of Medicine Handbook

    Volume 10- Faculty of Science Handbook

    Also available are the Undergraduate Guide and Postgraduate Prospectus

    This Volume is intended as a reference handbook for students enrolling in courses conducted by the Faculty of Engineering. The colour band, Lapis Lazuli Bee ISO, on the cover is the lining colour of the hood of Bachelors of Engineering of this University.

    The infonnation in this Handbook is correct as at 1 November, 1987.

    ISSN 0159 - 3455

    Recommended Price: Three dollars and fifty cents plus postage.


    On behalf of the staff of the Faculty of Engineering, I wish to extend a very warm welcome to all students - those who are entering the University and the Faculty for the first time and those who are returning to commence another year of studies. Having chosen to study in one of the fields of Engineering or in Surveying, we believe you are embarking on a professional career which is bnth challenging and stimulating. It is clear we are living in a technological age - an age which has seen a tremendous burst of scientific and technological development and which has had a marked effect on the modes and characteristics of our society. It is also clear that the future of our society is very much dependent on the solution of a number of very complex technological problems, such as those associated with the development of alternative forms of energy and the preservation of our living environment. Graduates in the various professions of Engineering and Surveying will, in their own way, be required to contribute to the solution of these problems. The role of universities in modem society is a changed one. Not only is it necessary to preserve the ideals of learning and associated fundamental research, it has become equally important for universities to become increasingly involved in the advancement of science and technology necessary for modern industrial and economic development. In this respect the role of the University Engineering Faculty in applied and industrially orientated research is an important one. The Faculty of Engineering through its research and associated projects undertaken on behalf of Australian industry, has already made a significant contribution. The Faculty of Engineering has continued to update course material to meet the current and future standards of the professions and the needs of society. To ensure that this is done effectively, it is essential to maintain a stimulating learning environ~ent, teaching and assessment methods. While the various courses provide the essential depth of study in the principal technical fields, we believe it to be of importance that students gain some breadth in their educational experience. In the various degree programmes the opportunity exists for students to take some subjects in other Faculties. The rationale for this is obvious; while the role of the professional Engineer or Surveyor may be seen as providing technical solutions to technical problems, he or she must also be acutely aware of the social implications of the decisions being made. The inter-relation of the professions and society is one of growing importance. The opportunity to obtain a well-rounded tertiary educational experience is embodied in the very concept of the University system. The University environment, with its excellent campus and facilities, together with the many extra-curricula activities, creates an opportunity for obtaining a total experience, indeed a unique experience, in one's lifetime. For this reason I would encourage you to take full advantage of the opportunities available to you and, where time pennits. take an active interest in the various facets of University life. The staff of the Faculty will do everything possible to make your work both interesting and enjoyable and will be anxious to help you with any problems you may have. I personally would be most happy to assist you in any way I can, and would be grateful for any feedback of a constructive nature that you may wish to offer. In conclusion I wish you well in your studies at this University. There is no doubt that a course of study leading to an Engineering or Surveying degree requires a great deal of dedication and perseverance, but the task is certainly a rewarding one.


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    FACULTY STAFF Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering Department of Civil Engineering and Surveying Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Department of Mechanical Engineering

    FACULTY INFORMATION Advice and Information The Faculty Undergraduate Degree Courses Postgraduate Diploma Courses Postgraduate Degree Programmes

    SECTION THREE UNDERGRADUATE DEGREE REGULATIONS Regulations Governing Bachelor Degrees Bachelor of Engineering Bachelor of Metallurgy Bachelor of Surveying Bachelor of Science (Engineering) Bachelor of Science (Metallurgy) Core Programmes



    Policies on Undergraduate Performance and Progress General Reservation Assessment Academic Perfonnance Academic Progression and Unsatisfactory Progress Satisfaction of Degree Requirements Awards of Honours and Merit

    Last Dates for Addition or Substitution of Subjects Special Consideration Special Examinations Deferred Examinations Review of Results Submission of Final Year Project Reports Late Withdrawal from Subjects Years/Stage Classification Standing for TAFE Certificates Industrial Experience Exemptions

    BACHELOR DEGREE COURSE PROGRAMMES Guide on Course Attendance Patterns Chemical Engineering Civil Engineering Computer Engineering Electrical Engineering Industrial Engineering Materials Engineering MechanicaL Engineering Surveying

    2 2 2 3 4

    5 5 5 6 7 7

    9 9

    10 11 11 11 11 12

    13 13 13 13 13 13 15 15 15 17 18 18 18 18 19 19 19 19 19 20

    21 21 22 26 30 32 35 37 39 43


    SECTION SIX SUBJECT DESCRIPTIONS Guide to Subject Descriptions Chemical Engineering (ChE) Civil Engineering (CE) Electrical and Computer Engineering (EE) General Engineering (GE) Materials Engineering (Mat) Mechanical Industrial Engineering (ME) Surveying (SV) Core SUbjects Offered by Departments in Other Faculties Chemistry Economics Geography Mathematics Physics Approved Elective Subjects


    SECTION EIGHT POSTGRADUATE DEGREE REGULATIONS Regulations Governing Diplomas Diploma in Industrial Engineering Diploma in Surveying Regulations Governing Master Degrees Master of Engineering Master of Engineering Science Master of Science Master of Surveying Approved Master of Engineering Science SUbjects



    Civil Engineering Electrical and Computer Engineering Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Materials Engineering Metallurgy Surveying Master of Engineering Science SUbject Computer Numbers

    Coal Techoology Subjects Electrical and Computer Engineering Subjects Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Subjects

    GENERAL INFORMATION located between pages 54 and 55 PRINCIPAL DATES 1988

    Term Dates Faculty of Medicine Advice and Information Faculty Secretaries Cashier's Office Careers and Student Employment Officer Counselling Service Enrolment of New Students Transfer of Course

    46 46 48 56 60 68 71 73 82 85 85 86 87 87 91 92


    102 102 103 104 105 106 106 107 107

    109 109 110 110 111 112 113 113 114 114 114 115

    ii ii ii ii ii ii ji


    Re-Enrolment by Continuing Students Re-Enrolment Kits Lodging Application for Re-Enrolment Forms Enrolment Approval Payment of Charges Late Payment Student Cards Re-Admission after Absence Attendance Status Change of Address Change of Name Change of Programme Withdrawal Confirmation of Enrolment Failure to Pay Overdue Debts Leave of Absence Attendance at Classes General Conduct Notices Student Matters Generally EXAMINATIONS Examination Periods Sitting

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