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FACTUAL DESCRIPTION. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


PowerPoint Presentation

FACTUALDESCRIPTIONFACT- A Fact is " something that actually exists; reality; truth.

ETYMOLOGY- The word Fact derives from the Latin Factum and was first used in English with the same meaning " a thing done or performed" a use that is not obsolete. The current usage of " something that has really occurred or happened " dates back to 16th century.

FACTUAL DESCRIPTION- To factually describe something is to present it as it is or appears to be.Difference between a Factual Description and a Report

Factual Description

Report Writing

1.A brief factually correct account of a person/place/object/process

An account of a past event- function/ seminar/workshop/ accident/ robbery etc.

2.Usually simple Present Tense is used except when describing something from past.

Always written in Past Tense and appropriate use of Passive Voice is done when required.3.Written Objectively without personal inputs. Flow of information is from General to Specific.

Includes eye-witness accounts and is otherwise Objective.

Points to RememberHow to describe; an event/ a process/ a place/ an objectThink of the main pointsOrganize these points In a logical sequenceDont use I/ We/ YouWrite the paragraph in simple present tense (For events use past tense)Give it a heading.Use link words like (first, then, next, finally)Follow the word limit 125 words.Points to RememberFactual Description of an object/placeWrite the description in exact order in which its found/placed.Start with a general description and then move to specific details.Start with the description of the exterior and then describe the interior, i.e. first outside, then inside.Give it a heading.Dont use I/ We/ You.Follow the word limit 125 words.Points to RememberFactual Description of a process:Remember to describe it in the order in which things actually happen/ are done.Use present tense.Use link words to organise the points that describe the process.Dont use I/ We/ You.Give it a heading.Follow the word limit 125 words.Points to RememberFactual Description of an event:Use past tense to describe the event.All factual description are written in one long paragraph.Give it a heading.Dont use I/ We/ You.Follow the word limit 125 words.PAIR ACTIVITY

a) Form pairsb) Blindfold your partnerc) Describe the picture in front of you to your partner. Time- two minutesd) Remove the picture and the blindfold.e) Write a description of the picture as described to you by your partner without any fresh inputs from your partner. Word limit-100 words.f) Read out the description to the class.g) See the actual picture.h) Pick out the mistakes and omissions.i) Rewrite the factual description.

Write the followingCell PhoneYour desk in the classYour best friend