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FACTS ABOUT MARIJUANA. PAUL G. BLAZER SENIOR HIGH SOPHOMORE HEALTH BY AJ DOC STADELMEYER FALL 2009. Marijuana. Often called pot, grass, weed, reefer, dope, mary jane, bud, sinsemilla. It is smoked or eaten. It looks like dried parsley mixed with stems, buds and seeds. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation



  • Marijuana Often called pot, grass, weed, reefer, dope, mary jane, bud, sinsemilla.It is smoked or eaten.It looks like dried parsley mixed with stems, buds and seeds.Its main ingredient is Tetrahydrocannabinal, also called THCThe scientific name for marijuana is cannabis savita.

  • HashishThis is another form of marijuana.Also called hash or hash brownies.It is eaten or smoked.It looks like brown or black balls or cakes.Hash oil looks like concentrated syrupy liquid varying in color from clear to black.The oil is mixed with tobacco and smoked.

  • TetrahydrocannabinolAlso called THCIt is the main active ingredient in marijuana and hashish.It can be smoked or taken orally in a pill form.In pill form it looks like soft gelatin capsules.

  • Effects of MarijuanaThe immediate effects of marijuana use are blood shot eyes, increased heart rate, dry mouth and throat, increased appetite, short term memory loss, altered sense of space and time, loss of concentration, impaired coordination, impaired vision, paranoia, loss of knowledge retention, coughing, fatigue, dizziness.

  • Marijuana and ThinkingPeople do not retain knowledge when they are high.You are unable to learn or remember anything when you are high.Comprehension of new information is lost.

  • AddictionLong-term users of cannabis may develop psychological dependence.They develop tolerance to marijuana; they need more and more of the drug to get the same effect.The drug becomes the center of the users life.

  • AddictionMarijuana is considered highly addictive.Withdrawal from marijuana can last 3 to 6 months.

  • Other IngredientsMarijuana contains over 421 different chemicals besides THC.Some of these chemicals are 50 to 100% more carcinogenic (cancer causing) than the chemicals in tobacco.Marijuana contains more cancer causing agents than tobacco.

  • Marijuana SmokeBecause marijuana smokers tend to inhale the unfiltered smoke deeply and then hold it in their lungs as long as possible, the smoke is more damaging to the lungs and respiratory system than tobacco smoke is.

  • Marijuana UsersThe average age for beginning marijuana use today is 12. The younger the user, the worse and longer the effects.Marijuana is a Gateway Drug.90% of cocaine users smoked marijuana before trying cocaine.

  • Facts About Marijuana UsersThey often have a chronic, hacking cough and red eyes.They usually need money and cant account for where their money has been spent.They often sell or trade personal items from their home for marijuana.They have a low tolerance for rules and authority.

  • Facts About Marijuana Users IIThey are often disrespectful to adults.They have poor impulse control, leading to sudden outbursts of laughter, anger or depression.Their thinking and memory are damaged. Often they cant remember what happened yesterday.

  • Facts About Marijuana Users IIIThey cant use their mind for tasks such as school work or jobs.Depression, self-absorption, manipulative behavior, and frequent lying are common.Deteriorating performance in school and at work, along with non-participation in sports and other school activities is common.

  • Facts About Marijuana Users IVThey are prone to legal problems for driving violations, shoplifting, and vandalism.They have poor judgment and show a detachment from reality.They often show drastic changes in behavior, appearance and personality in a short period of time.

  • Facts About Marijuana Users VIThey are usually reluctant to talk about new friends with their parents.They tend to have discipline and grade problems at school, especially after using marijuana for awhile.They usually abandon their old friends for their new drug using friends.

  • More Information About THCTodays marijuana smoke contains 5 to 10 times more THC than the marijuana available just 5 years ago.THC can remain in the bodys fat cells for over a month and show up on certain drug tests for up to 3 months.Marijuana with high THC content (3 20%) can trigger panic, anxiety, flashbacks, hallucinations, and toxic psychosis.

  • Legal InformationMarijuana has been illegal to possess, use, or sell since 1937.It is a Schedule I drug, along with other hard drugs like cocaine, heroin, LSD etc.It is a felony in KY to use or possess marijuana.Possession of more than __?__ounces will result in a drug trafficking charge.

  • Legal Information IIPossession or use within 1000 feet of any school is also a separate felony charge.

  • Short Term Effects Of Marijuana UseIncreased heart rateBlood shot eyesDry mouth and throatIncreased appetiteChange in body temperatureHallucinationsSlowed Reaction TimeDecreased visionDecreased coordinationIntoxicationConfusionDisorientationShort term memory Loss

  • Short Term Effects of Marijuana Use IIReduced attention spanLoss of balanceCoughingAnxietyParanoiaDecreased eye pressureDistorted senses and perception of realityIncreased blood pressureRelaxationInjuries from accidentsDeaths from accidentsLegal Problems

  • Long Term Effects Of Marijuana UseLoss of money and financial securityPsychological dependenceAsthma, BronchitisRespiratory System DamageDecreased Sex DriveInfertilityDelusions, PanicSchizophreniaAmotivational SyndromeSchool ProblemsFamily ProblemsLegal Problems

  • Long Term Effects Of Marijuana Use IILong term memory lossBrain tissue damageDamage to unborn babiesTHC ToleranceImmune System DamageDamage to chromosomes, DNA and genes.Cancer of the lung, throat, mouthEmphysemaAggression and hostility

  • Long Term Effects Of Marijuana Use IIIDamaged and decreased sperm in malesDisrupted menstrual cycles in femalesFetal Marijuana Syndrome (similar to FAS)Pituitary gland damage Difficulty in forming concepts and thoughtsHypertensionHeart DiseaseArteriosclerosisIncreased illnesses