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    Name of Company: Afghan Parse Construction Company

    Brief Name: A.P.C.C

    License Number: D-33603

    Establishment Year: 2007

    Address: 2end Road, Zadran plaza, 4th floor Kabul Afghanistan.

    Mobile numbers: +93(0)7000 22000

    E-mail: [email protected]


  • AFGHAN PARSE CONSTRUCTION COMPANY 1 Address: 2ND Road, 4th Floor, Karta-e-Naw Kabul Afghanistan Contact No.: +93(0)070-0022000 Email: [email protected]











  • AFGHAN PARSE CONSTRUCTION COMPANY 2 Address: 2ND Road, 4th Floor, Karta-e-Naw Kabul Afghanistan Contact No.: +93(0)070-0022000 Email: [email protected]


    The two decades of war in Afghanistan have further devastated the country, which has resulted in massive population displacement. The fighting and insecurity in the area with a constant and dramatic reduction of opportunities for work have negatively affected most of the economic activities.

    A number of factors have affected the general economic situation of the population.

    The long lasting conflict and the 6-years of Taliban regime has badly affected the education system especially the women, reducing employment opportunities.

    This have resulted mostly the women and the girls young generation to lose their capability for increasing their education and knowledge. On the other hand increasing peoples vulnerability as the fact that most of the families lost their men and this is only the young girls, how will feed the family due to having recent technology. In fact, the return process of refugees to rural areas has also flooded the education seeking streamline, as they were studying when were abroad.

    In fact every nation has its own customs and traditions with different culture, which varies form one to other, basically about women rights. The only religions of Islam have already given the education right to male and female therefore, their entrusted rights must be given to them. Most people of Afghanistan are living in mountains and villages, which dont have accessibility to education and there are no facilities for them.

    The rural people of Afghanistan are very poor powerless so, in this stage they need help and support. But how can we support them? as you know that there was a big war in Afghanistan there is still no stability. This war hurt the whole Afghanistan, women became widows, children became orphans and most of the people lost their homes, their business and other things. In this regard, those can help women who have educated and good sense of responsibility about their adopted sisters and mothers. Those can also help them who have skilled in professional works like cooking, making expensive handicrafts, embroidery and so on. Our ruin country needs the young generation energy and power to rebuild Afghanistan to bring slight changes in basic infrastructure and bring up the same level of other developed countries. Therefore based on our field of

  • AFGHAN PARSE CONSTRUCTION COMPANY 3 Address: 2ND Road, 4th Floor, Karta-e-Naw Kabul Afghanistan Contact No.: +93(0)070-0022000 Email: [email protected]

    professionalism in consultancy and construction nearing and construction Company has established to use our profession in rebuilding of Afghanistan in urban and rural areas to help our poor people to give them back their lost power especially the women and children who lost their education and their rights of human being. The company with due resources of multi sect oral assistance would be an asset for rebuilding of Afghanistan.


    The Company is established by a group of Civil Engineering with adequate sources of technical knowledge with due all engineering norms and standards to provide the Quality Control services, consultancy and implementation the construction projects in Afghanistan urban and rural areas.

    A.P.C.C is a nonpolitical private company set up to deal with any organization on construction basis for consultancy and implementation, of any project for the rehabilitation and development of Afghanistan.

    The A.P.C.C Company has the service of professional Civil Engineers and Draftsmen master in using modern engineering computer softwares (SAP2000,ETABs and AutoCAD GIS).

    Furthermore the professional team of A.P.C.C has undertaken services in different field of, surveying, design, supervision, drafting of engineering structures and Implementation of difference engineering projects (Building, Road Construction, Bridge, Irrigation schemes and water supply projects) according to up-to-date engineering norms and standards.

  • AFGHAN PARSE CONSTRUCTION COMPANY 4 Address: 2ND Road, 4th Floor, Karta-e-Naw Kabul Afghanistan Contact No.: +93(0)070-0022000 Email: [email protected]


    To provide more facilities in education for Afghan new generation all

    over the country premises through Design, Quality control and construction of schools and universities.

    To provide more facilities for national and international Construction Company in consultancy (Design and Quality Control) of different construction projects in Afghanistan.

    To provide facilities in rural and urban areas through Consultancy and construction of roads, bridges, dams, canals, irrigation structures, Residential buildings and parking areas.

    To support the government of Afghanistan to rebuild its basic infrastructure through provision of technical Consultancy and standards technology.

  • AFGHAN PARSE CONSTRUCTION COMPANY 5 Address: 2ND Road, 4th Floor, Karta-e-Naw Kabul Afghanistan Contact No.: +93(0)070-0022000 Email: [email protected]

  • AFGHAN PARSE CONSTRUCTION COMPANY 6 Address: 2ND Road, 4th Floor, Karta-e-Naw Kabul Afghanistan Contact No.: +93(0)070-0022000 Email: [email protected]

    PERSONNEL AND ADMINISTRATION The support from the staff is essential, since they remain the key staff for management of this company, so we are keen on building the skills of all personal. The Organization HR and admin is system is directing by executive team those are managing within a system. We try to provide more technical training opportunities for our staff in an international standard besides the skill and proficiency which they have. The recruitment of the program/project staff will be done based on qualification, experience and personal behavior.

    Trustees Board:

    This board is consist the community elders, Construction companies and representatives from Zahid Safi Construction Company

    Executive Board:

    Director of Construction Company, assistant director, admin and accountant, operational manager, designer and architecture are the members of this board.

    This board meets every Saturday, in the morning at 8:30 AM and each member of the board will present his activities for the last week and plan for the next week

    They make decision for the problems rise in the company, area of work, hiring, termination, bonus, development of company and other things relates to the construction company

    2nd third of the board members have to present

    C. Director or assistant director has to be present

    Company Director will make final decision

    2nd third of idea in the board will be accepted

    Minute of the meeting will be delivered to the members of board one day in advance

  • AFGHAN PARSE CONSTRUCTION COMPANY 7 Address: 2ND Road, 4th Floor, Karta-e-Naw Kabul Afghanistan Contact No.: +93(0)070-0022000 Email: [email protected]



    Construction Department

    Admin and accounting

    Design and Estimation

    Architecture Logistic Admin and


    Executive Board Director and Assistant Director, Admin, accounting, Operational Manager, Designer and Architecture are the members of this board


    Computer operator


    Board of Trustees Members from other same minded Companies, Community elders, and representative of the company

    Electrician Engineer

    Irrigation and W. supply

  • AFGHAN PARSE CONSTRUCTION COMPANY 8 Address: 2ND Road, 4th Floor, Karta-e-Naw Kabul Afghanistan Contact No.: +93(0)070-0022000 Email: [email protected]


    No Name Father Name Professional Position Remarks

    1 Kamal Nasir M.Anwer BCs Director The documents are available

    2 Akber Shah Gul Salaam Civil Engineer Deputy director The documents are available

    3 Eng.Hamidullah Obaidullah Civil Engineer Project Manager

    The documents are available

    4 Dr Azizullah Abdullah Management Admin Manager The documents are available

    5 M. Niaz M. Akram Management Logistic Manager The documents are available

    6 M. Rahim Akabar Ali Hydraulic Engineer Hydraulic Engineer

    The documents are available

    7 Babor saiam Mirza mohamad Architecture Architecture The documents are available

    8 M.Aeshaq Sadat khan Civil En