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  1. 1. Preparing Tomorrows Leaders Today! Fact Sheet for Legislative Session 2008 At NMMI, we focus on our Mission to produce leaders......Capable of Critical Thinking & Sound Analysis NMMI is the nations only fully integrated, nationally accredited co-educational 4- year high school and junior college. For over 115 years Academic Excellence has been at the core of our existence. An embedded US Service Academy Preparatory Program continues to produce outstanding nominees to all 5 US Service Academies. NMMI graduating High School Seniorscomposite ACT scores are always higher than NM and national scores, and this is true for AY 2006-2007. NMMI Junior College Assessment of Academic Proficiency (CAAP) scores consistently exceed national scores in Reading and Mathematics....Who Possess Uncompromising Character The Corps of Cadets is the heart of NMMI, where cadets hone leadership skills and build uncompromising character through training, experience, and education. The Corps administers a strict Honor Code, is the center for life skills acquisition, and per- forms community service -- over 8,000 hours in AY 2006-2007. ...Able To Meet Challenging Physical Demands From inception three years ago, the Corps of Cadets Physical Development Program has demonstrated and documented results in improving cadet physical performance. Faculty and staff, infrastructure, and 21st Century programs are integral to the contin- ued success of this effort, required of all cadets.Other Significant Achievements: Diversity: NMMI is a culturally diverse campus with cadets from 14 foreign countries, 42 different states, and 22 NM counties. 53% of the 2007 Corps of Cadets are from culturally diverse populations. Service Academy Preparatory Program: NMMI is the only accredited post secondary Institution in the nation to provide a US Service Academy Preparatory Program for sponsored cadets of the 5 federal academies. In AY 2006-2007, 64 sponsored cadets were appointed to the academies; one high school cadet and 7 self-prep cadets were also appointed. Financial Aid: Financial aid is available to cadets in need. In AY 2006-2007 approximately 75% of the Corps of Cadets received aid of some type. NM high school students received more than $500,000 and NM college students more than $600,000. Information Services: NMMI is a 21st Century campus where every cadet , faculy, and staff member uses information services daily. State-of-the-art hardware and software, Internet, Cable TV, cellular and other telephone systems are integral components of a safe and secure networked campus. Campus Safety: NMMI is a safe campus. In AY 2006-2007, our latest Federal Crime Statistics reporting period, we experienced only 10 minor incidents. ROTC: NMMIs Senior ROTC Program has been consistently recognized for excellence. In AY 2005-2006, the US Army Cadet Command recognized the program as one of the top 15% in the nation, of 272 such programs. NMMI commissioned 43 Second Lieutenants in AYs 2005-2006 and 2006-2007, the largest production of officers of the 5 military junior colleges in the US that conduct the Early Commis- sioning Program.New Mexico Military Institute Offices of Institutional Research (575-624-8096) & Public Affairs (575-624-8011)