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Facilitate learning session

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Facilitate Learning SessionOral Questioning1. Name at least 3 principles in the CBT delivery system 2. What are the factors considered in choosing the learning methods? topic, content, Different content require different strategies resources time is also a resources size of the audience3. What was the basis in sequencing the learning events? 9 instructional event of Robert Ghane Giving objective (classroom management sequence)4. Why is it important to provide enough time for trainees to practice? Achieve the certain level of mastery5. How do you evaluate and discuss feedback to learners? Isolate doing it privately, the confidentiality emphasize start with positive to negative points6. Name at least 3 benefits of using instructional materials CBLM instructions are standard given to the students7. Why is it necessary to evaluate a training session? Looking Rooms for improvement8. Which part of the session plan can you make adjustment based on the session evaluation? Methods methods are not applicable Practice- ad Take a look back on your session plan what part of it that you can adjust \imple to complex content